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  1. In the meantime, we realized some of the profits from the previous cycle and covered the cost of the systems 100 times. hook
  2. Tekel's does not know. I only know that in DGX of its kind there are also factories like NVSWITCH that connect quickly on between the cards. Also Melanox super-fast network adapters that enable system scalability. Either way dare not buy previous generation tickets. The performance is double in the generation that came out at the same prices as the previous generation.
  3. With such a budget I highly recommend contacting NVIDIA directly and purchasing a DGX STATION. And of course make sure you buy the new version that is already just around the corner with 4 AMPERE cards
  4. Apple covered. In life I will not learn development for their products. The garden is just closing.
  5. When will they bring this wonder here ?:
  6. I understand you got along. Download map and run on 4K OPTIMIZED
  7. I don't play games that much. I have the model with 2070. Maybe if you can run a benchmark like superposition you can compare to the results I got:
  8. ^^^ The RTX4000 at the 2070's level. And you can play beauty on them.
  9. I REST MY CASE Discussion from 2012. And the examples there are far from 2004! That doesn't happen today. point.
  10. Listen I had to check it out. Since I am not using windows, I went to the official FURMARK website and to my surprise there is also a version for Linux. and the results: There was a momentary jump in the processor to 87 degrees, but it remained around the 80 most of the test. This is far from a dangerous temperature. In particular, a strong and thin laptop.
  11. Either I missed or is this a benchmark here about 3DMARK which is basically a test of computer game performance? FURMARK is already a topic for a chapter of MYTHBUSTERS. Maybe once. It seems to me that even in the most intensive calculations these computers today know how to get along with everything you throw at them. For example: Today I run on my computer (GS65 RTX2070) 30 hours or more of deep learning without going over the 80 degrees. And that's another in the THIN AND LIGHT category. We made progress.
  12. Nothing you run will ruin it. Just a gag. I have a similar computer and I run much heavier stuff on it. It's for that.
  13. I can't believe it is brown. Components can protect themselves by lowering performance and in case of extinguishing extinguisher. -en.pdf Durable at up to 500 degrees. Well done to the air conditioner ... the most affordable power supply. Either way the Samsung Pro Series is considered the most reliable as far as I know.
  14. I checked myself and it turns out I was wrong and they really came with 10 years warranty. This is an 850PRO model which is MLC technology and they are 10 years old. Probably in the new models they cut in half.
  15. Either when I bought them they had 10 years or I got confused. Sorry. I wrote without checking twice. In fact, for me, they were soon three years into operation 24 \ 7 written and re-erased numerous times and even with unpleasant temperatures. And nobody failed. What's more, they are connected to very good power supplies at the PLATINUM level. A valid vendor can certainly damage any hardware. As good as it is then it's worth a look.
  16. I have experience with 40 of these in very difficult conditions and for years. None failed.
  17. You can use SLAM or Marker if the destination is visible from the exit point. But Arduino won't do it. You'll need to connect some more serious computational power to it. Minimum Raspberry Pie. And a camera. Even if the IR transmitters need 3 to make it mathematically logical to understand where you are in the room. It is also possible with radio but the principle is similar.
  18. I knew someone would eventually find how to make money from this model:
  19. The difference is not extreme in the intensity of the calculation. That it is RTX already gives the performance jump in which calculations. 10-20% about difference. The main thing is the size of the VRAM memory as I mentioned. And here there is a direct relationship to the size and complexity of the model. 8GB is kind of a minimum. Even so, it's thousands of shekels, so another thousand seems to me a margin for the advantage you will receive. This is why I am with an RTX2070 computer and preferred this case when I bought to give up a few percent performance and pay a few thousand less (while I bought). If there was a jump in memory between this and the RTX2080 I would not compromise ... I had a budget for it. It was not worth the extra money to get another 10% performance but the same model size. So in this case I saved. Just an example in KSP the exact same computer: 2060 0 & intersect = & rintersect = & store_real = 2070 = & store_real = In this country it exceeds more than a thousand differences. At Amazon about $ 200-300 either way do not be tempted to buy a computer that is not RTX for deep learning uses. The differences here are already hundreds of percent. Your consideration.
  20. I joined KSP. Sort "Cheapest Liqueur" Cheapest: = & store_real = There's no such budget choice.
  21. There is also the one that is not refurbished and cheaper (different model with shorter battery life): keywords = asus + rog + zephyrus + s + rtx + 2070 & qid = 1578587249 & sr = 8-1 Edit: I see here that this is also a completely open version of the 115W card = more performance. And probably this is also due to the shorter battery life. In any case, do not train with a battery ...
  22. Look both good computers. Both have a good father and mother. Sagger has a more cutting-edge processor with individual improvement percentages. You will not feel a difference in CUDA training. Asus has a video card which is not MAX-Q which means full 90W = stronger. Much better IPS screen. but! - I now see that he is "renewed" which means he must have been with someone and was re-examined / refurbished. Such a new one probably costs more. At the end of the day it's your consideration. In practice I wouldn't go for less than that. Most of the work will be done on the video card and there all the difference.
  23. זה מחשב מינימאלי לדעתי למשימות שאתה רוצה לבצע: גם זה:
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