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  1. Gray Wolf

    About TMS

    This is not a prodigy registered hero
  2. Gray Wolf

    About TMS

    So do you recommend buying from TMS?
  3. Gray Wolf

    About TMS

    It's weird that it's cheap like that in the 121 NIS gap I know TMS sells but their prices are reliable anyway?
  4. Gray Wolf

    About TMS

    On TMS it costs 229 NIS It is strange that the same product costs on KSP and ivory 349 NIS this is a difference in price so my question was if it is reliable the price on TMS that a smaller company sells at 229 but sells and two large companies that sell at 349 NIS but expensive at 121 Consider buying TMS then?
  5. Why is it that G403 hero wires cost NIS 229? When ivory and ksp cost NIS 350? Cheaper in NIS 121 Conversely, in Plunter it is cheaper in NIS 41 relative to NIS 350 Is it reliable or not? Is that the way their prices are?
  6. Can you find the products as new from the store and original? And if so, where to buy? I know to open the Razer have to make a hole in the area of ​​the registered place made in china Is such a thing can disturb me while playing that there will be a permanent hole? Probably because we're talking about Reiser that's why wear and tear but I decided before I just waste money I'll change the plastic and grips and if I think of buying a new mouse it will no longer be Reiser or any other product of theirs and of course not wireless I think the G403 right now but I will not buy a mouse right now New
  7. You have the same total months so at the moment may be that he does not have the problem I mentioned but on the other hand I'm talking about a mouse that I have the same 3 years but unfortunately I do not remember how it was when I just bought it before I might buy a new mouse I'd rather try to handle this mouse So it will not have this problem It feels like there is no information on the Internet about this problem Maybe it is a problem in only a few people from all over the world Can be treated this mouse without buying a new because it's all its externals Lucky for me Reiser's product that held 3 years without a single fault What is the chance if you can replace the mouse cover with a new one?
  8. So you know what I'm talking about? Why when I play a competitive game like the APB I grab it with every hand after a few minutes I feel a sketch on the mouse both up and on the sides? I'm not one sweating easily so I know it's related to the friction between my hand and mouse Is it a problem in deathadder? What material is it made of versus the G403? Could it be because my mouse is 3 years old? Is there no way to handle the mouse for the grip to improve? Maybe it's related to wear and tear? How many years do you have the G403? And does it happen to you that there is sweat under your hands with the mice you have or have you had?
  9. Three years ago I bought the Razer Deathadder chroma mouse because the previous one was a razer imperator which I think was also more comfortable for me but had sensor issues after 8 months so probably it will not be comfortable for a long time and as I already understand I made a mistake buying a razor deathadder chroma On it and no grip of the hand comfortably on it and after holding for a long time starts to get wet on the mouse maybe there is a way to make the grip be good? Is it related to the material from which it is made? (I would love to understand what is in the material and what it is made of this mouse that is so bad) Is it like that in all razer mice? I might want to sell the deathadder Is it worth buying a
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