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  1. By the way, do we know that the entire solar system does not rotate at the speed of our light or galaxy?

    This question, I think, is also related to what they discovered about "accelerating the universe." The universe known to us (at least galaxies) is moving away from each other at an ever-increasing speed, rather than slowing down as common logic says. According to what Einstein says, the faster an object grows, the greater its mass and then the more power it takes to move it. So now think about the fact that the accelerating galaxies require every minute more power to move them and yet they continue to accelerate.

    So in a direct context to your question, it could be that at the end of the galaxies they will accelerate to the speed of light and become energy (because they can no longer exist as "ordinary" matter). Perhaps it will be part of the end of the universe we know. So now you'll understand that if Einstein was right, we can not be moving at the speed of light at the moment because if we were, we would be in a state of energy.

  2. From what I understood there is a "Planck Time" which is the smallest time unit that can be.

    So now another question:

    Two clocks (say precision to Planck level) show the same initial time. One clock will remain on Earth, and the other will start moving in space within a spacecraft moving at a speed of 30% of the speed of light.

    The question: How many Planck units will travel on Earth's clock while the clock on the spaceship has moved to one Planck unit? That is, there is the possibility that even the most time unit that exists is not fixed, and there may be a situation where one Minimal Plank unit is smaller than another minimum plank unit.

    And it's also interesting to know how the plank fits in with the speed of light.

  3. So why I called "beats" has been there. Planck units, good to know.

    There is some problem with this theory of Planck's sizes. It may hold but it does not fit in with some new measurements from Abel. And if you take certain string theories, the whole thing goes to hell with the entire boat of tachyonim

    Once they can reconcile all existing theories, unite them, or refute some of them definitively, we will probably know the final answer to the creation of the universe and so forth.

    I think that for this we need at least another 3-4 Einstein to continue each other's work for several generations, and even then we are not sure we will be able to get a final answer.

  4. The differences are expressed in the form of calculation and the differences between the decimal and the simple, but the truth is that this paradox comes to express the concept of depth in space that is the point of launch between the definitions of two bodies and since this paradox is in the mind of the person that is based on it creates circular definitions of concepts

    A paradox found in a person's mind will not necessarily be in his head alone, as it may not be the opposite. One of the most concrete experiments about time is that of a pair of scientists (in 1971) who took atomic clocks with exactly the same hour, one of the clocks was on the plane and the other remained on the ground. After the plane landed, the clock lagged behind that on the ground. Remember that before this experiment and others, this idea was only a theory in the mind of someone as a circular definition of concepts ...

    There are many things in nature that for thousands of years (or hundreds of years if they are relatively new ideas) were considered to be docks and today we know that they are not. If you want to pour any amount of water into a glass, you can not demand כל Quantity. The quantities you can get are in the jumps of one molecule. This is a very small size, but definitely measurable. In nuclear physics, if you have excitatory electrons that "fade" into the fundamental state and release energy in the process, the energy is also obtained by defined leaps rather than as a continuous sphere.

    What I am trying to say is that someday, it will be discovered that time is also not continuous, and there is a minimum amount of time during which things can not change at all. In the meantime, this has not happened, and time is a completely continuous field in every respect known to science. Hence, everything that changes depends on time only Will also express a continuous area. The examples I brought earlier are not only time-dependent: also the pouring of water by dropping molecules into a cup and electron decay are statistical functions, and it is impossible to predict what will happen to an electron or molecule at the next moment. In contrast, the movement of a solid and rigid body under the influence of a constant force is a function of time only and is therefore continuous. Since time has no problem passing through infinite points from one moment to the next, so is pressure. There is no problem passing through infinite points from the bow to the target.

    Yes, but perhaps time does not pass only through points ... It's too bad Einstein can not come in and let us know what he thinks about it ...

  5. I raise a problem that has already risen in various forms to this day, and certainly here as well, but with the addition of another question later:

    The clock (which works well) shows the exact 8.00 time. Until 9.00 must pass exactly one hour, but before it passes the hour, it must first pass the first minute, and before that the first second, tenth, millisecond, one millionths of a second ....., so to infinity.

    If so, can not the clock reach 9.00 if it has to go through endless time points earlier?

    but Reality Proves that we do advance in time, and the clock does arrive after an hour to 9.00. Therefore the assumption that we pass through endless time points is erroneous.

    Hence the opposite question: If there is no "end of time points" in one second, then this means that there is a finite number of time points that must pass in a second. Call it beats for that matter. So I can not know how many "beats" are in every second, but you have to assume that there are a finite X number of beats. Which means that we are actually "moving in time" in a fragmented fashion and we simply can not feel it.

    what do you say?

  6. You saw what a disgrace was today in the news editions of Mickey Haimovitch and Yaakov Ayalon dressed in black, the reporters mourn, the widow is interviewed, the life story of the man was spread from end to end, stories about the family, and blah blah blah .. The man is the head of a crime family You'll understand! You do not have to be in mourning when such a person is finished, and all the crime families bring evil to the country, extort people, murder people, sell drugs to children. On my part, they will burn Moliner's house tomorrow when he sits inside it.

    The media that makes the media heroes of them as if they are innocent and the police just stop them because the police can not find the heads of real crime families.

    Well, clear. Who the wise man would dare to breathe publicly in his assassination. The first reporter who was showing joy at the assassination, would find himself a few hours later in the cemetery divided into equal parts 24. : -X :o

  7. I read it carefully, including the attached links, and still-

    Your point is?

    This will not bring about any revolution. It is a nice step by Obama to say, "I did not throw out the Jewish voter's vote"

    In general, he operated in a similar manner throughout the campaign - which is why I do not trust him very much. He tells people what they want to hear, and does not bother to maintain uniformity.

    Therefore, I see no importance in this appointment.

    There should be no revolution to make things better.

    The position of chief of staff is far beyond political propaganda. The person the president chooses to be his chief of staff must be a person whom he trusts in great poverty. They're going to work together for years.

    This person is going to decide to a large extent what information is going to be passed on to the president every day and which is not, whether some people the president is going to meet and who is not. This is a role of tremendous power and influence, and a supportive person In such a position, a very broad corridor was developed for Israeli interests.

    I assure you that if you learn exactly what this role is, you will understand how much power it gives us when such a pro-Israeli person is there, and even more important than you, to understand that Obama would never bring someone he does not trust as high as he has , And agree with Judgment and opinions.


    Information from Wikipedia

    Selected Quotes:

    "Rahm Emanuel is the son of an Israeli pediatrician, Dr. Benjamin Emanuel, a former Etzel activist." He grew up in a home with a strong connection to Israel, including Hebrew, and with deep political involvement, especially his mother. Shortly before the wedding, he runs a kosher Jewish home and a couple of three children "

    "In 1991, during the Gulf War and out of solidarity with Who was attacked by a Scud missile, volunteered to serve as a civilian in the Israel Defense Forces, and was stationed in the car maintenance department of the Northern Command for a few months, In the House of Representatives,

    "In 28 in October 2005, following the words of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the same day that" From the map, "at the" World Without Zionism "conference in Tehran, he was one of the initiators of the bill condemning Ahmadinejad's remarks and speaking in the plenum." These remarks are the ringing of the international community when we deal with Iran's attempt to gain access to nuclear technology,

    The position of Chief of Staff was considered the third most important post after the US president in the White House.

  9. It seems like some of the people here and in general do not yet understand what's going on here.

    Arabic The Jews hate us, and they will try to get us out of here as soon as they can. What happened in Acre is only the beginning. It is worth beginning to understand that Israel will not be able to exist as a Jewish state for long, and know that an Arab They are overwhelmingly Direct threat About , Those who do not understand it or do not want to understand it, end will not be better than the others.

    I hope that the government will begin to instruct the police forcefully against all the rioters who shouted: Death to the Jews at the height of Yom Kippur, and caused whole Jewish families to die of fear and not to leave the house lest they be hurt, and all this in the Jewish state.

  10. Luckily for me, I did not get caught yet (I am a cautious driver). It seems to me that if the police stop me, it will be because I was traveling too slowly ...

    What I did, I got to be for a while on the other side (the one who photographs you breaking the law)::)

    In short, I can say that because of lack of funds, with the rigging documentation camera that brought me I managed to "convict" no more than 25% of the time. Which means that 75% has been saved. The problem is, if it was Automatically then she must have taken a better picture.

    In short, my best advice to you is: If it's a fine, just pay it. If it's a trial, make sure you have a shark lawyer, who will not only take care of your high commission, but also take you out.

  11. Sorry to say but this petition against closing the channel is worth *** ...

    To all those who really want to influence, to do the only thing that really moves to HOT

    Get out of them !!!

    And when you do that, explain to them why you do it. After all, if you do not have the channel you loved so much, there's no problem for you to move to Liss (they're all pretty well except when there are strong storms)

  12. As they have said before,

    Those who draw conclusions about the haredi public are mistaken.

    The 'modesty vigil' is a small group within Mea She'arim that the ultra-Orthodox community also speaks about a lot. And really not for the better!

    The ultra-Orthodox public denounces the actions of these people,

    It may be a provocation on the part of the shop owners to open it right inside Mea She'arim.

    You can enter ultra-Orthodox forums and see how these actions are denounced (although not always the ultra-Orthodox on the Internet reflect the ultra-Orthodox public as a whole,

    It's a little hard for me to understand that. The ultra-Orthodox public who never had a problem expressing his opinion aloud, if he was so disgusted by this violent "minority" behavior, why he did not publicly state his objection to it. After all, if the ultra-Orthodox majority were sane, it should at the very least condemn this phenomenon, just as the secular public condemns violence in the sector that calls for the leadership and the police to do something about it.

    But since I do not see it, I have nothing left to conclude that the great majority of the ultra-Orthodox support what is happening.

  13. These ultra-Orthodox people destroyed every honor I had for Jewish religion and tradition. They just get sick of me and have the feeling that if they could, they would try to control their teachings in the Middle East like Iran is trying to do to Islam.

    And just to be clear, I don't have anything against these ultra-Orthodox for everyone who behaves this way, and that also includes the secular cocks that sometimes I don't know what's worse, they or the ultra-Orthodox.

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