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  1. Which section, I just came to post a comment and ask about the SSD. I saw a video of my breasts getting dirty on the 980 PRO anyway. I'm really debating between the XPG SX8200 and the XPG GAMMIX S50 and the 970 EVO PLUS which is the most expensive of the three. As for the board, although you get 100 shekels back to the bank account by Asus, an expensive board really comes out for no apparent reason.
  2. Thanks for the response, the specs are not for me but for a friend so as for RGB what is called on taste and smell .. As for the SSD really a dilemma, I thought of it in the context of VM charging but apparently these are negligible times. Regarding the motherboard, do you have a recommendation for another but reliable one? Is it known what happens to the fan they put in the X570 boards? Are there any horror stories about him breaking down? Gigabyte's supplier is indeed gold and modular, a really good option thanks!
  3. Hi friends, I built a specification according to personal needs, I'm sure you can save a lot of space, but that's not what I'm looking for. I would like to know if the specification itself is good and the components 'fit' each other, if they are all at the same level and if it was worth investing more or less in one component or another. I do try to look to the future, so for example I took a GEN4 drive, sure it could have been saved there. Same as in motherboard. Meanwhile my only dilemma is whether to take a more powerful supplier, currently I have a very simple video card (1660), in the future I may need a more powerful supplier for newer cards (I realized that the 3000 version of NVIDIA requires a lot of power). The main one is programming with virtualization and compilations here and there on different operating systems. * If necessary I will fill out a form, although I believe I have listed everything here. img] This specification was compiled in [URL] [/ URL] - Start Computers [b] Audi [/ b] | Haifa | Tel Aviv | Ashdod Processor: [b] 1435 ₪ [/ b ] - * New * - AMD Six Core Ryzen 5 5600X Up To 4.6Ghz AM4 BOX CPU Air Cooling: [b] 162 ₪ [/ b] - * New * - CoolerMaster Hyper 212 LED TURBO DUAL (2x120mm) - WHITE Motherboard: [b] 1106 ₪ [/ b] - ASUS PRIME X570-PRO AM4 Memory: [b] 678 ₪ [/ b] - * New * - XPG 32G (2X16G) DDR4 3200Mhz CL16 SPECTRIX D50 RGB WHITE Hard Disk: [b] 688 ₪ [/ b] - * New * - Samsung SSD 500G 980 PRO Read Up to 7,000 MB / s Write Up to 5,000 MB / s Power supply: [b] 399 ₪ [/ b] - * Sale * - Antec 650W HCG -650M 80+ GOLD Full Mod ular High Current Gamer Package: [b] 518 ₪ [/ b] - * New * - Phanteks Eclipse P400A AIR Tempered Glass DRGB White [b] Final price: [color = blue] 4986 ₪ [/ color] for cash [/ b] [color = red] [b] 5085 ₪ [/ color] For credit up to 12 payments [/ b] [color = purple] [b] 5185 ₪ [/ color] For credit up to 36 payments [/ b]
  4. I have not heard and do not know, but the warranty is of DELL themselves and for 3 years, so if the product is with you already, the store itself is not interesting. DELL DELL's warranty on screens is excellent, from my experience.
  5. Not the best in this regard, and even if you buy from a manufacturer with an international warranty like MSI it is for a year for the most part. Because it's for studies I think a 3 year warranty at the client's house is very important.
  6. Can I have a short Amalek for when can I put together a system with 5600 in the country?
  7. I would go for Intel, invest a little more in the case, choose another drive (there were deals on Amazon on drives of the same volume, with 2 times better performance in the area of ​​250 shekels to the house), I would probably invest a few more shekels on a better model with more warranty. Screen I would choose DELL.
  8. All in all, one year warranty I'm important. An example of an operation that was by Lenovo - Usually the payers are from MSI Lenovo and ACER. One of these cost a relative 2,500 in Israel! Without an operating system! Https:// gp / product / B0869L1326 (rose 1,750 on Amazon)
  9. @No-One is right, I also noticed with Lenovo laptops in the country that I bought for a relative. I do not think this is the case in the US for example, because from Amazon I bought a laptop at 2,500 with 16GB of RAM, a powerful last generation AMD processor and more and more. In short we will pay and a lot
  10. In terms of productivity, is it worth waiting for the new generation? Is it expected how much the 'equivalent' of the 3700X will cost? Both this and the consoles, we are all here in closure and they are raising prices, a little pity
  11. Hi friends looking for the case in the country, is there a chance to find? I realized that even in the US barely stock, is it a lost battle in advance? Https:// Familiar with a package with similar characteristics sold in the country? Thank you!
  12. Oh what a cooler, be careful not to accidentally freeze the CPU. Renew looks good! Dear TMS, small request, download the lagging pop up of Facebook, it bothers me to put together specifications and I have to block this element every time 😒
  13. I just came to send this link, although the ADATA that is in the country shows on paper about 1GBS more, but it seems to me negligible at these speeds and it is a crazy price from Amazon, 250 shekels to the house to 500 GB.
  14. The larger the screen, the less good it looks at standard resolution (FHD) so you need a sharper resolution (QHD) and in addition 144HZ for gaming, all of which require a lot of power from the video card. In the previous comment you mentioned that he mainly plays FIFA, to tell you the truth you can also assemble a computer for 4,000 NIS. To run today FIFA you can also use a computer from 7 years ago. It all depends on his requirements for the future and what you prefer to spend. About upgrades from which store do you buy? I put you in 2060 because there was a nice sale on TMS, too bad you'd spend a lot of it on other stores. Like I said, a cheaper ticket will work for FIFA and new ones are about to come out that will lower the prices of 2060 I guess (a few more months).
  15. There are two sides here, 27 on FHD really does not look like anything, but 27 on QHD and also 144HZ will need a lot of video card and may soon not hold on to new games (and will also cost more, I find it hard to see how it fits in the budget without getting off the video card) . The question is why did you want 27 from the beginning? For gaming really 24 is better than FHD with 144HZ and above. In the end any option will be good. DA It may be better for you to fill out the form on the main page of the forum so that we know exactly what the requirements are, there are those who play FIFA and there are those who play FPS games with higher requirements.
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