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  1. November this year was very successful in terms of hardware component prices, now there remains a dilemma regarding motherboard whether it is better to take a z690 input motherboard or can we wait quietly for b660 boards to arrive? Things that are important to me: that the processor will reach the declared maximum without overclocking and the board will have a normal voltage system that will not overheat Reliable and stable board Multiple usb ports The main dilemma is between buying an asus z690 prime now ddr660-15 in a set of fractal define r32 Any idea or insight would be welcome ...
  2. This move by Microsoft is boiling. All processors from the last decade are excellent for home and / or office use. Very much hope that Microsoft will recover and soon. Admittedly planning to replace the 4770 I have this year but I see no reason he will not serve my son for many years to come
  3. In my opinion there is no reason to buy a hard disk these days other than backup. 1Tra is going to be borderline in the coming years, it's already a console standard ... I do not understand why not go for 590, there is no difference in money and there is a difference in features. It might also be worth taking 850 watts to be quiet for the next upgrade in a few years. In my opinion, it is worth taking a noctua because they support their customers and will provide you with a set of kit symbols that will also fit the next socket you buy. Of course you do not have to buy Windows at full price, first you will install everything and then you will find a valid key from eBay, etc. What's more, Windows works flawlessly, even without a key, except for a black screen background
  4. The 10700 kf is now sold for less than NIS 1300, worth considering in this budget, along with the z590 motherboard. Or is it even better for you to wait for series 11, although it is not at all certain that the price difference will be worth the best performance in terms of net games, the estimate is better ... instead I would buy 2 tre of nvme for a quiet head for the next decade, game sizes already cross the 100gb ...
  5. Evaluation Based on gut feeling I fear the shock of the corona has created a completely different demand curve than what chip manufacturing companies have anticipated. It is not possible to set up chip factories from today to tomorrow, not even from today to next year. The total number of silicon chips released this year, and probably next year as well, is fixed. There is a world war on every chip, computer consumers (cpu @gpu), servers, consoles, mobiles, etc. Therefore, based on gut feeling, do not build on stabilization in 2021, maybe at the end of 2022. I wish I would be wrong ...
  6. Unfortunately, with the new processors and video cards, meanwhile these are products on paper that even those who manage to get them, the prices are far from msrp. There seems to be a general manufacturing problem and demand that far exceeds supply. I doubt very much if this situation will change in the next two years ...
  7. Unfortunately, it seems that we are facing a big change in the requirements of the games from the processor. , And it's for 3090P resolution ... in the real next gen game that currently exists - FLIGHT SIMULATOR, the processor limits to the 1500-1080 frame area in 60P we are just starting the current generation of consoles that comes with an 70/1080 processor. Hope I can hold off until alder lake or ZEN 8
  8. Could be ... even though I am surrounded by people (friends / work) who are connected to computers and can afford expensive hardware the subject itself does not interest them and I am also the only gamer not personally know people with excessive computers I have a theory that whoever does not have a penny on the ass does not buy 3090 for fun His, but maybe it's really just a theory ...
  9. Except for professional software and simulator pilots, I really do not understand to which wise consumer these processors are relevant. At NIS 680, the i5 gives performance equivalent to less than half the price, and along the way offers an option for a future upgrade to 11th generation. Line 1080 for the games that can not be played on a computer and close the corner The only reason such pricing exists is because people are willing to pay disproportionate sums to what they get back, estimating it comes from young hitchhikers with no family commitments ...
  10. Great review. Too bad you do not complete the picture with the addition of a 4/4 processor and a 4/8 processor. After all, if I'm on this site I probably already have a computer and I'm considering whether I should upgrade. What I'm missing here is a comparison that will show me plus or minus where my processor stands in front of the object of the review. Really missing here also i3 generation 10 and if going another step I would also test it without ht in favor of old i5 owners wondering if it's time to upgrade
  11. I answered you substantive arguments, you can disagree with them, the disparaging tone is out of place ... The 10100 processor is a great processor, will bravely handle most of what the market has to offer today (and in years past ...), but is a bad buy for those who are mostly interested in gaming Whoever I rent is considering this processor, I guess it does not replace a computer every three years, so the above processor should serve it for the next 5 years, at least ... As I showed you in the link in the previous post, today 4/8 processors show A drop of ~ 20% and north when it comes to minimum FPS in modern games. That is, the game requires and the processor does not know how to give. So as of today this problem can certainly be ignored because it will not be felt in the resolution resolution - 1080p @ 60hz. Today a new generation of very powerful consoles in a configuration of 8/16. In my opinion not long before the requirements will seep into computer games ... Already today in the new games the requirement for 4/8 processors is minimum or recommended, sometimes no longer 4/4 processors. In my opinion, the requirement Will go up to 6/12 in a time span of the next 3 years in a personal tone, I am currently with 4770K and have no plans to switch in the coming year because for SP games of his last years and two hours Q The week I have time to play is a waste of money. But since I come from the aviation field and simulators are close to my heart I can tell you that 4/4 or 4/8 processors no longer deliver the goods. Invites you to download DCS (free in sets) and tell me how you frame when you are in the cockpit (spoiler - not something ...)
  12. I can not understand the purpose of the post. I3 processors are designed for office work and they continue to do the job. This year in the 10th generation was a leap forward that will probably not be felt at all by those who actually buy these processors. The only use case that comes to mind is that Grandma renewed the i3 computer and the grandson plots to install a video card there to pass the time when going to visit her ... It is convenient for you to ignore the fact that whoever buys the processor needs a motherboard for 350 NIS There is no way to avoid it, and there is a reasonable assumption that if he wants a new processor for another 16 years or more, he will have to replace the entire trinity because ddr3 will be standard. Therefore, the relative gap for another 5% cores and capillaries is significantly reduced. 50 starts to lag behind when it comes to minimal frames, i.e. annoying and unnecessary drops. Although in the article are still in a healthy range of frames but it's because of the Flemish video card. com / review / 4-intel-core-versus / If a person needs a gaming machine and is not ready for a second hand and has no way to buy a processor with 8 cores plus a reasonable video card, I would highly recommend him to give up the pleasure and renew at xbox Series s in Eilat around 3 and something shekel
  13. It costs about half, zero-risk, minor differences between the drives for household use. With the money you save, you can buy another half tare of a regular ssd.
  14. יש גם בתדר של 3600 מתחת לרף המס שמע בסוף זאת בחירה שלך. גם sata ssd יתן לך ביצועים כמעט זהים בזמני טעינה של משחקים. אין בעיה לשים nvme של חצי טרה לווינדוס ולתוכנות קריטית והשאר על ssd רגיל. לטעמי עדיף להיות יצירתי עם הזיכרונות ולעשות פשרות קטנות מאוד שיחסכו מאות שקלים שינותבו למעבד יותר טוב או קירור או ציוד היקפי וכו
  15. 16GB of memory certainly costs less than 75 = 1595928490-8 If you go for half a tera ssd there is also less than 3. Also nvme on a successful sale for example = 1595928611-5
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