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  1. Comparisons uploaded to the network between the percentage of faults in SSDs show equality with the mechanical ones, with a tendency for worse results than them. My personal experience with one (Transcend 64GB from 3 years ago), showed a rapid deterioration within minutes that made such a drive unusable. All my mechanical hards that deteriorated, allowed enough time to extract material from them. It has nothing to do with writing and reading that are known and familiar wear and tear, but rather with failures as a result of heat and failures in the controller: they cannot be predicted, and are more critical. Compared to mechanical disks that have been around for decades, provide reliable SMART alerts, defective sectors and physical read / write problems (usually with audible ticks), which allow information to be extracted from them (if there is a sensitivity to this, of course - in most bugs SMART testing is not enabled) Reasonable time. I prefer a drive that has errors and is still working, than a drive that crashes with the first error.
  2. Not as terrifying as the $ 27 billion paid for on LinkedIn ... and still no return (no integration within Microsoft products)
  3. Just to start importing such laptops to Israel ... I have not seen a single one with Reisen yet.
  4. On the other hand mechanical drives are a product of decades, with maximum reliability and often long degradation time in SSD degradation is sometimes very fast. Therefore recommend such a small drive, backed by a large mechanical.
  5. It is likely that the ventilation limitations in the box will prevent practical use of a processor with a larger power. There will always be problems with such boxes, which are not built on the expertise accumulated in laptops for example.
  6. Recommends avoiding shipments via Amazon - uncompetitive prices at all this season. Any independent shipment to Israel will be cheaper
  7. CPU support is at the driver level. The hardware is separated by HAL, a "hardware simplification layer," which says that the system no matter which hardware runs it, as long as there is a proper driver that mediates the hardware and this layer, providing it with everything it needs (processing, memory space, storage, Device access and more).
  8. Are you the head of Intel's marketing department? Glad you came to this forum. If you have any marketing policy explanations - please tell us ... These processors are sold worldwide, regardless of purchasing ability. They are superfluous because people buy them, are disappointed that they are weak, and switch to tablets ...
  9. But at the marketing level - selling weak processors by big names isn't helpful. It's better to call them i1 ... it'll be clearer
  10. The leakage of memory comes after several hours and days of continuous use ... and like any good leakage, some of the lost memory is not returned to the system. Today with fast SSDs, there is no reason not to create a SWAP file to disk, which will save some of the tabs.
  11. Hebrew is not so critical, only that Chinese will not be mandatory, as it was as a result of a bug a year or so ago. Lacking a blood pressure monitor, which exists in quite a few unnamed Chinese fitness watches that cost less.
  12. And the bracket ... the new one ... (Intel or not?) It's not clear to me why there is such a thing as an i3. Its price is a gap less than i5, and performance is often close. Instead of having a trail of cheap processors in the recycled name called 'Pentium', put i3 and that's it.
  13. Going to hang out on the island of Ahch-To, until Rey arrives ...
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