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  1. As the years go by there is an expectation that the amount of RAM will go up and instead of going up I see a lot of devices from all sorts of companies that find devices with 4GB instead of going up to more than 6 or at least leave on 6. I am talking about Samsung, Shiomas etc. I have hardly seen anyone talk about the fact that the Galaxy 21S is no better than the S20 in almost nothing and there are parameters that it is less good than it. What's going on here?
  2. The dilemma stems from one reason, what sounds better that I want to connect it to a computer to watch a movie, in terms of bass, audio quality, etc. I do not care about the price differences, physical size, etc. Thanks in advance!
  3. Just before you buy a DELL Series 11 AIO computer, should you order or wait for more models to come out? I can order from a friend who has a computer store for 6500 NIS. Dell Inspiron AiO DT 7000 7700 IN-RD33-12399 All-in-One Touch Screen - Silver Color Warranty 3 Year Warranty at DELL Customer Service, Phone: 1-809-444-688 Model IN-RD33-12399 Review A commendable design is a 27-inch desktop All-in-One that features an advanced-generation Intel processor, an InfinityEdge monitor and a pop-up webcam. Creating art in your home Lively displays: This 27-inch, Full-HD monitor, which features an InfinityEdge FHD display and an 8mm border, looks stunning from almost any angle. Modern setting: Enjoy an experience of improved stability and less distractions with an economical stand in place, front voice projector and keyboard storage under the monitor. Softer sound: The system's integrated front shelf speaker, equipped with professionally tuned speakers using Waves MaxxAudio® Pro technology, allows you to enjoy not only a stylish look, but also improved sound quality. Advanced yet easy-to-use technology All-in-One: Save space and avoid clutter with a single technology item that contains everything you need - a computer, monitor and speakers, all in one device. Keep order: Enjoy the organized and elegant look of your All-in-One. Keep your desktop clean and tidy with accessory storage devices and a cable management system. Protect your privacy: The pop-up webcam stays hidden until you are ready to start a video chat or take selfies. Designed for work and gaming Maintain productivity: Complete tasks quickly with state-of-the-art Intel processors. Fast DDR4 memory allows you to run multiple tabs and applications seamlessly. Stable and high-quality Wi-Fi: Get a reliable Internet connection from anywhere in the house and without the need for cables, thanks to 802.11 ac / WiFi 6 ax wireless technology (in selected models only). Make time for games: Give your games extra power by adding the NVIDIA® graphics card (optional on select models only). Connect your devices with Dell Mobile Connect Stay centered and connected Stay focused while performing tasks by interacting with your phone directly from your Dell PC - You can easily make calls, send text messages and receive messages. Move files seamlessly Transfer files, photos, videos, music and documents between PC and phone without complicated cloud storage or cumbersome cables. Reflect the device on the PC Beam the screen of your Android or iOS mobile device on the PC screen and interact with applications. Privacy: Your phone connects to your PC using the Dell Mobile Connect Secure Point-to-Point connection, so your data is never exposed through insecure Internet connections. It is now visible, and now do not contact friends and family at any time using an HD quality pop-up or infrared FHD webcam. When the camera is not in use, a simple push will provide you with privacy when the camera is gone. This feature ensures that there will be no more accidental video calls while wearing pajamas, and it prevents the use of a damaged camera or malfunctioning applications.
  4. I realized that the 7th generation Tiger Tiger I11 processor has the same performance + - MAX 330, is there a reason they put both on the same computer?
  5. I'm barely playing games, maybe in the future I will buy a PS5, since I would like a good screen for watching movies and using dung. I have no problem investing such a sum as long as this screen will give better quality both in watching series and general use. Can a screen of around 800+ also provide the same quality or does Samsung's screen surpass it in general use anyway?
  7. I can not see the same viewing history on the desktop and mobile in YOUTUBE even though they are both on the same user. Does anyone have a solution to this strange matter?
  8. Are there computers with type c and without a standard USB? I'm in Doubt. So there is no difference in speed?
  9. great, thanks. It is known if the 48w in this charger are divided into part for the type c input and the other for its usb? Or is each of the inputs 48w?
  10. When I try to install Windows on an OK disk, it splits it into 2 partitions. Which has never happened to me. why is it happening?
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