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  1. Could very well be, the last time I was connected was about a year and a half ago.
  2. Hello friends, I am looking for a MESH WIFI 3 -PACK solution for a large apartment. I found a new UBIQUITI AMPLIFI MESH at a really good price (200 EURO), I know it is only AC1750 Should I be afraid of it? The connection I will have in this house is Bezeq Faber up to 1000 downloads and 100 uploads. I would love recommendations for other devices up to about 350 EURO thanks
  3. @Moon-Mage I was connected to Unlimited twice in two different addresses and both times they provided CAT5 / 6 into the apartment, so I do not understand why you need a fiber converter
  4. Hi, I have a computer that I use for daily work (working from home as a freelancer), very few games, a little video editing here and there and as storage of photos we have accumulated over the years. In addition I run a home network which I share with my dad and close family through PLEX. As you understand the computer is on 24/7. I got to the point where I need to buy another HDD because I have no more space, and asked here if I have anything to build a dedicated NAS computer that will be for storing all the movies and series and maybe also the pictures I store in this main computer (I have some unused parts like I3 processor) 3, case, CPU cooling, memories) so all I have left is to buy a motherboard and power supply.What are the benefits of doing a NAS stap? Is it something that could suit me? If not, I noticed there is a NAS HDD series Is this something I need Even if I still do not use a dedicated NAS? Specifications: intel i7 9700k @ 5ghz msi z390 ace 32gb corsair dominator adata xpg 8200 nvme 1tb Corsair mp600 512gb nvme seagate 2tb 7200 hdd msi gtx 1080 sea hawk nzxt kraken 62w nxt seasonic m12 thank you seasonic m850
  5. Here's how to find a case that fits the following specifications: i7-9700k gigabyte auros pro corsair dominator platinum 32gb (8gbx4) with dominator rgb airflow MSI Sea Hawk 1080gtx water cooled with a single radiator Corsair H115N OR NZX OR XPG SX62 PRO 8200TB Corsair MP1 300GB SAMSUNG 480 EVO SSD Crucial MX860 500GB SSD Seagate 240TB HDD Seasonic m2 ll Evo 12W Looking for a chassis with good airflow, quiet but I know X well but I know X well Or FRACTAL R850 But I'm afraid MID chassis won't give me a good solution because I have a dual radiator for the CPU cooling and a single radiator for a video card, am I wrong? Do I need a FULL TOWER chassis with the current specification? (No extension options on the horizon, maybe a video card replacement in about a year or two) Thanks
  6. I managed to get the 9700K at a price similar to the 9600K specs that look like this: I7 9700K CORSAIR DOMINATOR PLATINUM 3200MHZ 8GBX4 Following: GIGABYTE AUROS PRO Z1080 CORSAIR H8200I OR NZXT KRAKEN X1 PHANTEKS P860S What do you think? Would love to hear more ideas or grunts on the parts I have thanked
  7. Hello everyone, debating on new computer specs Parts that are left with me from the old computer: MSI 1080 GTX SEA HAWK SEASONIC 620W M12 EVO Samsung 850 EVO 250GB Crucial MX500 240GB Seagate 2TB HDD Interested in + + CPU + X processor Main: Working from home for about 512-2 days a week with remote connectivity, some games and some video editing tends to favor Intel because of my liking for the rush, but it's not something that is a must thank
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