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  1. I have Windows 10 and I have always had about 3 system recovery dates lately I have no system recovery date and what's even more strange next to the words system recovery suddenly I got "Windows 7" which is the previous operating system that was summoned what does all this say?
  2. Hi I always had about 3 system recovery dates that I could go to a few days ago I lost all recovery dates and added in parentheses the word Windows 7 even though my computer has been working on Windows 10 for over a year why have I lost system recovery dates?
  3. I have a valid Windows 7 disk that I bought a few years ago in KSP I want to install new SSD hardware on the computer (instead of the HDD) and then install a valid Windows 7 with the help of the disk and then upgrade it to Windows 10 from the Microsoft site. Will it work? PS I have a Windows 10 product ID number that is currently running and I also have a Windows 7 license number that I received with the disk
  4. firmament

    Which SSD is faster?

    I do not want to insert it inside the computer together with the old one I want to remove the old HDD and insert an SSD !!! Are these models suitable to be inside or outside the computer?
  5. firmament

    Which SSD is faster?

    Once I understand I want to buy an SSD to put it in my laptop instead of the HDD The models I listed above are suitable or not?
  6. The clean installation on the USB will also download the existing network card drivers, etc.? Or when I switch to the new SSD will I have to search for all the drivers on the network?
  7. firmament

    Which SSD is faster?

    What is meant by grooms? Is something better advanced?
  8. firmament

    Which SSD is faster?

    Ha I understand they mean they are faster than the old HDD drives? And of the two I wrote down which is faster?
  9. firmament

    Which SSD is faster?

    Inside the KSP website in Kingston's specification it says they are 10 times faster than any 7200RPM hard drive is it really like that?
  10. Transcend SSD230S TS128GSSD230S SSD SATA III or? Kingston A400 SA400S37 / 120G 120GB SSD SATA III
  11. Installing from scratch will remove something from my operating system no? So it is better to continue with the existing information so what should I do first?
  12. I did not understand what a clean installation is and I did not understand what duplication is and I did not understand what wrote is what is above you so I will explain again exactly in 2013 I bought a laptop in KSP with a legal operating system of WINDOS 7 in 2019 (yes I remembered later) I upgraded to the above operating system Are legal through the micropost website which means I currently have a valid WINDOWS 10 operating system I want to remove the HDD that is inside my computer and install a new SSD before I remove the old HDD Do I need to burn the operating system to a disk? It ?
  13. That I will understand then first thing to transfer the Windows 10 from the computer to the Discount Key?
  14. How do I install Windows 10 clean on the new SSD? After all, when I remove the old HDD and insert the new SSD, it will be empty and there will be no operating system on it, so I will not be able to connect to the Internet.
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