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  1. Feel free to embark on a journey around the world with a bag of rubber ducks. Since the demand for them is nil, it will not really go to you. Bitcoin on the other hand is indeed a passing currency to the trader with high demand and price accordingly.
  2. Hmmm .. how does that prove your point? They set out with Bitcoin only? Did they use it (whether converted or not - it is irrelevant)? So that means it can be used for everyday life
  3. A family that lives four years, while traveling in forty countries, only with Bitcoin ...: -everything-in-cryptocurrency.html
  4. Chattering? Everything I said is true and backed up with facts. As for how much I have or do not have - it does not matter to anyone.
  5. Less interested in buying Samsung now that they have come out painted at super levels. After all their commercials laughing at Apple taking out the charger, they took it out themselves and tried to hide all their crappy commercials on the subject. In short, garbage came out. And I prefer not to fund junk. In addition, the S21 does not offer any big line. One of the most important things in the phone today are the camera sensors - and they are exactly the same as those of the S20 ...
  6. Need to differentiate between WIFI6 and WIFI6E. WIFI6E actually cuts the problematic frequencies. So in my estimation, it will be approved if it is no longer approved (because it is all related to the frequencies used) for import to Israel.
  7. Since Cellcom announced the marketing of routers in this standard as early as November, I estimate that there is no problem: Routers-in-standard-WiFi-6E- already-in-the-door-is-worth-waiting. Html
  8. Whether you believe it or not - it is irrelevant. The fact is that it can be purchased in Bitcoin and also in Israel. And definitely buyers. By the way, Tangle will know that there is a significant increase in the purchase of Bitcoin on the site. Beyond that, there are sites such as BITREFILL that allow you to convert Bitcoin into gift certificates and actually purchase on any large site and also convert to PayPal. PayPal already allows the purchase of crypto, but so far only for residents of the United States. So no matter how much you try to undo and belittle - the world has long passed you by.
  9. There is and there is. Here is an example of a small site you may be familiar with in Israel:
  10. Just to update you, Bitcoin has not been used by criminals for a long time. Merchants in the dark chain have long since moved to Monroe which is much more anonymous and safe for them. So your theory collapses a bit. Bitcoin on the other hand has been purchased in bulk by PayPal for example - because it already offers buying and selling crypto for American citizens.
  11. Do not know about the country .. maybe a tangle. But Amazon has:
  12. I did not know that here is a stage for Corona deniers or vaccine opponents .. What crazy nonsense. If masks were so bad, surgeons and doctors and nurses would not use them ... would not? "Citizens' right to breathe" .. a little less for idiots, in my opinion.
  13. Do you know what's the matter with a bubble? That it's exploding. The crisis in 2008 did burst the banks' prime lending bubble, but pushed many in the direction of alternative investment. And to remind you, Bitcoin was only invented in 2010. This is not a bubble. It's a growing currency. Started from scratch, and indeed is not as stable as any infant. But from here to the "bubble"? Not really. Many better than you also eulogized him. They stayed by the side of the road.
  14. The mice keep chirping, and the caravan passes. Institutional money is already flowing vigorously into Bitcoin, PayPal is adding crypto to its systems, and Bitcoin has already touched $ 24000 per unit. And there is still a long way to go.
  15. First of all, as one who plays the game on a PC, it is an amazing game. Even with the bugs. Secondly, in my opinion the issue of previous generation consoles (xbox one, playstation 4) was caused as a result of this game being very much in the first place and not having to go out at all to consoles that can not handle it. And it was also quite known in the first place that it is possible to make estimates of how many polygons (graphical computing power) and how much texture (memory) the game will use very roughly, and compare to the hardware in the consoles. They were not pre-built for such a load. So either they did not bother to check it out, or they were just greedy regardless of reality. It could also be related to the long period of time that elapsed between the announcement and the game coming out. By the way, even a pre-engineered version separately for these consoles in my estimation would not have worked particularly well unless concessions would have been made that would have ruined the experience in relation to the full version on the PC. As a player with a PC, I'm glad I do not have a console. New or old.
  16. Do not know about the Cellcom app. Regarding Netflix as I said if it is important then it is better for you NVIDIA SHIELD which is a device with certification and will work at maximum resolution. For streaming computers from a home computer on the network the best codes. But there are other options like PLEX. Regarding the use of MINIPC - it will work, but it is a windows computer and needs to be updated regularly
  17. Thank you for the clarification. So this is basically a limited time game rental service. Something like a blockbuster for games. Again I say - I prefer my games to be mine, and mine. Neither temporarily nor dependent on the benefits of customer software and subscription payment.
  18. Lol .. it's better for casual players, and requires a fast and reliable internet connection in both directions. Personally, I prefer the game to sit with me and not depend on the service that rises and falls on a network connection and server maintenance somewhere.
  19. If this is important, then you can go for NVIDIA SHIELD - a device that is approved by NETFLIX
  20. In my opinion one of the best devices today is the MINIX U22-XJ it does not have BT 5.0. But this is actually a really less relevant function. You can find it in Chinese devices but these are very unreliable and have almost no updates or support. In terms of format support - it supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision and more. Overall works great.
  23. Better Sennheiser, or AUDIO TECHNICA. Much much better quality in both sound and build quality.
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