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  1. There are a significant number of stores in the country that take advantage of the expected shortage of launches in the country on November 19.11, and therefore sell at double the price that Shishpar published. At double the price of friends. NIS 2000 more. Just boiling. And other good stores like game station that always give good prices for their games are participating in this robbery and robbery. There is no justification for this. Yes, we are in the free market right, but need fairness. Probably at a time like this. And a surprisingly good point - the expensive bug sells the PlayStation at a normal price, which Shishpar has published. Buy from them.
  2. Right. I took into account that I bought, but did not believe how terrible it was until I experimented for a long time
  3. Review after a year: Terrible keyboard. Although better than previous editions, but still a nightmare to type with her, especially in university lectures. The computer is very hot at zoom and also relatively hot at using Chrome, but less so at zoom. Battery runs out very fast using zoom, and relatively in chrome as well. And in normal use of the safari is reasonable. what's good? 0 bugs. 0 faults. Reliable and secure in terms of privacy. That you turn it on in 5 seconds you are already at the desktop. Very nice operating system, very nice and ... that's it. Planning to replace it. Either the ARM will come and I will replace it, or maybe I will take the new iPad Air with the Magic Keyboard.
  4. So I've had the Apple Watch for 3 days now. I ordered directly through Apple's American website, and shipped to the country through usshops. The watch cost $ 400 for the non-cellular version + $ 26 US VAT. In addition I paid another $ 21 shipping to the country with a courier to the house +76 dollars customs and other vegetables to our government. A total of 530 dollars including everything, which is still cheaper than it will cost In Israel I believe. So how's the clock? Well, this is the first time I'm buying a watch from the Apple series, and a smartwatch in general. I must say that so far overall quite satisfied. The interaction with the iPhone is very good (by the way, for those who are interested, the watch will not work without an iPhone). It also has a built-in ECG and is quite nice, though it does not cover arrhythmias other than one specific one (but most critical - AF). Another nice feature that you can monitor during sleep is your pulse. The quality of hearing and speech through the clock in phone calls is very good in my opinion. What else is there? , A lot of nice skins of the watch, a strong battery that lasts for a day and a half, a built-in altimeter, calls emergency services if you fall and ... does not cost me anything more at the moment at the moment. Will pass the test and will need patience. The heart rate monitor may jump suddenly and inaccurately. And continues to measure heart rate and show incorrect values. To sum up: a nice purchase for sports fans but not beyond that. It is far from a must-have product, and is only suitable for those who really but really want one. A short video I made:
  5. It's a matter of comfort and habit. For me personally, Android is less convenient and more reminiscent of a cumbersome computer, less reliable and full of unnecessary features, bugs, security issues, and a lack of long-standing support and updates unlike Apple. That even the old 6-year-old iPhone 6 still gets security updates. Not to mention lower hand pricing for Android devices. This iPhone is for people who are looking for comfort and simplicity in their pocket, and above all reliability and peace of mind. In my opinion.
  6. Update: I removed the previous video and re-uploaded it after editing corrections. The new link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVv27reInsA
  7. I upgraded after three and a half years with the iPhone 7. Overall very, very pleased with the upgrade. The improvement in the camera is no less than "wow", especially the excellent portrait mode. The improvement in battery is also not bad at all, on average gives me two more screen time. Loading apps is noticeable. And to think that all this cost me half the price of what the iPhone 7 cost me at the time? Amazing. Anyone looking for the most advanced iPhone available, in a size and price worth every penny, the SE is definitely for him.
  8. 2019 Pro Macbook Pro Boxing Video I bought for school: 13.3 Apple MacBook Pro MV9A2HB / A Intel Core i5 Touch Bar, 512GB SSD, 8GB Intel 655 After about a month with my computer: a very fast and very quiet computer. Good overall keyboard, it feels good to feel the improvements of the latest generation of the keyboard compared to the horrible 2017-2018 keyboards. The speakers are amazing, the best there is on any laptop you can find on the market. The track-pad is so good that I don't even have to connect a mouse. Apple's operating system is good overall and quite comfortable, but really can't say it's more convenient than Windows. In my opinion, Windows 10 is much better. The touch-bar, one of the things I love most about it. So comfortable to work with at the same time as the regular keyboard. Why all the hate on the network on the touch bar .. The computer normally works on average 33-40 degrees Celsius and it stays that way even you are flooding it in multiple windows in Safari and other apps in the background. Overall satisfied, but in retrospect I just went on a workhorse. My basic air needs were also sufficient.
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