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  1. And if I am among those who consume homeopathic remedies from time to time when needed? Will I also enjoy the benefits of the above software?
  2. And is this a relative consensus among those who understand an interest in something (not like me) or are in dispute? The question is - what target audience are the companies that produce the software I mentioned targeted?
  3. I understand from you and a few others who have responded to me here recently that all dedicated software - for thorough removal of programs like Revo Uninstaller and the like, or for regular maintenance of the system of IO advenced systemcare or CCleaner and the like, or for updating such drivers. Or even antivirus ... there is no need for any of these because the built-in programs of Windows 10 do a good enough job in all of the above?
  4. No .. @yotam Do you have a recommendation for another software that offers the option to automatically update driver updates?
  5. Hello everyone, Recently the speaker of the phone started to fake and plays a really relatively low volume. You can still hear, but the whole effect of the speaker is eliminated because I have to pin it to my ear almost like in normal mode to hear something. I found that after I restart the device it works and the power returns to normal operation, but after a few hours or a maximum of a day or two, the fault returns. What do you think is the problem? I did not find anything that seemed relevant to me in the settings. This is a Shiomi mi A3 phone I think (Android of course). Thanks for answering.
  6. Thanks. I have actually seen that their software is ranked high in recommendations on various sites, but it is no longer possible to believe anyone nowadays. What software do you recommend in the context of maintaining high computer performance (similar to Advanced System Care) and thorough software removal?
  7. The Driver Booster offers to update all kinds of driver components that it defines as 'for games' and I wanted to ask - if I do not run games on the computer - these updates are essential for the proper functioning of the computer? I have here two installations from 2008, two from 2010, two from 2012, two from 2013 and two from 2015-2019, do you need all this? By the way, if my system ran on 64 bit, do I even need the 32 bit (x86)? There is also Microsoft Silverline and Net Framework 4. Thank you very much for answering.
  8. I tried to log in to the IObit site and I was unsuccessful. As soon as I changed my location to the Netherlands (via a VPN extension) it connected to the site. Is there an explanation for this or did the company simply block browsing the Derech Israel website? Thanks for answering.
  9. The fallen disk of the laptop - I connected externally via USB to another computer and it goes up - but the folder I need is not accessible (it thinks and thinks and thinks and thinks and can not enter). I tried for the test to check the size of the folder I need (via "Properties") and it shows me 0 bytes. I also tried to do a fault checking on the disk (error checking) and what started in 14 minutes to finish the test became within a few minutes to 4 hours (same phenomenon - thinking and thinking and thinking but apparently unable to get to the information). The "analysis" of disk defragmentation also responds in the same way - thinking and thinking and thinking about 12% but not finishing the operation. This is a "SATA 2" hard disk
  10. Hi everyone, is there a 2nd hand internet bulletin board that I am looking for the name and address of his operator to send a warning letter from a lawyer. He does not answer emails or respond to any other media. There is no phone number. IP address or something? Do not understand it, but curious to know.Thanks! And Happy New Year
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