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  1. Note that their chips are generally more tuned to a CDMA network that is no longer in the country, so the reception can be less good than you are used to .. I had an S7 from the US and I felt it, you can totally get along and it's not terrible, just sometimes annoying especially if you live outside For urban areas. I would recommend from Amazon that they have insurance + the final price including taxes and everything (and if "slipped" at customs) then the taxes are refunded to you. And believe that since then it has only gotten better .. of course it can come with US bloatware that is not relevant to the country or will not work here.
  2. Who are the importers? When I asked a large chain in the country, they did not know what future models were expected to arrive at them (very strange, considering that these are huge orders and not from today to tomorrow) and in fact did not help me at all. I know Lenovo belongs to IBM can they help with that? Strangely enough all the laptops in my price range except Lenovo and Asus come with a weak battery (usually around 40 Wh compared to 53-57)
  3. In the near future I want to buy a computer for studies, now after research and watching I was really excited about the growing competition between AMD and INTEL and laptops with amazing AMD processors in performance and battery and finally coming to computers with normal specifications..now I know in Israel worship Intel because of the factories and stigmas Problem with this but is it expected that these laptops will arrive in the country?
  4. Closed, we will wait for the dell latitude series of 2020 and their price in the country.
  5. lompy, yeah i saw what you sent thank you seems appropriate and well priced, i thought maybe there is something better in terms of battery and screen? Because the budget allows anyone to have experience with the Dell Latitude 7400 LT-RD33 series? Similar specifications but a more powerful 3-year warranty and I've heard some bad things about Lenovo's warranty in the country for laptops that they don't thinkpad, is that true?
  6. Yes I forgot to mention that there is no need for any particular bobibob operating system / software, thanks for the links!
  7. Hello, I currently have a computer for the Novo Ideapad 720s needs a computer (not for myself) built in the same style - ie thin, built from aluminum chassis and lightweight (preferably 1.5kg and less) that will serve as a student for the next 4 years. Parameters I Want More Things Important: Ram memory - 16 GB video card - Intel's IRIS enough or simple MX, mostly to run 4K movies smoothly battery - no less than 50 W / h screen - only 14 inches! FHD completely enough, minimum clarity 250 NITS, priority for 300 and over There is no limit to a certain company just not ASUS or TOSHIBA / unknown Chinese manufacturer where the purchase will probably only take place in September and maybe in Eilat then small exceptions can be considered.
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