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  1. It sounds a little weird to me too, I will definitely make backups. Thank you very much for your help
  2. More information I found about the phenomenon on the WD website
  3. So after the store replaced my hard drive with a new one, the new one also had a similar click noise every five seconds. I assumed I was unlikely to get two faulty hard drives one after the other, so I researched the issue a little more in depth and came up with this video: Does that make sense?
  4. The disc is indeed defective and has been replaced by the store thank you very much
  5. Thanks so much for the comments! Regarding backups, it is clear to me that a hard drive is an unreliable product that can die without warning, as this is my important file studio computer which are projects, music, study content and images backed up on two physical copies one of which is external to the computer. Regarding cloud backup this can of course benefit in the event of a rare event where both the drives on the computer and the external drive are destroyed (fire for example) but at the moment I have no intention of spending money on such backup, maybe in the future. What worries me the most is the condition of the new drive, in the store I bought from (a store whose name can not be registered in the forum) do not seem to be too impressed with the clicks, they sent the drive for testing in the lab but I do not think they will replace it so easily, I have What to do if they insist? I have attached a link with a video where you hear the click once every five seconds. Need to turn up the speakers because this is a recording from a cell phone and you hear quite weak.
  6. So after many attempts at the end I was able to activate the drive. But I noticed something strange, there is a click from the drive every 5 seconds or so, there is something to worry about?
  7. Good morning I do not see the BIOS disk, but Windows does recognize the disk, shows the model and size as Unallocated Space in Disk Management. The BIOS is indeed set to ACHI. The disk appears in Disk Management as Not Initialize and the error message appears when I log in to Disk Management or I try to do Disk Initialize (as MBR and GPT). I cannot format a disk or create partitions. One of the solutions I found on the net is to update the MBR using the Partition Wizard software according to the attached link but inside the software the disk appears as a Bad Disk and I can not perform any operation on it. Regarding connections, I tried two different SATA cables one of which is brand new, I tried 4 different SATA ports on the board, all leading to the same result. Of course I made sure the connections were tight and I made sure to click on the SATA connection. By the way, for the purpose of the test, I also connected the disk instead of another disk that is currently working with the exact same cables so that the cables are working properly with certainty. Thanks so much for the help and have a good day.
  8. So I bought the WD Gold 8TB, mounted it on my computer and I get the following error message when I try to run it: I googled and did not find a solution to the problem, does anyone have any idea how I should run? Did I purchase a defective hard disk?
  9. Hello, I purchased a WD GOLD 8TB that came to me today. I mounted it on my computer and in an attempt to run it I got the following error message: Does anyone have any idea what this means? Did I purchase a defective disk?
  10. Wow thank you so much for the detail and investment you made me order a second before I buy the RED, I will go for the GOLD. Thank you!
  11. I see that there is also the WD Purple 8TB that comes at a really reasonable price, but in terms of technical data I can not stand a significant difference between them
  12. I'm undecided whether to take a larger volume, price is of course the main consideration. Anyway my question is more about the model, I see that the WD RED 4TB is cheaper than GOLD in the same volume, but at 8TB it is the other way around, I wonder if there is something I am missing with the WD models and if there is any significant difference between them. Thanks.
  13. Regarding SSD, I am starting to think more in the direction of PCI-E 4 Samsung 980 Pro 1TB or ADATA XPG GAMMIX S70 1TB
  14. Hello, I am interested in expanding the storage array in my studio and would love to know about the products I have chosen. The motherboard is Asus X570-P and I currently have two hard disks one of 1TB and another one almost 10 years old of Samsung 300GB, in addition I have an external drive of Transcend 1TB, in principle I am happy with it but its USB port does some problems so it is connected Always to the computer and I do not really move it. I also have a 128GB SATA SSD and another ADATA XPG M2 512GB SSD that runs the system and studio software. I am interested in purchasing a 4TB hard disk that will be used to store mass of files, backups and media, for that I thought of the WD RED 4TB 7200RPM I saw that it is designed for NAS, is there any functional difference or can it function in PC in the same way? Regarding the SSD, I am very happy with what XPG is so I thought of buying it one with a capacity of 1TB, are there any other products I should consider? Regarding an external drive I thought of the following product: External Hard Drive Western Digital Elements WDBUZG0010BBK 1TB USB 3.0 Will it deliver the job and be reliable and stable enough? Thanks in advance
  15. Thanks so much for the elaborate response you helped me a lot
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