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  1. Ahh, does that just mean I'll have to use the second slot in the first place? I thought this means that M.2 is not supported at all without a Generation 11 processor. My mistake
  2. By the way, I checked the specs on and it gave me an alert at the end: The motherboard M.2 slot # 1 requires an Intel Rocket Lake-based CPU. When an Intel Rocket Lake-based CPU is not used, the M.2 slot is disabled. Link to specification: How do I resolve this?
  3. I understood, thank you. I'll probably go then for the specs offered to me here. If anyone has any more suggestions or corrections I would love to. I will go buy on Friday probably all the parts, until then I am open to offers.
  4. I found a page of recommended specifications here, and there recommend an asus prime b460m-a board. Or is it not the most up to date and the b560 is better than it?
  5. I'm currently not at home but from what I remember a 3th or 6th generation i5 processor and the motherboard does not support the new processors and a 2TB HDD
  6. Thanks so much for the suggestion, I have some questions. I heard there were some issues with the B560, do you know anything about it? When cooling for the processor, you chose the cheapest available on the site. No need for more than that? And in general what do other cooling systems add that their price goes up? And as for memory, why 3000? Not 3200 or 3600?
  7. My friend sold me a cheap GTX 1660 SUPER 6 GB video card, so I am interested in upgrading my current computer so that I can reach the full potential of the video card. The computer is basically designed for games like GTA5, Horizon Zero Dawn, Path Of Exile These are the parts I think can stay: (I want to add another 8GB RAM) I would love recommendations for motherboard, processor, cooling CPU, SSD, and memory (add to maintain or buy new 2X8GB?).
  8. Ok, now what is the key data I need to adjust so I do not have problems between them? SIZE, VOLTAGE and FREQUENCY MODULE?
  9. I want to upgrade my computer and RAM is one of the upgrades. The only information I have about it is the name written on it: HyperX Fury DDR4 8GB. What information do I need to know to buy a suitable ticket and how do I find this information?
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