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  1. Hello everyone, on the Lenovo website in the US, the prices are much better than the Lenovo prices in the country, (sometimes up to half the price in the country) and as if that's not enough, the Lenovo website often has promotions, which lower the price even further .. If you sign up For the site, you can select an address only in the US, not in any other country in the world. I guess if I enter the address of one of the shipping companies that receive the package in the US and ship it to Israel, it will work, but the question is whether lenovo.com will get an international credit card, issued in Israel, and not in the US ..? Does anyone have experience with buying from lenovo.com? Thank you
  2. A-10, have you ever tried working with an Apple computer for a while?
  3. Lol .. I'm constantly with Android, I considered trying something else, because they say that Apple's operating system is polished and all that ..
  4. Hello everyone I am going to buy an Apple first computer in the near future, (I have not yet decided if it will be portable or stationary) and I know there are some importers who import Apple in the country. Does it matter through which importer the computer I buy will be? (E.g. because of better service, or different parts cost, etc.) And similarly, is there a reason to prefer one store or another? Thanks
  5. radar

    Identify two songs

    Yes, a long time ago, but when I came to install it on the phone, I almost had a heart attack from the permissions it asks for. So I stayed with forums, once in a few years, when I had to identify something it would be nice if they would give access to the same thing through their site, without forcing you to install spyware on the phone
  6. radar

    Identify two songs

    GreenGlob You are 10! What happiness, I really thank you. Since you are so good, I want to ask you please two more, this time a little harder than the first two: first: https://ufile.io/zo4ssrie second: https://ufile.io/hiwcqf7k I really hope you know them too. . Thanks
  7. Hi everyone can anyone please help me identify these two songs? First: https://ufile.io/6ke3z7cp Second: https://ufile.io/sn9l4yap Thanks
  8. That is, the product page on Amazon should not give the information accurately and clearly? Hmmm, weird on Amazon.
  9. Thank you. I will be more specific: the companies I looked at are Acer, Lenovo, HP Do you know anything specific about their other responsibilities? And by the way, on the product page on Amazon, when you go to the part of the warranty, they do not write much there - do not really understand how many years there are, and is it local (US) or international .. Oh know how to get the full information if it was bought from Amazon?
  10. Hi everyone I am going to buy a laptop soon, and all the models I looked at are sold both in the country and on amazon.com. Is there a difference in the warranty I will receive if I buy a laptop in Israel compared to amazon.com? (It should be noted that in case of buying on Amazon, so Amazon is both the site, and the Seller, I will not buy from the other sellers who use the site) Hope someone has experience Thanks
  11. Hi everyone Half a year ago I noticed that there is a shortage of laptops, and also office supplies for the home like printers and stuff like that. Is there still a shortage of certain products today due to the past problematic year? If so, in which products is it noticeable? Thank you all
  12. The Poco M3 does not have NFC, unlike the Poco X3 because it has NFC .. Save your souls and do not fall into the trap.
  13. The big advantage in optical is that it gives you complete electrical insulation between the components of the system. Coaxial does not give you that. If one of the parts breaks down / burns, the damage may also pass to another part of the system.
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