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  1. Note that I'm talking about PS4, the issue mostly reads there and no connection, the antivirus only a few months even though it's in PS4 the problem
  2. Can be whole months without a problem at all, then whole weeks that the problem does not stop, until something extreme happens in the modem for example if you replace it, then after a few weeks the same problem starts again, all the time, the same problem
  3. As I wrote, there is no connection, because this is a problem that has been reading for years and years
  4. Sorry I'm bouncing but as you can see there were not a few days at all disconnects at all, and suddenly, really surprisingly, every game starts disconnecting I can swear it's a hacker
  5. I have had a problem with the Internet for years, whether it is now in a private modem or in other modems or WIFI in the video you can see the problem is a network game, and every game, and I emphasize every internet game just decides to disconnect by itself, very interesting, every time I am in the middle of a game Do not know if it is disconnected if the internet gets stuck, someone said that the TCP session falls something like this (do not know what it means) the thing is, it happens every few minutes so I can hardly play because every game disconnects in the middle now it's an internet problem that reads years and not Related to the modem I have at the moment, because it has happened in other modems as well and I have been on WIFI for years this fault only reads in my room, when I play either Sony 4 or computer, or surfing the internet, for example in the living room or mobile phones never read the problem only on devices I Does a specific user have an explanation? Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZRFcoako7c&ab_channel=dror98 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZRFcoako7c&ab_channel=dror98
  6. And what to do there? It gets worse by the minute, literally every 10 seconds gets stuck for half a minute and comes back as if nothing had happened
  7. I can go in just guide me how to do, because I have no idea in it believe me I have tried such solutions so many times
  8. A problem that has been repeated for years and years, and has recently worsened: the internet is completely stuck for about half a minute, and in the last day it also happens every half minute, unbearable it is impossible to surf at all I have to say I have a modem but it happened with the previous ones. On itself for years and repeatedly, can be months without once it happens, and suddenly today it happens all the time what can be done?
  9. I would love it, even though there is no difference between it and the F5 and it's weird the cheapest I saw yesterday was the 2900. And by the way the 2200 is the version of the 3 fans? I have preferences for these versions as it is less noisy and the cooling is better. And by the way something else, there is on ebay, I do not know if it is real but 2070 super around 1500 NIS, think it is worth buying from there?
  10. 2200 including shipping and taxes? Sure? If so I will wait, the question is how to check that yani on F5 from yesterday in newegg and no less than 2900 including everything.
  11. There is a 2060 super for 2100 NIS, do you not think it is reasonable? In today's situation, it is so difficult to buy the 30 series at normal prices, I think it is reasonable. The differences between them are not critical, a total of 15%. And there will not be 2200 in my opinion it will take a long time.
  12. Too expensive up to 2000 shekels or a little more, and anyway I do not see there 2200 or something approaching 2200. And you did not answer the question of whether 1660 super or rtx 2060/2070 is better.
  13. So I want to buy a new video card, my budget is not very high I do not intend to invest in the crazy prices of the 3060-3070 which currently cost 3000 NIS if not more. I want to go in the direction of the rtx20 or 16, and here's the deliberation. So I thought or go On the GTX 1660 SUPER, or one of the cheaper rtx which are better but more expensive, 2060/2070. Which do you think is better? Again I am willing to invest up to 2000 NIS. The uses are currently not the heaviest gaming, forza horizon 4, fifa 21, fm 21, BFV and such, because I know that is what these cards are capable of. However I am also thinking about the future and want to take a card that will hold for a good few years so I also want a card that will hold new games coming out in the future. I would be happy for help from you. My biggest dilemma is between GTX 1660 SUPER and RTX 2060/2070. Thank you.
  14. So my computer is already old and in addition the board if half knocked, I want to buy a new desktop computer the question is where? Ivory and ksp are a bit expensive have a better quality and cheaper place in the central area? Before the budget I will just say that the computer has an excellent video card GeForce gtx 750 ti which has greatly satisfied me to this day the question is whether it is possible to transfer to a new computer or not worth it? The budget is around 2000 to 3000 with a preference around 2500, a computer that will not be used for heavy gaming but maybe games like FIFA 21 or fm21 Thank you very much and sorry for the lack of punctuation I am from the cell phone
  15. Great idea, I will try the recovery and as for the drivers I have already installed and unfortunately did not help
  16. Strange, the services do have the windows audio endpoint, but the regular windows audio can not be that this is why there is no sound in the computer?
  17. First of all thanks for the help, the problem is now that I have removed everything there and it is not possible to let the system update on its own because this page of the voice does not appear in the device manager, is there a way to do that? Sorry but I have no idea about these things
  18. Shabbat Shalom. Yesterday after I restarted the computer the sound just does not work, neither in the speakers nor in the headphones and it also writes down in volume "Audio service does not work" Does that mean the sound card is gone? Where should I go to check? I went to KPS where I bought the computer about 6 years ago and they are not even willing to test the problem. Where can you check in the Tel Aviv and Central area? I do not want to just throw money at a sound card if it does not solve the problem. Thank you.
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