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  1. Suggests still consider basing it all on, ethernet will also probably be easier to install and also in terms of the speeds you can get to and the ethernet based equipment which is nonetheless more accessible. Creating 10Gbps capacity between floors will not be enough? You can only use Ethernet to transfer a variety of content (in other words - you may be able to override the coax cable).
  2. For me - I am not a big fan of them, but in my case the computer came with DHL and there were no problems in terms of its transfer. In terms of times, I saw that DHL can be shipped and then it is significantly less time. But on the other hand do not know for sure what it will be like during this time.
  3. Plus minus - this is the order of magnitude in my opinion as well as the prices I have seen (although it is important to say I did not do a thorough check).
  4. Proposes to transfer network cables and produce 1Gbps ethernet with a switch / router with a suitable built-in switch. Transferring the fiber is nice no doubt but if it is not point to point you will also have to buy a suitable switch. Just an example to give an order of magnitude of prices - -8 + about $ 4 (I haven't checked in depth but that's the order of magnitude) for the SFP + NIC, and a few tens of dollars more for each cable.
  5. What are the requirements other than playing video? Offers to look at relatively powerful (and inexpensive) computers on ali express, come prepared and are fanless which is to my eyes a big advantage. I have experience with one like this and it does a beautiful job. searchweb0_0, searchweb201602_, searchweb201603_ -92 & btsid = 6ab7f762566ad8e0e4339 & ws_ab_test = searchweb998_8625865, searchweb92_, searchweb6_
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