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  1. עדיין מחכה לתגובה עניינית, ילד. בינתיים אני מביא הוכחות ברורות.
  2. Crypto currently has no value is digital money that is not recognized by countries. The fact that there are some computer stores and pizzerias that accept this currency, problematic and I would run away from stores that deal in crypto like computer stores! (From bitter experience) Today in the country of Plonter, one of the largest and best-selling stores in the country accepts Bitcoin. You forgot to mention that their chairman, Alon Musk, who smoked drugs in a video he took, was removed from the firm's management by R
  3. For those who have previously asked about daily use of Bitcoin, please (courtesy of Manny Rosenfeld):
  4. Wow you mixed things up regardless and without taste. "Establishing a server farm for bitcoin is usually built from the money of criminal elements to launder money" - where did you get it from? Do you have proof or just from your fevered brain? As far as I know, these are in most cases very respectable investors. "Another time you go to the stock market to buy 2 cryptocurrencies it's $ 100,000. How is there no overdraft? The next day or after the month of crypto it is worth $ 1000. Losing $ 98,000 is overdraft. If I need the money, I lost." - You mix liquidity and value. You also decide that the crypto itself is not valuable but only in conversion to a country currency. And that's not true either. It is now possible to purchase many things directly in Crypto-Bell
  5. The global economy today is a debt economy. This means that you can buy in installments (with a commitment to pay sometime in the future) or get into debt today based on money you will receive (perhaps) in the future. A non-debt economy is an economy that is based solely on money that is now available. That means you will not be able to buy a toaster with the overdraft you have at the bank, but you will have to save shekel for shekel and only when you have the full amount - you can go to the store (or click on the computer) and buy. Bitcoin today is not a currency used on a daily basis because it is unstable. But that's why it's such a good investment channel. However, an 11-year-old currency is a very, very young currency. And in time it will stabilize. However, in the meantime its value will only go up and up. In terms of declines? Yes, can not be relied on
  6. Why outlaw it? If it is a financial asset like a stock - then it is equally possible to outlaw stock trading. If it's a global currency - then just as well you can try to outlaw the US dollar. The big advantage of Bitcoin is that it is not geared towards a debt economy like the current one. It is based solely on a profit economy. That is - if you have, you can use. If you do not have one, you can not go into overdraft or minus and use at the expense of the future. This sucked-up and tattered claim of “black economy” is nonsense in the juice. The US dollar has been cultivating and cultivating a "black economy" and drug trafficking, murder and human trafficking for decades if not centuries. It was not outlawed. It's like saying fetish
  7. Article in The Marker: Quite a bit of misunderstanding on the subject: "There are many explanations for this increase: Believers say that central banks erode the value of official money by massive printing, while Bitcoin Limited to just 21 million units - as long as they do not change the formula, of course. They also emphasize that Bitcoin is a decentralized asset that does not belong to any country - and is therefore immune from government influence and manipulation.
  8. Curses again. Read what I wrote earlier about someone who uses curses and can not hold his claims without them .. And as for use, I have now purchased something in crypto on Amazon - through the Coinbase website. So you're probably a little less smart than you think.
  9. I obviously care. It is important for me to have maximum adoption of Bitcoin in the world, and being able to buy and sell it in a simple way is an integral part of it.
  10. How does this relate to anything at all? Bitcoin mining in Europe is carried out in mainly Nordic countries and not in Germany.
  11. Who exactly will "cancel" the possibility of converting Bitcoin to Fiat? The government? People will still be able to sell to each other. The central bank? He has no such power. Equally you can say what will happen if tomorrow the dollar is declared as toilet paper. Bitcoin has already fallen about sharply in the past, and has always risen back and higher. In the meantime, your bitterness is dripping from the side ... maybe you will wipe?
  12. Does not producing dollars waste resources and produce nothing? It produces value just as Bitcoin is a value. The day will definitely come when mining will no longer be significant in the context of Bitcoin. Then basically whoever holds a junction will benefit from it.
  13. First of all, there is indeed "green" electricity for everyone. And we'll get to the day when the vast majority of electricity generation will come from renewable sources. But that's not the question. The question is whether Bitcoin "wastes" electricity. And it “wastes” electricity far less than many other industries in terms of environmental pollution.
  14. I seen. This is a war between him and a TV presenter of an investment program. This is his opinion, and I respect it. But many others thought like him and also changed their minds over time.
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