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  1. If the last comment was directed at me you are one of the virtuous individuals lucky enough that most of the public is not connected.
  2. What shipping service is this if you may ask?
  3. Here was the problem I put on the maximum on both computers and it worked out. Apparently Windows has downloaded to one of the computers new drivers with system updates so it has changed to automatic speed. Thank you so much for your help and effort
  4. I am talking about the internal network of computers not between computers and the Internet, i.e. transferring files from computer to computer on the network, so unrelated vendor load and process that suffocates neither the problem is no file transfer, internet use or other massive use on any of the computers. In both computers about 15-5% percentage of CPU usage, the network is also not used or very low usage and the SSD is used at zero percent. Any more ideas?
  5. The whole network is connected with a cat7 cable, from my computer to the router and from there to another computer the problem is that the normal speed is about 100MB but sometimes the speed drops to 10MB inexplicably that no change is made in the computers or parts between the computers. What could be the reason?
  6. Does not guarantee that I am looking for a very specific model 3070 or 3080 EVGA FTW3 if on the way I find something I will bring here. Regarding ONLINE VAT Refunds It happened to me that I received a tax refund only from the UK so I said what I know, second thing to note is that there will be no changes because I understood that in Israel and Europe there are countries that want to lower VAT because to encourage shopping because of the corona. I bought according to about 4 years and that is exactly what was so non-existent it is no longer accurate, which could be that maybe once the whole tax matter was not sorted out on Amazon properly and if time things got more tidy. Important update I made a mistake, the first time I went back to see what was really going on with the receipt of that order. According to the receipt there was no VAT but import duty that I received back in this way it paid off very well 4.825 currency exchange rate at the time × 459.54 order cost = 2,217.2805 total cost in shekels.
  7. It's not about every product that is in the UK and sold to a country outside the UK, but every product made in the UK really helps the UK economy so it exists.
  8. Encourage foreigners to purchase UK. For example, there is a British factory that produces chairs, it pays for the UK to give up tax so that the same factory is more competitive in price with other factories in other countries so that it grows and employs more workers so that taxes enter the country from other things related to the factory.
  9. Amazon automatically returns to credit card after a few days by the way importers are not thieves they are allowed to sell at all prices the consumer should be smart and buy at a fair price in his opinion, I hope the Corona will make consumers smarter consumers and maybe in the future we will all earn fairer prices.
  10. Save you time The three most affordable options for buying hardware 1) Israel - Eilat if you want to help the economy 2) USA - Amazon and New Ag 3) UK - Amazon because you get a 20% tax refund so the price is sometimes worth it from the US
  11. בהצלחה
  12. או מוריד מפה ופועל לפי המדריך הבא
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