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  1. Samsung has unveiled an updated and discounted version of its flagship device from the beginning of the year - and this time it seems that the whole world will be able to enjoy a 5G version with a better performance from Qualcomm compared to those of the Exynos family chips for the article
  2. קצב הרענון של המסך בהרץ הוא מספר הפריימים המירבי שהוא יכול להציג לך בכל שנייה (גם אם המשחק עצמו יעובד בפועל בקצב תצוגה גבוה יותר לא תוכל להבחין בזה) - כלומר ב-144Hz תוכל להבחין בקצב תצוגה של עד 144FPS. אין ספק שרזולוציות של 4K ובטח 8K הן עדיין אתגר עבור חומרה מודרנית, בוודאי כשמצפים גם לפעולה יציבה בקצבים גבוהים מאוד ותחת הגדרות גראפיות מירביות - בסופו של דבר צרכנים עדיין מוכרחים לבצע תעדוף בכותרים מודרניים: האם הם מעוניינים באיכות תצוגה מירבית עם הגדרות גראפיות מירביות ורזולוציה גבוהה אך קצב פעולה/תצוגה צנוע יחסית, או שהם מעוניינים בזמני תגובה טובים ככל האפשר עם קצב רענון גבוה ופשרה על ההגדר
  3. Dozens of works of various types and periods are waiting for you these days on the popular venture website - with what they all have in common is particularly modest prices that you will have a hard time finding elsewhere.
  4. While tough U.S. sanctions are stifling its ability to develop and manufacture advanced and competitive smart devices - the Chinese giant and its home brands seem to be stepping up their focus in the PC world by entering new popular categories for the article
  5. Absolutely surprising development in the gaming world makes ZeniMax and Bethesda part of Microsoft's personal gaming development system - in exchange for a formidable $ 7.5 billion payment per article
  6. Thanks for sharing and reviews. Regarding the maximum transfer speed of the drive - I will note that a connection that supports a standard USB 3.1 Gen.2 or USB 3.2 Gen.2 is required in order to enjoy an effective bandwidth of 10 GB per second that will allow this drive to reach its full potential, while the maximum speed to it You have arrived because you used a USB 3.1 Gen.1 connection with the same effective bandwidth as standard USB 3.0 connections, ie 5 GB per second.
  7. The daily sale in the huge store focuses on SSDs from Sabrent - with the opportunity to renew with a large-volume NVMe drive or a fast SSD drive in the PCI-Express 4.0 standard.
  8. There is a whole article that addresses the matter here on the site, feel free to take a look and talk about it :)
  9. Investing 400 or 500 euros / dollars in a console is not a simple business for many consumers - but when you add a historical angle to the story, you discover that it is a similar and even better pricing point than those we received in previous generations.
  10. The digital store from the creators of Fortnite is renewed with a recommendation mechanism similar to the one that exists in the competitor Steam - and celebrates the event with price cuts that you should consider in the article
  11. The modest online gaming store finds a reason to celebrate with a variety of fresh game packages - at prices of less than one dollar per title waiting inside the article
  12. Disappointed with the instant evaporating inventory of the fresh GeForce RTX 3080 with 10GB of graphics memory? Maybe this is for the better - because now we are pretty sure that there is also a version with 20GB that is in the plans to continue the article
  13. Purchasing top PlayStation 5 titles, and presumably parallel titles in the Xbox Series X, will become a more expensive business than ever before - both for consumers in Europe and for consumers in Israel.
  14. Still not properly equipped for the new closure? Now is the time to do so with the help of the leading weekend deals in the most prominent gaming store for the article
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