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  1. I bought the msi creator 17 laptop, and so far the computer is almost perfect. The almost perfect comes because the processor is registered as it starts from 2.3 and can potentially reach up to 5.1 GHz The processor: Intel® Core ™ i7-10875H 8 Core Processor, 16M Cache, 2.30 GHz up to 5.10 GHz I asked is this, how do I get into BIOS and do CPU overclock? .. I read reviews they all say that this processor does reach the specified speeds, and give an excellent score. But I did not find a guide that shows how to get into the BIOS of this laptop and change the speed there .. I would be happy for help on the subject
  2. * Works from home * builds websites in WordPress * deals with Photoshop a bit * opens many windows at the same time * does not play computer games / gaming * Maybe in the future I will develop designs in Photoshop Which laptop will be most suitable for my needs? Budget limit: 7200
  3. Hello, need help choosing a laptop for working with Excel mainly, not necessarily gaming, maybe videos and movies and such and uploads, I have a budget of between 3000 to 4000 NIS possible. Looking for a laptop for the coming years. Thank you The laptop market is quite foreign to me. In Plonter some laptops but I really have no idea what to choose I would love suggestions Thanks for the help
  4. I checked with some guy who has a lab, said you can order a new part maybe but it doesn't pay off it will cost almost as much as the screen itself. I've switched to a better screen already, I'm just wondering if you just throw it in the bin or it can be brought to someone for parts. It's kind of funny to throw this screen in the bin .. after it cost me 3500 at the time. (5 years ago)
  5. Say it has something to do with the Acer xb271hu predator screen broken panel right side down. Can it be sold to parts, or in principle?
  6. Well, finally working! I firmly reconnected the video card. I plugged in the DP cable and worked. So I guess it was the video card or because I unplugged the computer and let it rest for a whole night don't know, in short, see amazing, perfect screen. Thank you so much 😁
  7. No, I don't hear a beep. When I say I removed it I mean I removed it from the bracket and then * tightened * it back but did not touch the other connections of the video card. I screwed-closed the case and tried to run. did not work. Still the flashing video card that turns it on as if it is not properly connected, or not getting enough power from a power supply, my feeling that this is something in the connections. Yes when the power supply is cut off. My motherboard is Z170 if it helps. And not the computer screen just fine. Nothing shocking.
  8. Okay update, yes it is on (after I disconnected everything), and no picture on screen yet .. And I tried through the motherboard HDMI 1. The screen is not connected properly A: I connected and replaced all different DP cables, unplugged the computer and turned on. I've tried even with different screens so it's probably not the screen. 2. The video card turns on and all this light goes out A: What's weird is that I plugged it back in again .. and still this weird light. I really have no idea. A section that happened to me in the past and simply, for an unknown reason I kept plugging in and unplugging the video card until it suddenly worked. My sense that this is something to do with providing power or something, or a poor connection .. I don't know at a loss
  9. Well, now officially the power button doesn't work for some reason. That's why not even the computer turns on. What is strange is that I plug in the power cord the speakers are on but the computer is not.
  10. Hi, first of all thanks for the help. No, no beeping. And yes I have 5.1 speakers. I also tried the same on the old one. I tried HDMI was not successful as well. Which makes me suspect that this is probably a loose card. Even the flashing LED light like it goes out may not be well connected. Even though I reconnected the video card from its port and back, Walla ... nothing changed. I also turned off all the cables and returned, took out the DP and returned. Then I turned back on and it still doesn't show a picture.
  11. I just bought a new xb3 predator computer from acer. I tried to connect with DP from the screen to the computer, I have the following specification: 980 ti gtx i7 6700K power supply corsair c750m When I tried to turn on the computer, the computer itself turned on, but the screen remained at no signal. I also tried with HDMI, did not work. All the cables and reconnected - did not work. I suspect that the video card may not be connected properly .. The reason is that 1. I don't have anything else I can think of better 2. Because the light on the video card flashes indicating that it might be on Turns out "as if not well connected. My feeling that this is something very basic I miss. Thanks to the helpers.
  12. Yes true but in my opinion it is not worth the excessive price bump, I will live with it.
  13. Look, I already bought it from Plonter. Waiting for it to arrive. Then another two months for the new video cards to arrive, and I'll replace my 980 TI
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