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  1. Do not want 4K, certainly not about 27 inches and currently do not want bigger than that. By the way, do not forget that for gaming in 4K I will have to spend a lot more money on computer specs to get an FPS that will take advantage of the refresh rate of the screen. Looking for a 1440P with at least 144Hz that will be perfect in all respects, that will also cost 4-5, as long as it is justified I am interested.
  2. Has not yet started selling in the country. For me, the price is not so critical, a thousand NIS here or there is negligible in my opinion when buying a screen once a decade.
  3. I also kept an eye on him. Waiting for there to be some more reviews on it and another screen that interests me a lot: Alienware AW2721D
  4. If you do not have a calibrator (example below), the effort is probably unnecessary, and you will not be able to achieve good results, as I have already written:
  5. Obviously they do not think this is a problem, they even gave him a score of 10 on it. You need to understand that each screen is flickering, the question is at what speed, or more accurately at what frequency. When the jitter is very fast, a human eye cannot notice it so it is called "flicker-free". It's not clear to me why the guy there claims he had eye pain from using the screen. Basically it could also be just too high a brightness or something, and could even be that it fell on a screen with a manufacturing defect. You will always find bad reviews on such products, from large manufacturers that are sold all over the world in quantities.
  6. https://www.dell.com/il/en/p/dell-s2721dgf-monitor/pd לפי מה אתה אומר שהוא לא flicker-free ? בהחלט יכול להיות שהוא עדיף על כל השאר. הפאנל שלו שונה משל כל השאר שמשתמשים באותו פאנל nano IPS של LG. הבעיה העיקרית איתו היא שהוא מגיע סטוק עם כיול צבע די גרוע. הבחור ציין בסרטון שהם הוציאו עדכון firmware שמסדר את זה. אם אכן כך, תשקול להשאר איתו.
  7. Are you talking about ViewSonic Elite XG270QG? Not at the level of Dell and MSI. Should give good value for the price, but somehow in Israel its sales are very high, over 3000 NIS. Not bad, I prefer the meager: https://www.rtings.com/monitor/tools/compare/lenovo-legion-y27q- 20-vs-dell-s2721dgf / 8317/16485
  8. I would not assume such a thing before I would check about that specific product you want to order.
  9. Basically this is an American site, but the product may be right for you anyway. Suggests you send a message to the seller or check the specific version well according to the part number. However, keep in mind that you will probably receive an American power cord.
  10. For all those interested, after an in-depth examination it turns out that MSI is not bad at all and even quite surprised me in relation to its technical data that appear on the MSI website. It turns out to be a bit faster than the echelon, not significantly and in my opinion not in a way that can be seen with the eye, black color is better than the echelon, higher brightness than the echelon (even though its technical data says otherwise), so far the advantages over the echelon. In terms of cons compared to Dell, Dell has support for both G-Sync and Free-Sync, and MSI only officially supports G-Sync. MSI comes with color calibration not something at all, for those who have a color calibrator can overcome this drawback, for those who do not it is in my opinion a very significant drawback. As for DP connections, MSI has a 1.2 and a 1.4 difference. Another thing, MSI is currently available in stock in the country compared to the Dell which in most of the world is currently out of stock, but the price of the Dell is slightly lower. My conclusions: For those who have a color calibrator, there is room for deliberation between Dell and MSI. For those who do not, I see a clear advantage for the poor. In addition, anyone who thinks there is a chance in the future to plug in an AMD video card is better off because of the lack of support for MSI Free-Sync. For example, I plan to upgrade my computer in the coming months, so I would like to keep the AMD card option to myself. So, I'm with the poor right now.
  11. It is more expensive than the Dell, without free-sync support, only a 1.2 1.4 DP connection (and not 300 as a Dell), lower brightness than the Dell (400 vs. XNUMX) and I have not found quality reviews on it to know what its actual performance level is.
  12. https://www.gsmarena.com/oneplus_8t+_5g-10512.php כתוב שם שהוא לא מיועד לשימוש מתחת למים אבל ברור לך שזה סתם כסת"ח?
  13. I'm sure that when I have hardware capable of outputting 240FPS at 1440P, I'd already prefer a 4-30 inch 40K screen with ~ 170FPS. But it's just me ..
  14. The only consideration that keeps me from going for 4K is that I will later have to pay dearly for hardware that will be powerful enough so that I can exhaust the screen and enjoy the high refresh rate. Besides that I have been good for 27 years with 1440 inches 240P and I do not lack sharpness. I've never played at 144 Hz, but it seems to me that above 144 it's already unimportant. Above 144 Hz I do not believe I will notice the differences. XNUMX seems to me as smooth as reality. Just an unnecessary gimmick in my opinion. In the category in question.If you want good HDR performance you should consider VA ..
  15. I came to the conclusion that from the IPS gaming category with HDR support, the Dell beats them all in performance, and even in price and ergonomics. If you already ordered the gigabyte (I guess you meant the M27Q), honestly, I do not think an average person or even a gamer will notice such a minor difference in performance, of a few milliseconds of seconds here or there. What's more, the screen you ordered is 8bit and not 10bit like the Dell and like some of the others mentioned here so far, and it also does not support G-Sync but only Free Sync. The Dell supports both so this is a very big advantage for me.
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