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  1. No one is saying it is not possible at all. But .. Microsoft has explicitly announced that if you install on hardware that does not meet the minimum requirements, the possibility of malfunctions (and blue screens) jumps to high percentages.
  2. Unfortunately, I do not really have the option to upgrade, since my system is based on an X99 that is not supported in any way (sixth generation HEDT processor) by Windows 11. Even if I install a TPM module. (I checked the Asus website) However, I do try and try Windows 11 using a virtual machine.
  3. It will not necessarily work, and anyway like I said, a better option is to use wireless internet and then you can share a cellular data package from a phone or 4G router
  4. Something really similar happened to me with the exact same model. I took to a specialist video card technician. Unfortunately he was unable to revive the card. If the card is in charge - turn, turn it on. If not, you can try to find a video card technician who knows (and has the appropriate equipment) to try and repair the card. Otherwise you will have to buy another ticket. I bought another ticket at the end.
  5. What you can do (not the most recommended, but it's a solution) is to pick up a "hotspot" (HOTSPOT) which is basically a wireless connection like a router gives, but on the phone, then the TV will connect to it (you will need to set it in the wireless internet settings on TV), and use the internet From your hes. Pros: You can really use cellular internet without the need for a router (though a 4G router will do the job much better) Cons: Your device must be around, and it will drain its battery quickly and also make it noticeably warm (even if you plug it into a charger) , It is possible from the phone, but it is better to already buy a small cellular router designed for it, in which to put a sim with a surfing package. Similar to what you can rent at the airport to get internet in a foreign country.
  6. 2.1 is required in any case for the ability to play 4k / 120hz or 8k / 60hz on the TV or screen (it is probably important to make sure they support it). And yes, you must have the receiver support it. All of Danon's new series, as well as Merenz's, support this, and their receivers, which have been made since May, also do not contain the bug that will create a problem with HDMI 2.1. If you want to save, look for the cheapest receiver in Danon's series, the s960h
  7. First of all, I'm not sure where you heard it is not recommended above or below the TV. In most home theater systems, the center speaker is located under the TV (optimally centered under the TV) - usually on the console. I have a chin under the TV and under it the subwoofer. Above the TV I have no speakers, but there are two speakers standing on its sides. However, I would have happily added two more ceiling speakers (I already have two rear ones) had it not been for the small space and opposition from the management (the woman).
  8. I can only attest to the two I had: the current one - PROLINK PRO1201SFCU - contains two replaceable batteries (batteries), and nicely covers my powerful computer with the screen for up to half an hour or so. And the previous one (which passed to my parents), I do not remember the model but it was by Eitan Engineering, and I also replaced it with batteries after about two years. In the factory itself in Beit Shemesh.
  9. In my opinion, a regular (flat) screen is almost always better. Also in games, and although there are ways to correct the distortion in the image created as a result of the built-in curvature. The only reason (again, in my opinion) for purchasing a concave screen is in games such as flight and driving simulations where you want a more immersive experience and the distortion does not matter and does not interfere. But in design work as well as in the office, it is rather important to see the image as the client will see it and stay professional. Again, this is my opinion and experience only.
  10. Calculate here how much power your computer needs (or search for another PSU account on Google), then search for a break accordingly. Basically there is nothing to insist on a "pure sine wave" because these are significantly more expensive and do not necessarily give more confidence. I go more by power and less by keywords. Remember that in any case you will have to replace the batteries every two years or so because the batteries run out. So you should choose a model that has a father and mother in the country and it is relatively easy to replace batteries / batteries (it is always cheaper than buying a new one)
  11. It may be sitting on the same IP as another device on the network and this is causing the problem. You can restart it while disconnecting the standby power cord and reconnecting, or alternatively go into its network settings, and give it its own IP address on the local network that does not overlap with another address.
  12. I got along in the end. What I did was move the receiver to a 9.1 configuration (yes, even though I don't have that many speakers) - then you can set up two side surround speakers, two front speakers, chin, subwoofer, and two height speakers hanging from the ceiling. Then I performed a direction with Odyssey using the app. I'll still tweak the settings a bit, but in the meantime it's working.
  13. Hi, I finally connected all the cables to this formidable receiver, but in the OSD settings, I do not have my existing configuration and I do not know how to configure it. In a nutshell: I have two rear speakers (on a shelf), two large front speakers (on spikes on the floor on the sides of the TV console), a center speaker next to the receiver in the console, a small subwoofer under the console, and two height speakers mounted just above the rear speakers (slightly further forward) , From the ceiling. But I can not find a configuration that will allow me to set the speakers exactly like this. How can I do that? Thanks in advance.
  14. It's still insane. The most "old" processors that can be used (which are not cell phones or other budget processors) are eighth generation. It is excessive and unnecessary. In my opinion no one will be in a hurry to move to Windows 11 like this, and Microsoft will be stuck with Windows 10 and will have to extend its support for a long time to come. And that’s before the whole backward segment with TPM.
  15. Good to know about the solution. And you will be surprised how many stupid mistakes computer people also make.
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