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  1. The young and active brand is fast approaching another official launch - with a promising intermediate specification that will be combined with the Dimensity 1200 and also with the Snapdragon 870 at the same time.
  2. Naive guesses or juicy business secrets revealed earlier than intended? The list of future games of the GeForce NOW platform creates echoes in the web article
  3. Are you interested in the smart device that boasts the most advanced camera on the market that hides under the display panel? ZTE will be happy to send it to you in Israel at no extra charge for the article
  4. Come and be impressed by another list of great prices for quality hardware products and gadgets that can make your credit cards work overtime.
  5. The YouTube channel presents interesting technological experiments designed to find out exactly how the storage extensions on the new generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft work.
  6. The Galaxy A72's replacement may hit the market with an enlarged 108-megapixel main sensor - including an optical stabilization system to improve the performance of the article
  7. Three worthy gaming packages await you at surprising prices in the gaming and charity venture - along with the selection of games for September in the Humble Choice service this month
  8. The comeback of the glorious strategy series is approaching in huge strides - and in the coming days you have the opportunity to participate in an open beta test of the game servers
  9. A new report reveals to us all the cost-effective desktop T models that will arrive in the first launch wave of the article
  10. The two most recent and powerful chips of the two famous keys in the field are ready for an interesting battle, which also helps to illustrate the differences in pricing between the article
  11. Experts expected a big upgrade for Apple's smartwatches with a flatter, more square design, but in practice we got more rounded models than ever before - and the network is convinced that this is a step taken by the giant company at the last minute and with no choice but to write
  12. A leaked slide places Intel's senior DG2 models, which are slated to land in stores next year, head-to-head with Radeon RX 6700XT and GeForce RTX 3070 cards for the article
  13. Now on the web: THQ Nordic is celebrating a birthday with a double distribution and lots of discounts - and Epic Games continues its fashion with its own free duo distribution
  14. Deathloop, the new game from Arkane Studios and Bethesda, is officially launched and gets a lot of hot words - within a temporary exclusivity for the PlayStation 5 console, despite the fact that its new rights holder is actually a Microsoft article
  15. New rumors promise us a busy and exciting period from the chip company, despite the shortage of the article
  16. Need a high-performance, high-performance drive from the most well-known name in the entire storage space? It's time to jump in for another Amazon visit to the article
  17. The smartphone for the Chinese market, which could serve as a precedent and basis for a future international Poco device, should include serious protection against water and dust as well as charging at a very high power.
  18. The first desktop models in the next generation from Intel show a promising level of capabilities for the article
  19. The next generation of the best-selling smartphone family ever at your fingertips? All the details inside the article
  20. The Japanese maker has made an impressive appearance for its PlayStation 5 console, with a large number of new gameplay videos and some special surprises for the article
  21. Xiaomi has significantly upgraded the data of its most basic Redmi model - and will offer it with 5,000mAh or 6,000mAh batteries in various parts of the world.
  22. Various free offers are waiting this month for all those who have access to the PlayStation Plus service, the Xbox Live Gold service or both as well.
  23. AMD's Rembrandt family for laptops could be ready for announcement and quick availability as early as 2022, or maybe even a little before
  24. The free offer in the Epic Games store for this weekend seems modest and somewhat yawning - but in the moment of truth we got an extra that makes everything as impressive as the article
  25. The successful science fiction film series is approaching its long-awaited comeback day after a break of nearly two decades - with an interesting combination of familiar faces and new actors who will play young versions of the characters from the original trilogy
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