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  1. Hi Hello! What's new? How can the printer detect replacement ink? And does that mean I have to invest in non-replacement ink for it? Do you think it is possible that damage has already been done and even after I invest it will not work? Thanks in advance!
  2. It is important to have keyboard lighting 1. It is possible to exceed the budget a little but it is also possible with less money if there is something good {I would be happy to explain the differences if you offer more than one model) 2. Basically designed for "office work" 3. No equipment 4. 5. Be quiet if It is generally relevant today 8. Central area but need fast delivery 9. Tomorrow 10. It is better to have an innovative power connection if it can be included in such a price range it is also possible a smaller screen if it is not common today 15.6 Thanks in advance !!
  3. I have such a computer: on a screen of 15.6 How much is it worth for sale? And I am thinking of buying such a computer: because I use Linux. Is this a good model? Is there a cheaper model that will also be very effective for web browsing? I care about a bright keyboard Dell Vostro 15 5000 5590 What do you think? post Scriptum. The site is very slow, why?
  4. Walla-why is this actually happening that is possible anyway?
  5. Thanks! I did not notice MZN your intention rather less I could understand. Thanks
  6. Hi I'm studying a JavaScript book and I have difficulty with the exercise: let foo = thursday; if (foo === 'Thursday' || foo === 'thursday' || foo === 5) {console.log ('Yay! Thursday!')} What is the error that causes the console to write? Uncaught ReferenceError: thursday is not defined file: ///home/ron/Documents/JS/source.js: 1 Thanks!
  7. Sonic style games that could possibly improve concentration ... Thanks
  8. I installed it on Ubuntu Last and on Windows 10 as soon as I make a video dial to a friend after sending me a link there is no dial tone but it shows it dials from the friend's side there is no sign that I am calling I am talking about Ubuntu work and windows where it both happens. I'd love to guide you on how to solve this problem
  9. There's a list here but I don't know what works well with Hebrew.
  10. I check thank you! About AnySoftKeyboard How do I make it remember the language I used a moment ago and not return to English? Because I am currently switching to Hebrew on Firefox. outgoing. Repeats and language again with English typing.
  11. Ron 88

    012 and hidden charges

    Thanks for treatment
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