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  1. I ordered two of these, now I will have somewhere to store all my movies.
  2. Unsurprisingly, a new product is expected to have hardware or software issues, hopefully for those since they bought all the software side issues.
  3. Fine I will be able to run the game on the highest in Full HD but most likely I will upgrade the computer next year anyway, everything is new from scratch, except for the mirror and all the storage components.
  4. Considering buying a Shiomi laptop, with AMD's new generation of processors, where can I order it? Want the 15-inch model.
  5. Hope they sell well and that maybe they start a new and fourth game that will be packed with good content and good plot.
  6. I know I will have to replace a motherboard for the fourth generation. I'll wait to get out first and then decide whether to buy or not.
  7. I don't think I made any restarts, I'll install again this time.
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