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  1. Sony keeps its promise to bring more hits to the PC world - and on January 14th it will happen to one of the article's biggest and most famous exclusive brands
  2. The flagship innovation in the successful mid-range series may be support for extremely fast charging, which will make even the flagship devices of some competing manufacturers feel like old news to the article
  3. Come and be impressed by some more great offers in the field of hardware and gadgets that await on the huge retail platform in the days to come.
  4. The intriguing crime game trilogy presents the graphic improvements we expect at launch - which will arrive in a little less than three weeks
  5. The launch of Halo Infinite is fast approaching us, both for consoles and PCs - and Microsoft is recruiting AMD for a collaboration that will make hardware enthusiasts intrigued by the article
  6. Another free game from the Epic Games Store, free titles to try out from Steam and Ubisoft Connect, fresh game packages on the Humble Bundle website and more are waiting for you inside the article
  7. The Samsung 980 terabyte did sell in the past for a few weeks at the same base price, but then rose to higher price levels and returned to its current price, the lowest in the US Amazon, just a few days ago - and given that it is significantly cheaper than the The 970 EVO Plus (and from the 970 EVO whose inventories are at the end of their journey) is very encouraging news for those who are looking for storage with a maximum cost-benefit ratio from Samsung, and not from any other brand.
  8. We do not yet know what the heyday of the shopping craze will bring with them at the end of this year - but the current offer is also impressive in the article.
  9. Fresh products will give you more opportunities to upgrade storage on your Xbox consoles - via the dedicated connector or via a more traditional USB
  10. The company that has been known so far in the storage market mainly thanks to its popular SATA and NVMe drives will also try its luck with senior storage drives, at speeds of up to 7,000 MB per second.
  11. Google is making the emergence of the photography system a key feature in the design of its smart devices, and is embarking on a new path with a self-developed processing chip that does not receive sufficient details about the potential of its writing.
  12. The giant company manages to far exceed all early performance expectations and proves that the original M1 chip was just a light warm-up before the real thing was written.
  13. We got used to the struggles between these names in the field of hard drives, but now it seems that the competition is expanding into new districts - with the new IronWolf facing the new ones in the WD Red family for the article
  14. The refreshed and discounted edition of the flagship device from 2021 may hit stores in early 2022, although we have already received a slew of rumors that it has been shelved in its entirety.
  15. A 2.5-inch drive from Team Group receives a price drop to the most magical level for Israeli consumers - and there are more Acer mobiles at great prices.
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Gaming treats for the weekend

Gaming treats for the weekend

Another free game from the Epic Games Store, free titles to try out from Steam and Ubisoft Connect, fresh game packages on the Humble Bundle website and more are waiting for you inside