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  1. Just like in the title. I bought in November 2020 an EVO970 500GB from Amazon. It took me about a month until I connected it to the computer and already in the initial connection I could not turn it on. Now - I have little knowledge in the field so I tried to "make a partition" for the disk alone, check in the BIOS - nothing. The SSD is not recognized on the computer. At first I was sure the problem was in my motherboard - since I already have a 128GB SSD on which the WINDOWS is installed + a 1TB SATA drive on it the rest of things + one more SLOT to the M.2 that I was sure is not working so it does not read the SSD ... after a while I succeeded Bring the computer to the lab (Corona and that ..) and there I was told that my computer and motherboard are OK - and the new SSD will actually malfunction: 0 straight I tried to contact Amazon who denied responsibility and asked me to contact only the global manufacturer ... There are the Elctis who only deal with what they have brought, and Samsung Israel who only deal with electrical appliances and telephones. I work tips, it's a terribly expensive product that makes me feel like it's just thrown in the trash does anyone have any advice what to do? Who to contact? Do you know anyone who managed to get Samsung Global (there is no way to contact them ... and the closest to here are in Jordan [!])? Thanks in advance and sorry for the dig
  2. Hello, I have an ASUS TUF X470 PLUS GAMING motherboard. I have 2 storages installed on it: SEAGATE 3.5 SATA HDD - all the games and computer files on it are used every day. 256GB SSD PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 ADATA - on which Windows sits. On the board I have another location for M.2 available and I decided to add more storage of the EVO 970 500GB type. Emma - After connecting the device I do not find a new partition in "Device Management / Storage". I tried to check in the BIOS and I do see the new storage only I can not figure out if I should run it first what is the BIOS or not .. and if so then how? I do not understand the FRAMEWARE of my BIOS and I can not do it alone. I would appreciate your help
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