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  1. Quote of QttP

    The truth is that right now I got to mess with it because I bought a smart TV LG OLED With the latest WEBOS, and in this respect I was badly surprised.


    First, it does not support SMB, and is unable to search for content on the Web on its own. I realized that this is something that LG in principle or out of laziness does not add to anything TV their. An older and more primitive Panasonic Viera with my parents does it without a problem.


    Second, it turns out that television itself knows how to decipher less TV formats LG 10 year old antique LED that I also have. On the one hand, DTS still not working, And on the other hand it seems that their new TVs have lost support for DivX 5 and refuse to play any file with DX50's FourCC (and even when you change the DX50 to something else - it does not work). It annoys me that I have no small collection of series TV Old and beloved in this format.


    A streamer connected in HDMI would probably be a preferred option. You can also buy USB External of some troubles and connect it, but then stuck with the decoding limitations of the TV.


    DLNA is less good in principle, because most of them only share media files and not other files, which makes external subtitles in SRT format not work, even if the TV knows how to decode them - the reason is that it just does not see the file (when connected directly in USB it works).


    It is also possible to cast from a Win10 computer, but this is an ad-hoc solution that is not always good, because it simply shares a screen, which prevents the computer from being used for another purpose while watching.

    Just like I said. There is no competitor to an outdoor box built specifically for this purpose. The more advanced the chipset, the wider the support for a variety of different video and audio formats. It makes no business sense for TV makers to put Streamer hardware that costs over fifty dollars (and become obsolete in a few years) into the TV and complicate it. They work with the operating system to which they have committed and have purchased appropriate licenses. currently Allows you the most flexibility in the field. for better and for worse.

  2. Quote of Tomerb1

    You are not wrong, to Windows There is built-in support for samba. 

    On the other hand, from experience - not all TV Wisdom reads everything and easily.


    There are TVs that do not read all the formats, or alternatively fail to pin the subtitles.


    The Plex is simple and convenient.

    I'm not talking about wisdom. There is no point in sticking to a smart TV because of its internal hardware Always Inferior and cheaper than the Streamer (even the simplest).

    I'm talking about a streamer simple. Each such device runs code (or is capable of running code), and Android has internal samba support. All that is left is to make sure the computer is open to the network, and set up the shared folders on the computer and access from the Streamer. Why install more software that you do not need? And that running actually serves on the computer and takes resources from it?

  3. Quote from Kendrick Lamar

    Two different specifications from the startpc store according to the budgets you recorded


    The difference between them

    Slightly more powerful processor with Cooling appropriate

    Higher quality motherboard with more connections

    Stronger video card



    Processor: 779 NIS - * Sale * - intel SIX Core i5 11400 2.6Ghz-4.4Ghz Rocket lake S1200 TRAY
    Cooling Air Processor: 114 ₪ - * operation * - Be quiet! PURE ROCK SLIM
    Motherboard: 399 ₪ - * Operation * - ASUS PRIME B560M-A
    Memory: 377 NIS - * Sale * - 16G (2x8G) Crucial Ballistix-ELITE DDR4 3200Mhz CL16
    Video card: 2148 ₪ - * in computer assembly * - ASUS GeForce RTX3060 12G Up To 1807MHz Phoenix V2
    Hard Disk: 505 ₪ - * Operation * - Crucial P2 1T NVMe CT1000P2SSD8 Read Up To 2400MB / s 5 Years Warranty
    Power supply: 379 NIS - * new * - Antec 700W Neo Eco 80+ GOLD Zen 5 Year Warranty
    Package: 322 NIS - * New * - Phanteks Eclipse P300 AIR Tempered Glass Black

    Final price: cash / bank transfer: 5023 
    For credit: up to 12 payments 5123 ₪ or 36 payments 5223 ₪




    Processor: 1035 NIS - * Sale * - intel SIX Core i5 11600KF 3.9Ghz-4.6Ghz Rocket lake S1200 Tray
    Cooling Air Processor: 175 ₪ - Arctic Freezer Xtreme Rev.2
    Motherboard: 572 ₪ - ASUS TUF B560M-PLUS GAMING
    Memory: 377 NIS - * Sale * - 16G (2x8G) Crucial Ballistix-ELITE DDR4 3200Mhz CL16
    Video card: 2593 ₪ - * in computer assembly * - GIGABYTE GeForce RTX3060Ti 8G D6 Up To 1665Mhz EAGLE
    Hard Disk: 505 ₪ - * Operation * - Crucial P2 1T NVMe CT1000P2SSD8 Read Up To 2400MB / s 5 Years Warranty
    Power supply: 379 NIS - * new * - Antec 700W Neo Eco 80+ GOLD Zen 5 Year Warranty
    Package: 322 NIS - * New * - Phanteks Eclipse P300 AIR Tempered Glass Black

    Final price: cash / bank transfer: 5958 
    For credit: up to 12 payments 6077 ₪ or 36 payments 6196 ₪

    As someone who uses this Pentax case - highly recommend (literally) find another case. This case is small and compact and its ventilation is ineffective and limited. You should go for a larger and more spacious case.

  4. No need to install flex or such nonsense.

    Computer with vista (And if I'm not mistaken for both Mac and Linux) comes with built-in support for the SAMBA standard (2 or 3). Codes on each existing streamer support this standard and allow content to be played from a computer on a network that shares them.

    Here is a guide, but a YouTube search should also help you:

  5. It is expected to start support in the first quarter of 2022. At least for chipsets of . (LGA1700)

    This is a series of 12 processors .

    In terms of falling prices - can be but no one will prophesy. The possible reason for the drop in prices is the maturation of 7-inch technology at And opening their factories for production to many other companies. (Google, Amazon) - As the production rate increases, there is less wear (defective wipers) and the cost per CPU decreases.

    It will also affect production And so on the entire production chain. But one cannot expect things like damage to transport capacity (as happened due to the corona all over the world) and natural disasters that can and have affected factories around the world.

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  6. Quote of aviv00

    Micho in the MDL forum was able to upgrade to an old computer

    While the installation was preparing the files he moved the file

    appraiserres.dll From an old operating system like 1703 to a folder   Windows.BT \ Sources

    And the upgrade continued normal

    No one is saying it is not possible at all. but.. It is explicitly stated that if you install on hardware that does not meet the minimum requirements, the possibility of malfunctions (and blue screens) jumps to a high percentage.

  7. Quote of Enoch 111

    Thanks. I realized that it is not possible to connect a SIM to the TV through the entrance of the USB Of the television.

    I saw there are TVs with RJ-45 input. Is it possible to connect a device that has a SIM card (for example a telephone) to the TV via the RJ-45 input via cables as shown in the attached photos?



    61 + KD5uWykL._AC_SL1500_.jpg

    It will not necessarily work, and anyway as I said, a better option is to use the internet Then you can share a cellular data packet from a phone or 4G router

  8. Something really similar happened to me with the exact same model. I took to a specialist video card technician. Unfortunately he was unable to revive the card. If the card is in charge - turn, turn it on.

    If not, you can try to find a technician Let him know (and he has the right equipment) to try and fix the card. Otherwise you will have to buy another ticket. I bought another ticket at the end.

  9. What you can do (not the most recommended, but it's a solution) is to pick up a "hotspot" (HOTSPOT) which is basically a connection As a router gives, but on the phone, then the TV will connect to it (you will need to set it up in the wireless internet settings on the TV), and use the internet from your SIM.

    Pros: You can actually use cellular internet without the need for a router (though 4G will do the job much better)

    Disadvantages: Your device must be in the vicinity, and this will drain the battery quickly and also cause it to heat up noticeably (even if you connect it to the charger)


    In conclusion, this is possible from the phone, but it is better to already buy a small cellular router designed for this, in which to put a SIM with a surfing package. Similar to what you can rent at the airport to get In a foreign country.

  10. Quote from Itzik.J

    Hi, I'm looking for more clarification regarding HDMI 2.1, I intend to upgrade this year the entire media set in the living room, (TV + receiver + speakers), I wanted to know if I must HDMI 2.1 Also in the receiver, I intend to connect a living room computer directly to the TV with 2.1 and with the help of eARC to the receiver, my question is do I need a receiver with 2.1 if I do not connect to it directly?

    As for the need for 2.1, I do intend to play with the computer on 4k 120.


    If the answer is not which receiver is currently recommended up to 2500 - 3000 and if so ... it will be expensive, what is the most reasonable receiver (price for performance) with 2.1?


    Thanks and hope the answer is no 😅

    2.1 is required in any case for the ability to play 4k / 120hz or 8k / 60hz on the TV or screen (it is probably important to make sure they support it). And yes, you must have the receiver support it. All of Danon's new series, as well as Merenz's, support this, and their receivers that have been made since May also do not contain the bug that will create a problem with you. 2.1. If you want to save, look for the cheapest receiver in Danon's series, the s960h


  11. First of all, I'm not sure where you heard it is not recommended above or below the TV. In most home theater systems, The chin is located under the TV (optimally centered under the TV) - usually in the console.

    I have a chin under the TV and under it the subwoofer.

    Above the TV I have none , But there are two Standing by her side. However, I would have happily added two more ceiling speakers (I already have two rear ones) had it not been for the small space and opposition from the management (the woman).

  12. Quote of Seaninho10

    Thank you very much for the response.
    I already calculated the required tension even before I opened the post ...

    The reason I contacted the forum is to get recommendation About a quality company or a quality model specific.


    I would love to have one (or more) of these 😉

    I can only attest to the two I had: the current one - PROLINK PRO1201SFCU - contains two replaceable batteries (batteries), and nicely covers my powerful computer with the screen for up to half an hour or so.

    And the previous one (which passed to my parents), I do not remember the model but it was by Eitan Engineering, and I also replaced it After about two years. In the factory itself in Beit Shemesh.

  13. Calculate here how much voltage your computer needs (or look for a calculator Other in Google), then search for a paragraph accordingly. Basically there is nothing to insist on a "pure sine wave" because these are significantly more expensive and do not necessarily give more confidence. I go more by power and less by keywords.

    Remember that in any case you will have to replace Every two years or so that the batteries go. So you should choose a model that has a father and mother in the country and it is relatively easy to replace batteries / batteries (it is always cheaper than buying a new one)

  14. It may be sitting on the same IP as another device on the network and this is causing the problem. You can restart it while disconnecting the standby power cord and reconnecting, or alternatively go into its network settings, and give it its own IP address on the local network that does not overlap with another address.

  15. I got along in the end. What I did was move the receiver to a 9.1 configuration (yes, even though I don't have that many speakers) - then you can set up two side surround speakers, two Front, chin, subwoofer, and two height speakers hang from the ceiling. Then I performed a direction with Odyssey using the app. I'll still tweak the settings a bit, but in the meantime it's working.

  16. Hey,

    I finally connected all the cables to this formidable receiver, but in OSD settings, I do not have my existing configuration and I do not know how to configure it.
    In a nutshell: I have two rear speakers (on a shelf), two large front speakers (on spikes on the floor on the sides of the TV console), Center next to the console in the console, a small subwoofer under the console, and two height speakers are installed about above the rear speakers (a little further forward), from the ceiling.
    But I can not find a configuration that will allow me to set the speakers exactly like this.
    How can I do this?

    Thanks in advance.

  17. Quote of andralamusya

    I'm a computer person, I'm probably not falling for these places.

    In version 20H2 I can install the latest versions. In version 21H1 I can install 8+ month old versions
    I was eventually able to install with the abolition of protection for digital signatures for drivers, many reported this in their forums and received no response.
    It seems that their customer service is waning while with AMD The thing is quite flourishing.

    Good to know about the solution. And you will be surprised how many stupid mistakes computer people also make.

  18. Quote of A-10

    And what's the point?

    That is, YouTube Full of videos with comprehensive product reviews

    Not yet officially announced (maybe water grinding and maybe not),

    But you can probably see more from the picture you uploaded .....


    I wonder what you wanted to say in addition.

    one picture is worth a thousand words. And people are looking to see differences between ten and the new system. In the picture you can see the rounded corners, the different start menu, and the new design language

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