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  1. Thank you so much for the guidance and recommendation!
  2. Still, if I insist on the height adjustment option because it is essential to me (and take into account that the price will go up), which brand / model is recommended? If you go for the slightly more expensive screens in the category (about 250 NIS more), then you can find adjustable screens from several companies, including DELL models (which I understand is one of the leading brands) that are also around this price ... all around the -1400 NIS ~ plus minus. There are 2 screens of LENOVO: https://www.zap.co.il/model.aspx?modelid=1066777 https://www.zap.co.il/model.aspx?modelid=1027399 There is one screen of VIEWSONIC: https://www.zap.co.il/model.aspx?modelid=1054391 and there are 2 DELL screens:
  3. Okay, thanks for the reference. Yes, I usually sit close to the screen in daily work in front of him (with a keyboard and mouse attached ...). So assuming I do not compromise on size and prefer to purchase a 27 "screen and also goes with the recommendation to have QHD resolution, which brands / models are recommended at reasonable prices? I asked in a previous post reference to Lenovo, Philips ... Are they high quality? Which models? Or worth the effort More on the price and buy a DELL screen? Then what model? Again, my requirements: a high-quality 27 "screen + QHD + IPS panel + at least an HDMI connection + height adjustment and tilt + the most reasonable price in the category. Thanks!
  4. Hi friends, since I do not receive a response from the person who posted the comment here regarding a recommendation for a QHD resolution for a 27 "screen (and not HD), I would be happy for your reference: How important / critical is it to everyday work? And assuming I prefer a quality purchase , And ready to add a few hundred shekels for a 27 "IPS and QHD panel screen (instead of HD) according to the recommendation here, can you recommend me a brand / quality model of such a screen at more reasonable and inexpensive prices? 27" QHD screens with a panel The cheapest IPs I found in Zap are from Lenovo and PHIILIPS, starting at NIS 1,135. Would you recommend one of them? And the cheapest from Dell starting at NIS 1,440 ... Attached link: https: // www .za
  5. Thanks for your tip but now you have devoured all my cards ... so what does that mean bottom line? That 27 "size is better to buy a QHD screen? According to Zap, a QHD screen in DELL / SAMSUNG brands is almost twice as expensive as the Full HD models ... not really in my budget. So according to you, it is either to compromise on QHD in cheaper brands, or to compromise Full HD in the quality brands? QHD screens in size 2 "with the cheapest IPS panel I found in Zap are by LENOVO and PHIILIPS, starting at NIS 27. Would you recommend one of them? And the cheapest of DELL starting at NIS 1,135. .. Attached link: https://www.zap.co.il/models.aspx?sog=c-monitor&db1,349=4147&db4926=7819295&db7819326=435152&ord
  6. Okay, and what about his big brother? https://www.zap.co.il/model.aspx?modelid=1056762
  7. great. Thanks. And no reference to Samsung or any other brand, because ...? Did I find the perfect screen?
  8. thank you for the answer. Yes, I read the good reviews on it, but it's a screen from 2018 and on the other hand there are 2 new screens from 2020 on the list, which I thought might be a little more technologically advanced than it, nevertheless new in two years. Is this not a parameter worth considering? Or maybe in terms of specs they have no advantage over it?
  9. Hi friends, I would be happy for your recommendation to choose a quality computer screen that will be used mainly for daily work from home (and sometimes for movies, games, etc.), according to the following requirements: Size 27 "IPS panel with height adjustment and backward tilt HDMI socket (and preferably other essential sockets) Budget of 700-900 NIS I received recommendations on Dell monitors (not specific model) that praise their high quality and reliability, and also thanks to the fact that their 3-year warranty is up to the customer's home. Looking at Zap in this price range, I see that in the last 3 years some Dell monitors have come out that I understand most of them meet the requirements I mentioned, but I to
  10. Hello friends, I am planning to buy a new computer and I have a question about purchasing windows 10 for it. The store offers the OEM version for NIS 500 and the retail version for NIS 600, which I understand is more recommended. But ... I got a completely different recommendation to purchase a Windows license through a site called CDKeysDeals. For example, you buy a license for Windows 10 Pro Retail for less than 13 euros (52 NIS). I do not understand if this is a legal purchase or if it is something illegal and dubious that can not be trusted. It is clear that he prefers to save a few hundred shekels, but by no means Not at the price of an illegal product or a product that I may have problems with later on. I would be happy for your reference. Thank you here is a link to the product
  11. Thanks so much for great explanations and important tips
  12. Thanks for the explanation. It lists the original HP computer with the 1050 video card. Note that this is a memory card with 2GB ... is that considered too small? https://support.hp.com/ie-en/document/c06033311 On the bottom line I understand from your explanation that the volume left to work on the SSD of 128GB is insufficient and may be too small ... right? Because obviously I want to use most of the SSD capabilities in everyday work ... and not feel like I bought without an SSD.
  13. Thank you very much for all the answers by the way with the GTX 1050 graphics card that you define basic +, it seems that it will be able to run Fortnight or similar games? Assuming the kids want to play against each other (one on the PlayStation and the other on the computer)? I understood that the GTX 1050 TI would serve this purpose very well but I gave it up (and on the whim of the kids) because it maximizes the computer by almost 1000 NIS ... And another question: What does it mean to "work on the files in a partner ...? I will move them to the hard drive to archive "?
  14. Thanks for the additional answers and the suggested specs. First of all, as a former Intel employee for many years, I tend to stay loyal to Intel, what also you have shown that AMD does not come out cheaper ... Why an 8400 processor? There is no special reason, maybe because the computer market is constantly renewed anyway so it is better to have an advanced new generation processor that will not quickly become antique ... and if you said that the bug spec (3,150 NIS) is fine, then let me go back to the question concerning the least point Strong in its specifications: Can a 128GB SSD (combined with a 1TB HDD) be enough for the fast performance of the computer as required by an SSD drive (assuming of course that I keep most of my files on the 1TB HDD)? Or should it be a 240 / 250GB SSD (along with the HDD) 1TB)?
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