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  1. As far as I'm concerned, the attorney general Mazuz / the police did a very unhappy thing.

    You know what, okay, no problem, we are a state of law and if you have to investigate someone then that's what they'll do but why you had to wait until after the elections and let hundreds of thousands of people fall into the trap when they vote for someone who is going to kick him out.

  2. I have a feeling that if you take all the latest theories we have today. Take the top of the top theories of the most ingenious people we have today, applying what it seems to me that in a few thousand or tens of thousands of years will look at the theories we have today as we look at The earth is flat and has turtles on turtles.

  3. : Lol: : Lol: : Lol: : Lol: : Lol: : Lol: : Lol:

    Let's take a moment to finish laughing at things.

    Until you do not see what creative roles the IDF will play for people, you do not understand how much there is no shortage of manpower in the IDF.

    Want more proof? Shortcut service.

    The IDF has a crazy surplus of manpower, and what it lacks is money.

    Anyone who is able to distribute rubber bands in a BCO can also record parking / speed reports / demonstrate presence in areas of disaster in a protected jeep.

    The second thing - this idea is also found in the electoral platform of the Our home. Of course I would also praise them for this idea if he had not passed through the previous Knesset on first reading.

    Zahal has a surplus of crazy manpower. Oh well : screwy:: bash: : s05:

    These creative roles you speak of are often given to those who, if placed in me, would not have taken much time from that moment until they emerged from the army with a mental profile.

    It's just not an argument.

    Not to mention the draft dodgers. In light of this situation, the IDF is preparing a reform in which the army can exist as a small and wise army, and it does so because it has no other choice.

  4. The fact that every teenager arrives with a cluster of weapons for the club on Friday stems from several reasons:

    The failing educational system

    Poverty that has grown in Israeli society - poverty leads to crime.

    The police are supposed to handle this as the last line, and that's why they are not really effective.


    1) to recruit soldiers for the police - in any case the army has a surplus of recruits. The Knesset has already passed its first reading.

    And to solve the security problem and / or the economic problem and / or the problem of education in Israel.

    An interior minister can hardly do anything about it.

    First, the perpetrators of crime in Israel are irrelevant. Poverty is something that will always be a crime as well, even in countries with the best education in the world. What is needed to fight crime is far more massive enforcement. Of course, in addition, we need a much more rigid system of laws against crime, but it's already a matter of the Justice Ministry. So let's leave it at the moment and deal with what the Ministry of Public Security can do, but before that, you say we have a surplus of recruiters.

    What are you talking about?!?!?!! As time passes, we have more and more evaders and the army has been forced to carry out far-reaching reforms in order to cope with the cuts in the defense and manpower budget, not difficult reforms at all. Recruitment of soldiers to the police at the expense of the army will create a serious shortage of units within the IDF and the only thing that can be done is to transfer a very small number of soldiers to the police units, which will not contribute significantly to solving the problem. In any case, the problem of crime in Israel is a problem in which the Ministry of Public Security can deal long before anyone can solve the problem of education, poverty and the security situation.

  5. With all due respect to the police and the prosecution.

    That after so long "remember" to continue to engage in the investigation at this time, there is no doubt that there is something here that smells bad words fine.

    Party Our house in the hands of Lieberman is a legitimate party that hundreds of thousands of people have chosen from this country, and because of this miserable decision, they have been prevented from carrying out the promises made to the voters.

    If they were "alienated" today from dealing with all the investigations against MKs, I am not sure how many people could remain in the current government.

    And OMRIJ You ask what is the connection to the Arab MKs? This is another serious problem. They meet regularly with the bitter enemy of But no investigation is being initiated against them or even a recommendation from the prosecution to prosecute them. It's really absurd.

  6. There is a theory that eventually the galaxies will slow to a halt and pull back to the point of the big bang, but there is a point of no return from which the universe will continue to expand forever. I do not remember whether it is known whether the point of no return is already crossed or whether the universe is known to reach the point of no return at all.

    This theory has long seemed to me invalid since they discovered that the universe is not only expanding, but that its speed is constantly accelerating.

    About the center of the universe. There is a small problem in this argument because everyone has their own definition of "center of the universe"

    If you define the center as a point where it all began and assuming that with the beginning of the big bang where space also began to expand from 0, it can be concluded that the universe has an infinite center.

    I don't see a reason why we have to look at our "outside" universe so we have to know if it is infinite or not, because this can be said as the space started from 0 and continued to expand, so space is infinite.

    Another interesting point is, if theoretically we could get around the speed of light or get to a section of space at the far end of the universe what would have happened? Could we bump into him? What physical laws are there?

  7. http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-3242840,00.html

    There are things that simply go beyond all limits. It just seems to me or the bereaved of the top and our legal system is leaning hard to the left ?!

    Why can not Lieberman be the Minister of Public Security, but the Arab MKs of the United Arab List-Ta'al who meet regularly with those who clearly declare their desire for destruction Can they be Knesset members and members of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee?

    : jump:: kopfpatsch:: nixweiss:

  8. Important clarification: I say that there may be something "beyond" the universe (note the quotation marks) I do not mean that the universe itself is within space (at least not necessarily).

    This "transition" can be a lot of things. There is no point at all in trying to give examples, because what is "out there" (and again the quotation marks) is probably beyond human comprehension and perhaps even beyond our potential understanding, that is, theoretically we have no chance of understanding this, either.

    INFER You're right.

    It's like once if you told someone that the world was round he would explode on you with laughter because according to the rules of reason the world must have turtles standing on turtles ...

    It never hurts to come up with theories and try to prove them (or refute them)

    I mean, is not our universe simply much, much, much bigger than we estimate, and we just do not have the means to watch these astronauts right now?

    Perhaps the reason why we are beyond the 13 billion years can not be seen in anything is that the next "cluster" of galaxies is so far away from us that we can not currently absorb it.

  9. No theory I know

    If there is such a theory, then it is not proven

    It's just a nice idea I know

    Perhaps this is not what actually happens (if time travel is possible)

    But before you deceived a time campaign, think of other options

    The simpler option is not necessarily correct (and Ockham's razor is still just a principle)

    True, it's less intuitive, and yet, that does not mean it's not possible

    Just says it's more complicated (and they've figured out how advanced photon, and the fact that it exists!), But

    Not impossible

    That's what I wanted to strive for. All the different theories of time with parallel universes are currently devoid of reality (of course, there are many things in this universe that at first sight and two seem detached from reality but all the same ..)


    AMILO also can not prove at the moment that there is something "beyond" and perhaps never will be possible

    And a quote from borg: "Why should there be anything beyond the universe?" You can ask the same thing upside down, why not have something "beyond" the universe.

  10. No, it just means that a journey in time as you described it will not happen

    There may be one time sequence that comes you live, and when you return to the past, you are actually

    Moves to another sequence of time, so you "killed" yourself, but a double of yourself from another time sequence,

    So there is no problem, because the sequences live apart from each other

    That means you can not change what has already happened, but you can move to a time sequence where it is

    This has not yet happened, and that is how he actually changed it

    True, but before the year 200, did not say the same thing about aviation?

    The logic changes, if it used to be logical that the world is flat, today it's just absurd

    That logic becomes more complicated, true, but still

    What theory supports these things?

    You have links to the topic or at least tell me its name.

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