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  1. For those who have previously asked about daily use of Bitcoin, please (courtesy of Manny Rosenfeld):
  2. Wow you mixed things up regardless and without taste. "Establishing a server farm for bitcoin is usually built from the money of criminal elements to launder money" - where did you get it from? Do you have proof or just from your fevered brain? As far as I know, these are in most cases very respectable investors. "Another time you go to the stock market to buy 2 cryptocurrencies it's $ 100,000. How is there no overdraft? The next day or after the month the crypto is worth $ 1000. Losing $ 98,000 is overdraft. If I need the money, I lost." - You mix liquidity and value. You also decide that the crypto itself is not valuable but only in conversion to a country currency. And that's not true either. It is now possible to purchase many things directly in crypto - without conversion. A recent example is Tesla cars, but there are also real estate companies for example that accept Bitcoin. And PayPal that is already starting to allow its American customers to buy and sell crypto. Regarding debt economics, feel free to read. There is really a lot of material on the net. For example: https: // en When I talk about overdraft I'm just talking about taking money from the bank you do not have. By the way, there are countries that do not exist. In Israel the banks let you get into debt because it is in their interest and because the state does not stop them. But there are countries ( And not just the post office bank) where you simply can not enter the deficit in the bank account.It is possible to take a loan but it very much depends on your financial ability - and if the bank thinks you do not have the financial ability to repay the loan - it will refuse.Just like with a mortgage. Overdraft. Even the depreciation of a currency you hold is not an overdraft. Feel free to read the definition of overdraft .. always says by the way, that crypto (or bitcoin) is a dangerous financial tool, and who That investor is better off sixty no more than 10-15 percent of his financial portfolio there, or alternatively just an amount he does not mind losing in an expensive case. I estimated over time it would stabilize. This is a necessity of reality as its adoption becomes more common. This is just my opinion.
  3. The global economy today is a debt economy. This means that you can buy in a round (with a commitment to pay sometime in the future) or get into debt today based on money you will receive (perhaps) in the future. A non-debt economy is an economy that is based solely on money that is now available. That means you will not be able to buy a toaster with the overdraft you have at the bank, but you will have to save shekel for shekel and only when you have the full amount - you can go to the store (or click on the computer) and buy. Bitcoin today is not a currency used on a daily basis because it is unstable. But that's why it's such a good investment channel. However, an 11-year-old currency is a very, very young currency. And in time it will stabilize. However, in the meantime its value will only go up and up. In terms of declines? Yes, it is impossible to rely on life only on Bitcoin today. It can be used as a very profitable investment tool - if there are eggs and perseverance. And if you want, you can also enter the crypto exchange. But there is no overdraft. You refer to the loss on paper. But equally the profit is on paper until you decide to sell or use Bitcoin / Crypto. If you really want to get into overdraft, you can try a platform for crypto loans. There lenders and borrowers and make profits from holdings. Regarding the cost of producing / buying Bitcoin - you also have a cost in the bank - commissions - for every action you take. The cost of hiring employees, structure, computing and everything else is embodied in the commissions you pay. And believe that the bank never loses. That's why global banks are so afraid of the alternative that Bitcoin presents that it may, over time, overwhelm them.
  4. Why outlaw it? If it is a financial asset like a stock - then it is equally possible to outlaw stock trading. If it's a global currency - then just as well you can try to outlaw the US dollar. The big advantage of Bitcoin is that it is not geared towards a debt economy like the current one. It is based solely on a profit economy. That is - if you have, you can use. If you do not have one, you can not go into overdraft or minus and use at the expense of the future. This sucked-up and tattered claim of “black economy” is nonsense in the juice. The US dollar has been cultivating and cultivating a "black economy" and drug trafficking, murder and human trafficking for decades if not centuries. It was not outlawed. It's like saying hammers should be outlawed because they might smash skulls .. The currency is already legitimate my friend. Open Google and you will see.
  5. Article in The Marker: Quite a bit of misunderstanding on the subject: "There are many explanations for this increase: Believers say that central banks erode the value of official money by massive printing, while Bitcoin Limited to just 21 million units - as long as they do not change the formula, of course.They report on the legitimacy Bitcoin has received in recent months from financial institutions and institutional investors who have started investing in it, and business companies like car maker Tesla and credit card company MasterCard. They also emphasize that Bitcoin is a decentralized asset that does not belong to any country - and is therefore immune from the influence and manipulation of governments and politicians. " The sentence I emphasized shows the writer's lack of understanding. It is not possible to "change the formula" of Bitcoin. Is the basis of the currency. In order to change software in Bitcoin to the smallest extent, you need the general consent of all or most of the programmers, and most of the miners. But the base in any case can not be touched. The number 21 million is fixed and fixed. And in fact, it is estimated that at least twenty percent of the coins mined so far have been lost in wallets that were lost, stolen, or used that caused their loss (such as "burning tokens" for a new crypto). So Bitcoin is only becoming rarer over time.
  6. Curses again. Read what I wrote earlier about someone who uses curses and can not hold his claims without them .. And as for use, I have now purchased something in crypto on Amazon - through the Coinbase website. So you're probably a little less smart than you think.
  7. I obviously care. It is important for me to have maximum adoption of Bitcoin in the world, and being able to buy and sell it in a simple way is an integral part of it.
  8. How does this relate to anything at all? Bitcoin mining in Europe is carried out in mainly Nordic countries and not in Germany.
  9. Who exactly will "cancel" the possibility of converting Bitcoin to Fiat? The government? People will still be able to sell to each other. The central bank? He has no such power. Equally you can say what will happen if tomorrow the dollar is declared as toilet paper. Bitcoin has already fallen about sharply in the past, and has always risen back and higher. In the meantime, your bitterness is dripping from the side ... maybe you will wipe?
  10. Does not producing dollars waste resources and produce nothing? It produces value just as Bitcoin is a value. The day will definitely come when mining will no longer be significant in the context of Bitcoin. Then basically whoever holds a junction will benefit from it.
  11. First of all, there is indeed "green" electricity for everyone. And we'll get to the day when the vast majority of electricity generation will come from renewable sources. But that's not the question. The question is whether Bitcoin "wastes" electricity. And it “wastes” electricity far less than many other industries in terms of environmental pollution.
  12. I seen. This is a war between him and a TV presenter of an investment program. This is his opinion, and I respect it. But many others thought like him and also changed their minds over time.
  13. What exactly are you wasting if the electricity is green ..? 🤔 and much much much more people used dollars to commit crimes than bitcoin ..
  14. For those who are interested in Bitcoin and do not visit here to play: MasterCard is preparing to implement a crypto payment for business owners later this year ..
  15. There is gambling in Bitcoin, but precisely in terms of waste of electricity - most of the mining today is done using renewable energy (solar, wind and hydro). And again, the more anonymous currency is not Bitcoin. It is true that there are ransomware attacks that accept payments in Bitcoin, but the truth is that if there is a good reason, the NSA can and has tracked Bitcoin payments in the past. Therefore, Bitcoin is less anonymous than others. This is simply not required in most cases because it is "only" criminal and not important enough for a country like the United States to go and locate.
  16. Lol .. want to bet it just does not matter because if you can buy real estate in bitcoin then you can buy real estate in bitcoin ..
  17. Maybe so:
  18. On two separate drives? (No different partitions on the same drive) It is possible, but this means that each boot of the computer, you will have to manually select the boot device depending on the operating system. It's a big headache. It is already better to have two separate computers.
  19. You do not do the physical installation alone. It is true that you will need two routers, or a special router with two WAN inputs to allow two separate connections to the computer (separate connection for each gigabit subscription). But the rest on the computer, you will only need two network cards, and the rest in the operating system.
  20. Hmmm .. actually there is. Of course it is built into the server versions of windows, but it can also be enabled in windows ten:
  21. Read all the responses to the "article" and you will understand how the knowledge of the author of the article is simply shallow and does not really exist regarding crypto. And again, the criminal world has long been out of Bitcoin. follow up. Bitcoin is simply not anonymous enough - especially when financial giants enter it and also institutional investors. That is why criminals have long moved to currencies like Monroe and the like. Calling me by names will not help you. And I'm not trying to persuade anyone to invest. Those who are interested - Sabba. Even then, this is a risky investment and I do not recommend putting more than ten percent of your crypto investment portfolio. Or alternatively any amount you can lose and will not hurt your financial ability. Regarding the topic "There is nothing to do with Bitcoin in everyday life" - here is a small example: Buying real estate with Bitcoin in Tel Aviv:
  22. Wow how much chatter and chatter. The truth is I can not make it through this article. Beyond that, it's from 2017 - in three years the writer could have changed his mind fifteen times already. And thirdly, "another completely speculative and uncontrollable financial tool" is a statement that completely misses the goal of Bitcoin which it maintains and by and large: enabling people to transfer value between them, globally, without Big Brother being able to push his dirty fingers in the middle. The "control" he mentions is exactly the reason why Bitcoin was created. The ability to take the touch of banks and governments into the personal economies of anyone who owns crypto is what draws people in the world to it.
  23. Yes. This can also be done with two different connections (100 megabytes, 1 gigabit, 10 gigabit) using a teaming function that combines several connections into one connection.
  24. I do not know, it seems to me that all those who bother to come and react here in the negative are all those who now eat the hat that did not come in early. They will continue to whine and "warn" even when any large company or large financial institution is invested in crypto.
  25. I agree the world is full of idiots, but that's about all I agree with in your response. What's interesting is that anyone who talks about the Bitcoin bubble (what kind of bubble is this that keeps popping up again and again? It has already exploded, no? היה) was dying to get into Bitcoin early and now looks with blind eyes at everyone who celebrates the rise in value, and all that is left Apparently it's vomiting his bitterness out and crying that it's a bubble, Ponzi, and whoever puts his money there does not know what he's doing. As well as huge companies such as PayPal, which is probably responsible for the recent ascent ... but apparently the complainants think themselves smarter than the "idiots" sitting there ...
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