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  1. Unnecessary guys. Move forward. I see that Oros are planning to upload videos on the RX 6800 and RX 6800XT at 3, which is an hour earlier than expected.
  2. That's fine, it seems like there's no real allocation in the US either. At the microsenter, people who arrived are ridiculously full of initial 20 and 30 RXs reported in all sorts of areas in the country, at NewEgg I realized the situation is a little more awkward with 15s and 20s.
  3. If you ignore Machine Learning for a moment, which is NVIDIA's specialty and I do not think the MI100 can win there, the MI100 crushes the A100 on every computational task and at PERF PER WATT, and probably at a lower price. Peak FP64 MI100: 38.33 gflops / w A100: 24.25 gflops / w Peak FP32 MI100: 76.66 gflops / w A100: 48.75 gflops / w Peak FP16 MI100: 613.66 gflops / w A100: 195.0 gflops / w I guess it's a matter of time until -AMD will take advantage of Xilinx's Versal AI Cores (which it has announced its acquisition), and then in this area too Jensen and his friends sleep with the bedside light open. Will be interesting.
  4. She must. Intel is also about to make a leap at one point or another. Some interesting details: * This is a monolithic chip and not an arrangement of chipsets of one kind or another. * People claim that AMD actually "turned off" 8 Compute Units in the full MI100 core to get better Yields; The full size is 128CU's. * Here too there is the use of Infinity Fabric similar to RDNA2 for the home consumer. Either way, it's a pretty significant Leap over the Chunkyster previous editions. Jensen and his gang were quick to respond:
  5. Below is the specification of the tough guy up: 120 Compute Units FP64 Peak: 11.5 TLFOPS FP32 Peak: 23.1 TFLOPS FP16 Peak: 185 TFLOPS 32GB HBM2 Infinity Fabric X16: 276GB / s Max Power: 300W
  6. From a personal point of view, it feels like the RX 6900 is not a "planned card", but one created 'at the last minute' to provide a complete answer to Navidia, having realized that the demon with empire is not so terrible. If this is true, it makes sense that it does not have side versions at launch. AMD may not have a problem adjusting by weeks, but that does not mean that refrigeration manufacturers can do it as well. Even the way it is reported that "AMD is considering supplying cooling manufacturers with the 6900XT" immediately after it was reported to be "exclusive to AMD" paints a similar picture for me.
  7. This is not a new rumor that wanted 'just now', it has been out for close to a month by a number of different leaks, and all sorts of results have been leaked in the last week on these frequencies. I'm guessing - this is my personal hypothesis - that the RX 6000 will shine mostly at 1440p, but will not fall much at 4K.
  8. Looking forward to reading your review. Thanks in advance for the tremendous investment in writing and reviews. Hope for positive surprises.
  9. All is well. Imagine that I gave you a pat on the back and I agreed with you (even if not). I know what my requirements are and know that in Video Encoding, Intel's QuickSync just does a better job (mainly because AMD does not have a similar feature - it only uses cores to run the transcoding, or alternatively takes advantage of the connectivity with the video card To do this). Feel free to run your tests online and come to your own conclusion. Pleasant occupation.
  10. With all due respect to the invested and detailed text you wrote (no cynicism at all), I do not think anyone in the discussion here (at least from its last pages) has tried to challenge the fact that 5600XX offers less cost-benefit ratios than those of the competition. It did not come up for discussion. The discourse dealt with the other products in the series (particularly 5950X and 5900X) and the platform that AMD will maintain for 3 years, and whether it is inferior in cost-benefit ratio to that of the competition. I think there will be some haste to "cancel" the entire Zen 3 launch immediately and claim that it is not competitive in general, probably because of the sharp rise, probably because of the performance that did not knock everyone off the chairs - and I think it's a mistake to cancel any Intel processor immediately. retarded
  11. I do not see in their solutions worthy substitutes, the spotty feature I mentioned.
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