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  1. Renew! By the way, if I am building a house, which cable should be inserted into the wall for future fiber support and in the meantime support it normally?
  2. Right, everyone decides for themselves how reasonable it is for them so I understand from your stuff that if I see 3080 in a combo again with a supplier of 850 for 3,800 shekels I should snatch it
  3. Thank you so much for all your investment in the subject! It's really not obvious. So what are the real prices you think are worth buying these tickets for? Obviously at $ 700 we will not buy 3080 in the coming year, so how much more is it still considered reasonable?
  4. From what I see in Newage, the 3060 is closer to NIS 2800
  5. Ok, and if I ask but not from the side of the games but from the side of the Enril developer / trilogy artist ... is that still the same answer?
  6. UE5 will be huge for the next generation of game development. But there are two big reasons that we'm excited about UE5. 1. File Sizes - Including 4K, 8K, and 12K UE5 will allow larger file sizes - and the use of 4K, 8K, and 12K textures. Let's say a player is looking at a cavern and sees a stalagmite. It's rendered in 4K. But as the player zooms in, the resolution changes dynamically. And the player sees the stalagmite rendered in 12K.
  7. I understood. Thanks for the explanation. So in the meantime I stay with the Greens
  8. Maybe this is a question from someone really Nov, but I do not understand AMD, how did they allow themselves to issue a card that does not support RT / dlss?
  9. According to this table (if it is correct) they come out quite scoundrels. Those who want more than 8 GB vram can only buy the 3060 ti or the 3080 ti which is very expensive already
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