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  1. Hello everyone I have an I7 8700K processor asus z370 prime-a tablet Samsung's 1MB NVME drive which is divided into drive C and drive D now the windows is installed in the form of legacy now I want to change the BOOT to UEFI and I saw here a youtube guide to it roof my question That there is a chance that the operating system will not boot? Thanks for the help
  2. Hello everyone I have a ASUS PRIME Z370-A processor I7 processor 8700K g.skill trident z rgb 3600mhz 2X16GB timings 17-19-19-39 I run a decent XMP profile everything I upload to 3700MHZ and 38000MHZ on the same timings without changing the computer's tensions Problem and let's say I play games after 10 minutes The desktop crash course not every game but for the most part the Ram's unstable memory is 1.35 VCCA and VCCIO voltages are 1.15 I'd love advice and tips so everything works more stable
  3. Hello everyone I have a ASUS PRIME Z370-A board and I7-8700K ANTEC 240MM water cooler g skill 3600mhz cl17 2X16GB I made a small manual overclock I put all cores at 47 voltage currently 1.17 at full load in cinebench r15 temperature reaches 80 degrees in most games -60 degrees which is reasonable in my opinion. I am considering making a processor bucket Is it recommended? What are the recommended temperatures for this processor for 65 \ 7 that will not cause damage and for the memories I have enabled XMP they are working on 24-17-19-19 39MHZ Can some performance be improved or should it be left that way? Thank you all
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