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  3. Better Sennheiser, or AUDIO TECHNICA. Much much better quality in both sound and build quality.
  4. I have these and they are completely round:
  5. I still recommend you try to stop. It is not impossible that the power supply is not regular in more than one apartment .. but if not, I would try with a branded supplier (a reputable company) with a power of at least 600-700 watts. Pretty much any reputable manufacturer (Corsair, Sisonic, Colermaster) will be just fine.
  6. Do you have an interrupt, or an option to ask one? If the problem is with an irregular power supply it can cause such effects even without having problems with the hardware components. Therefore, do not stop will solve such problems.
  7. I do not understand Intel. Are they waiting for something? AMD is already eating them a very respectable share of sales ...
  8. 16Gb is 2GB and not 1GB and there are quite a few spelling mistakes in the article, but it is definitely interesting.
  9. In my opinion, in the current gloomy economic reality, these prices will not hold water, because people just will not buy .. and without buyers for games, they will not buy consoles either. So what will happen is that consoles will be sold in bundle with games, and new games will not sell well until their prices are cut with no choice
  10. I found on eBay. High quality steel videoecu devices. Will hold properly.
  11. Another consideration you should keep in mind: a stationary computer, because it was not designed for shaking (yes, not even a minimalist chassis as you would like) disaster-prone. Memories can be disconnected, fans can be released, and once one component is released inside the case it can make names on your computer. On the other hand, even the cheapest laptop (and you can get laptops with better specifications of your own for less than NIS 1000 second hand) is built in a way that will survive shaking, as long as you store it in a reasonably padded bag. If you need a larger screen, there are laptops with a 17-inch screen. And a stationary computer that comes with you broken to the destination will pretty much disable you quickly. By the way, how will you start your nomadic life now from a red country like Israel, without flights and with a closure
  12. The reason this is not possible is that the speakers used are tiny, and are usually manufactured for the specific model. Beyond that, any speaker you could get (assuming it would fit in terms of volume and power requirements) would give you very similar performance. You can get something like this, or a similar soundbar that can be put on the screen from above:
  13. On laptops, especially the newer editions, there just isn’t much room to put in quality speakers. Even if you pay attention, the battery is also weak and built-in to allow a gaming laptop that does not weigh too much. However, there are gaming computers that pay less attention to weight and mobility and you can find a higher quality and more powerful sound in them. In the meantime, I recommend you buy a speaker (or pair of speakers) in Bluetooth and connect to a computer to get a louder, higher quality sound.
  14. Update: I decided to purchase a Mrantz receiver over the popular Danone (X3600H) model. The reason is that I read about more and more problems with Danon's receivers. Not necessarily problems that disable the device, but harm the user experience and show unreliability over time. Mertz is a similar (more expensive) and more reliable option. Of course I would have preferred a step up such as Anthem or Integra, or NAD, but it is no longer on a budget.
  15. I purchased new speakers in a Infinity Primus P142 box for use as ceiling atmospheric speakers (attached to the ceiling with devices): Does anyone have a recommendation for ceiling hanging devices for this Infinity model? It has a Threaded insert. I need to find CEILING MOUNT BRACKET at an affordable price for them.
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