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  1. Okay I realized thank you so much for what I do.
  2. I understand at least half a year until the next generation is out, and the previous generation is strong enough to run lots of good graphics and quality games so why not? About 4K and 120 Hz, do you know anything about that?
  3. Hi guys! I have a relatively simple question but I have really gotten into it lately. I want to buy a gaming stand from scratch and realized that the cheapest would be the console and TV. My budget is in the 3000 area and very less worthwhile. I have heard that the Box Box and Van X are crazy compared to its price (1500 today) and I understand that I support some games today at 4k and those that cannot be played on Hz as high as 100 and 120. Which TV would give me support for these things (120 frames, 4k quality and HDR (at a normal price of up to 1500 shekels? Many people wrote that the console didn't really support Fort (then Microsoft is lying?) And some said yes. And about the second frame, some said there was support At 120 Hz and some said a maximum of 60. Can I please have someone make up my mind? I saw some YouTube videos and stuff and still confused.
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