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  1. You know what, it's true that it's our sovereign territory and it's true that we have the full right to renovate and build what we want, but Rabak, a little tact.

    Was it difficult to coordinate the works together with the Waqf and representatives of the Arab countries?

    Total explain to them that it is only a small renovation and bridge construction and allow them to do a tour in place to make sure the matter.

    But no, they do everything behind their backs, cling to politicians and make a fuss about it - just to annoy them. There is no other way to explain it - they just want to provoke every Muslim on the continent.

    You have no idea what you're talking about !!!

    Before the construction, information was transferred about what was going to happen there not only to the Muslim Waqf and the Arab MKs, but also to the Arab states: Egypt and Jordan, and told them exactly why, how and what they were going to do there, and explained to them that this was a bridge that had nothing to do with their mosques, And may kill people! All the Arabs who participated in the demonstrations knew this very well, but that does not interest them, and they want to expel all of Zionism and its male from Jerusalem and Israel.

    How can you say that we are trying to provoke every Muslim on the continent? You live somewhere but not in this country

    : pissed: : pissed: : pissed: : pissed: : pissed:

  2. "Due to much tension surrounding the construction of the new bridge, Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski decided to postpone construction of the Mugrabi bridge and discuss planning and building committees regarding the continuation of the works. Following Lupolianski's decision, the Jewish Quarter Rehabilitation and Development Company also decided to remove its original request for the bridge construction."


    So how did Olmert say? "No Khaled Mashaal will determine what Make 20 yards from the Western Wall. "

    . . .

  3. There are actually people who demonstrate their protest by voting for the most irrational party, like me :P (I am one of the voters for the Arab parties)

    But do not think that in the real elections I would do that.

    Come on: s05: Not her ability to vote for green or anything like that ...

    If the elections looked like this survey, the situation would not be so bad in the country ...

    0 seats for Shas : smile1:

    38 seats for Yisrael Beiteinu :o

    (Currently there are exactly 60 total votes, and 19 voted for Yisrael Beiteinu)

    Yeah, yeah. Maybe we should turn to Lieberman to submit a bill that will result in elections Will be determined in the HWZONE PROM. : Silly:: Has:

  4. Come on, after all.

    Believes that there is still a team of people who are capable of bringing about the change I expect.

    I have not yet closed my views on Olmert in the party's authority, but it would not have been harmful for Tzipi Livni to replace him.

    What exactly do you expect from Kadima? And how can you please Tzipi Livni as prime minister? Look what she does as a foreign minister. I call her the servant of obsequiousness to Europe.

    It is interesting to see that there is a right for this moment to vote for Arab parties. Simply after all that we saw from the Arab MKs who are calling everywhere possible: the return of the Muslim regime, the struggle against Zionism and millions of shaheeds to Jerusalem. Anyone who voted for an Arab party supports these things.

  5. ^^

    I lost you in this post ... try to be more clear!

    Russia is now a superpower for everything, for a few simple reasons:

    1. It has enough nuclear capability to destroy the Earth a couple of times, it alone gives it enough weight and respect among the nations of the world.

    2. Second Russia (and not the Arab countries) is the largest oil and gas supplier in the world to date, this alone gives it a huge influence on almost everything. http://www.sikurmemukad.com/sikurim/year2006/international.htmlurl

    But overall, I do not believe that Russia will want to position itself as the "democratic" US-led axis. It wants to be influential on the same scale but not as an enemy!

    There are some parameters that can be used to determine who she is. Russia is indeed a superpower but at present the United States is exceeding some parameters on it, making it a superpower at the moment. It is possible to divide the parameters by which one can determine who she is by herself: military power, economy, social resilience - the stability of the regime, and diplomatic / military alliances with countries and their ability to influence them. I do not want to expand too much at the moment so that you will go through the parameters I have presented one by one and see that Russia is currently relatively inferior to the United States. No one doubts Russia's ability to destroy the world with the click of a button, but that's not all.

  6. Russia wants to return to being as powerful and influential in the world as it was in the past and tries to exploit the weakness of Europe and the United States and gain power at their expense.

    But I don't know how much they can do it. If they try to go back to being a mighty military power like they used to (not that today they don't have an army ..) it will cost them in their economy that is not strong enough to constitute both a military axis and a social one together.

    Look at how Russia does not hesitate to sell Limkur Nuclear to Iran that could eventually threaten it with these weapons, and how it sells For every possible organization including Chechens! And all for a few more greens. Her moves obviously bring her a sizable foothold that leads to instability that will eventually result in "only God knows what" but doesn't seem to be going back to being a mighty and stable power.

  7. About 3 years ago they offered to join Klan Russian in a computer game (I'm not Russian). Anyway I got into their chat so because of me they spoke Hebrew and for 10 minutes they laughed and got down on the Columbia space shuttle crashing and said that everything the Jews are doing is not worth it and confused ....

    I think massive screening needs to be done before people are brought to this country before it is filled with garbage. : pissed:

  8. (I guess it comes with some conditions of negligence)

    The question is what is the definition of negligence in this case.

    For all those who think the person put the key on the table because he didn't care, it's just nonsense. It seems to you that someone would prefer to go home by ride / foot or taxi when he can drive his vehicle. The man simply could not believe that such a case could happen. As someone has said here, it is not that he will leave the vehicle open at the border with Gaza and leave. He is in the office at his job and probably also trusted the people who worked with him and felt the place was safe.

  9. The neglect is first of all the insurance company. How can she blame the customer carelessly when said, did not install reasonable safeguards in the vehicle and in addition, did not do comprehensive insurance when she knows what the state of theft in our country, and not only that, she did not even bother to inform. For him, the car rental company put the keys on the desk in the office who thought it was a safe place and did not know to what extent the car theft phenomenon could come. In any case, dropping the full amount on the landlord even after the judge herself admitted that protecting the car provided by the company was just a scandal.

    : s07:: pissed:

  10. Company Budget(Car rental) demanded from a customer who rented a car from her, pay the full value after it was stolen. The court accepted her claim and even rebuked the client.

    The innocent citizen who came to his office at his place of work put his car keys on the desk in his office. As soon as he had to leave his office to help a factory worker, he left the office, closed his door, and before he could return, a man he entered, took the keys to his vehicle and fled. In retrospect, it appears that the car rental company did not purchase comprehensive car insurance and did not inform the customer about it and therefore decided to sue the car rental company that would pay the car price in full because he could not keep it. The court accepted the claim and required the lessor to pay the full price of the vehicle.

    The judge reprimanded the car landlord for not keeping eye contact with the vehicle or the keys and is some of her other quotes:

    "As a matter of judicial policy, it is appropriate for incentives for renters to act as the owner of the vehicle. The imposition of liability on the car tenant will cause the tenant to internalize the economic cost of theft."

    "Indeed, the judge admits, car protection was lacking, but that fact should have meant that Queen (the car rental) would keep the car" extra careful "and" keep the keys in a safe place. "

    Poor this innocent citizen, because he is stuck between the hammer and the anvil. If he had done what the judge said and kept a close eye on his vehicle, would have seen the thief and tried to catch him, Ray would say it was "taking the law into his own hands" and would have been punished for it.


    your opinion?

  11. At some point the US demanded that we maintain ambiguity on the nuclear issue, which is a good enough reason for Do it.

    It does not hurt us.

    This stage was many years ago and in the meantime some things have changed and here are some of them:

    1 The United States Secretary of Defense himself has publicly stated that Israel has nuclear weapons.

    2 Iranians are about to acquire nuclear weapons.

    The United States has announced that it will not be able to prevent an Iranian nuclear attack on In case this happens.

    These are just some of the things that have changed since the "promise" of to the United States .

  12. wtf?!?!?

    People, what's up with you ?? ~~? ~!?!? #? # $?% $%

    First of all, it was not a mouthful! I saw it on the news and it was very clear he thought 2 seconds before he said it.

    Secondly, this "utterance" is the beginning of To break the policy of ambiguity that is no longer good for our time. That our greatest enemies want to destroy us and are also going to reach such capabilities, there is no choice but to move to a policy of deterrence, and if Iran succeeds in obtaining its nuclear weapons, it will be inevitable to conduct a public nuclear test that will finally break the ambiguity policy that Ehud Olmert began to break. Consciously Today.

    This move was not foolish at all and you can be sure that the Iranians also understood this hint very well!

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