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  1. I saw in the picture that a VGA screen connection is connected to the motherboard, and to an HDMI / DP connection video card, did you try to disconnect the VGA connection from the motherboard and leave only the 1050TI connected?
  2. Launch

    Identify two songs

    Have you heard of SHAZAM?
  3. Very close competition ... it's time .... which does seem that this system is a bit too weak for 1080P / 1440P, where we could see gaps in favor of AMD that are not reflected because of the bottleneck that exists in this system ....
  4. Cleaning contacts helps in quite a few cases, especially in RAM, but also in video cards ... it is a combination of spray spray to slot itself (if it is a contact problem) will solve the matter ... if it is worth a try it is already your decision ...
  5. Spray contacts (if any, I would not particularly buy) with a toothbrush and "scrub" the slot. Take an eraser and brush and go over it on both sides of the golden connections of the card ...
  6. In some cards, DOWN VOLTAGE actually contributes (and sometimes quite a bit) to overclocking capabilities. Try to produce at a lower voltage.
  7. Update us on XFX results soon .. I wonder what card you fell on ....
  8. Last drivers? Have you tried updating BIOS to the motherboard?
  9. You are more than welcome to come to me, and run the tests yourself ...
  10. I only agree about the face under ... less with the rest. Especially with the competition on paper, when you clearly see that it is really not just on paper ...
  11. Mostly true, but in this generation they surprised even its nomads. I still do not understand if you do not like amd or do not like the video / person who uploads it ...
  12. I will try to make a video today / tomorrow in areas that are affected as a result of memory too fast, at the moment I only have pictures from 3DMARK, which showed a decrease of 7.3% as a result of memory speed in RDNA2 cards. This matter was repeated in the two 6800XT I have, and also in the 6900XT I managed to test. You have to understand, approach one game to do a quick test in 2000 and one in 2150, to say here, it's not true what was said, it's a mistake. Because like I said, it's a title dependency, and sometimes even an area dependency on the scene being tested. What we should all be happy about is that there is finally real competition between NVIDIA and AMD, which if it continues like this will contribute to all of us as buyers of one card or another. AMD promised to compete
  13. I will give you a sample screenshot later in cyber punk, when the core frequency is the same, and only the memory frequency changes, the FPS drop exists, in some areas less and in some more. Anyway I already have results of 3090FE rushed on the same system ...
  14. Recall that all the results that will come up are on the same computer that we ran the 6800XT, and of course this is not a competition, or hurting anyone God forbid, we have no preference for one manufacturer or another. We are only interested to know which card is faster after the speed in both camps ...
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