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  1. From $ 700 towards the NIS 3000 I can understand (exactly for the reasons you wrote), which means that if I wait a bit it will be possible to buy in Israel in these amounts in your opinion? I have no problem in principle buying from Amazon / NEWEGG, it just seems to me that it will be difficult to exercise responsibility in buying dance if necessary. I buy a new card because I burned out the previous one and exercising the warranty with it is problematic, so this time I prefer to buy in the country. When do you think it will be possible to buy tickets in Israel at reasonable prices (below NIS 3,000)? I am currently limited to the ONBOARD only. I can live with him for a few weeks, but do not want to wait many months.
  2. I saw that the price of the ticket in stores abroad is about $ 700, which is after rounding 2500 NIS. When I look at stores in the country the tickets start at 4000 NIS. I can understand that there will be a difference in price, but the difference here seems unreasonable to me? Supply issues at the moment and if I wait a few weeks I will see a ticket at a reasonable price? Can someone explain to me what is happening here? A 60% jump in price feels insane to me!
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