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  1. Personally, I am very satisfied with MSI. Computers are well built and hold up well. I had one for about five years, and stayed like new except for the speakers that did not hold. I replaced them and sold it, then bought another MSI laptop. I'm still very happy with it.
  2. I realised. So you can test what you can. Memories, disks, cards (such as the WIFI card) and so on.
  3. The intention is to physically remove it and disconnect it from the case. Don't just make it unavailable. Try this. If the crash is due to a shift, you probably have a loose component in your computer. You need to make sure everything is reinforced. The motherboard sits and is fastened with at least four screws to the chassis, the processor sits properly and its cooling is securely fastened to it (with thermal ointment), the memory cards sit and lock in place, and all their drives and connections are reinforced.
  4. I see you also have a built-in video card. Try removing the NVIDIA video card and using it for a few days. Compare and see if there is still the problem or not. If there is still, maybe it's the memory.
  5. Here is an option that will cost you less than replacing the screen / computer: Basically it is a device that connects to the computer via USB and sits under the screen and allows you to touch using a sensor. Worth checking out.
  6. The question is also what you are interested in and how much you are willing to invest. Personally, if I were going for a stereo system only, I would take a digital amplifier (which is now available pretty cheaply) with a BLUETOOTH connection, and buy a pair of quality second hand speakers. It will cost you less than a micro stereo system like the ones you are testing, or about the same thing - but in better quality. Although you will not be able to connect a USB stick, even with this you can get by using a cheap MP3 player for example. And you can always broadcast to BT from your phone or TV. Sample amplifier: Sample for new quality speakers: Total about $ 225. Excluding shipping and taxes (nor cables).
  7. First of all remove UTORRENT in an orderly fashion. Second thing - nowadays it is less recommended UTORRENT because it is blown up in commercials and spyware. Third, download QBITTORRENT from here: and install it.
  8. Regarding installation - there is no problem with vertical installation. There are no moving parts so you can install vertically, upside down or however you want. Regarding the increased use - did you check which app makes the increased use? I recommend the free version of PROCESS LASSO to isolate the problematic application / service. Since the disk appears to be working properly and not overheating, it seems to be a problem related to the operating system, running application, or memory. Plus, in the meantime, you can simply click on the "100% disk" in the task manager to sort the apps in memory by disk usage and then you will see at the top (or end) the app that is overusing the disk. By the way, sometimes this is a problem caused by a problematic update of windows. I recently encountered an annoying Chrome issue that took a minute and a half to mount because of a windows update - but that update on another computer in the house did not create this problem.
  9. I am not familiar with this series of ADATA, but use their SX8200 model and it is excellent. Is my system drive right now. Faults can happen on any drive from any company.
  10. As someone who has reviewed dozens of Android devices (Android boxes for TV), I can say that the quality models far far far exceed what you get in a smart TV. Blu-ray as a physical media (disc) has long been on its way to the dustbin of history. In general physical media. Even movies today come streaming from servers or alternatively an encrypted portable hard drive. The models you mentioned are indeed considered good (and relatively expensive). But there are cheaper options. For example, an Enodyia child, or HIMEDIA devices, which cost about $ 200-300. The possibility of a Blu-ray physical drive always exists, but becomes less relevant, in my opinion.
  11. I would actually recommend a dedicated nas. Look for a used Sinology device with at least four disc bays. It will be much better and more useful than a computer that consumes more power, is more prone to malfunctions, and also warms up more. A Sinology device will also give you much more usability with much less fuss. That's my opinion.
  12. Not every memory works on every computer, even if it is the same type of memory. There is an issue of compatibility. For example: some memories work on x299-based boards but do not work on x99-based boards. And it has less to do with speed, but rather with differences in the architecture of the boards. To be sure there are also lists of memories tested for each board, as well as search pages at memory manufacturers that allow you to sort by motherboard models.
  13. I would be very happy to take this opportunity if I was in the country.
  14. I'm not at all sure this is the right answer. In terms of network and network capacity, perhaps. But most router manufacturers deliberately limit the number of customers that can connect wirelessly at the same time. Because of significant damage to each customer's network performance. NETGEAR, for example, also in their premium routers, limits the number of customers to 32 on each network (2.4GHz, and 5Hz). That is, a maximum of 64 at a time. But .. they also recommend not going through the 25 connected at the same time. Regarding TP-LINK, I found this page that can help:
  15. I did a search for you. I found the router page on Amazon UK and there are questions and answers: Question: What's the maximum number of 2.4G clients that can be connected concurrently? Answer: There does not seem to be a maximum, I have had 8+ OK. The more connections the slower they run. However, it would be best for you to contact the manufacturer's support department and ask them directly. Usually the fastest way to reach the goal is in a straight line.
  16. You can do this only in a virtual system (so you can allocate volumes and change them even after they are set), or in a RAID-based system (like NAS) where there are multiple disks merged into one array and then you can allocate them to partitions as you wish. In your case, what you better do is purchase a new and larger disk (probably an SSD / NVME if it is a drive that contains your operating system), then duplicate the existing disk in software that allows you to preserve the operating system (such as AOMEI Backupper, but any software that knows Do it right with a disk that has an operating system working - but not all duplication software will work. For example, Acronis does not do this best). This may seem like an unnecessary investment to you, but it's the situation. You can save the small disk you have left for backup purposes or sell it for a few pennies after you format it. I recommend purchasing at least a half tare SSD (500/512GB) for the operating system. This is because each monthly update adds to the volume used. Good luck.
  17. That's exactly why you record every conversation with every service provider. There is nothing to trust anyone who is not close to you.
  18. The establishment can no longer remain indifferent to Bitcoin
  19. you are welcome. Put your full details here, or send in a message if you are scared, and I will file a claim. After all, you have nothing to fear if all you claim is truth and not the hallucination of a hallucinatory man who does not know me even a little.
  20. And for the benefit of all lovers (or deniers / haters) of Bitcoin - a long list of obituaries for Bitcoin - from 2010 to the current year:
  21. Crypto today has no value is digital money that is not recognized by countries. The fact that there are some computer stores and pizzerias that accept this currency, problematic and I would run away from stores that deal in crypto like computer stores! Low profit and get currency can eliminate them or make them sell poor quality products (From bitter experience) Today in Plonter, one of the largest and most well-known stores in the country receives Bitcoin. It does not seem to me that it eliminates it (has existed for many years), or causes it to sell poor quality products (?!) Forgot to mention that Tesla was several times bankrupt You forgot to mention that their chairman, Alon Musk, who smoked drugs in a video he took, was removed from the firm's management by US authorities. It all shouts that society is very problematic and dangerous. The person gambles compulsively and in the end it will be a matter of time. Especially with many problematic answers like yours you're really desperate, eh? To remind you Tesla is the most successful car company in the world. Musk is involved in many companies and projects aimed at improving the lives of all mankind. Compulsive gambler? You completely distort the term "overdraft" ) And its meaning and becomes hysterical when you try to explain yourself .. without success. Indeed, it will take time for Tesla to allow people to buy Bitcoin, but it comes: work-2021-02-08 And here are some more companies that allow people to buy cars in Bitcoin:
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