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  1. Have you checked that: a. Processor not soldered to board? B. That the HP manufacturer can upgrade at all, and should an upgrade be purchased exclusively through it? In cases of brand computers there are quite a few cases where the manufacturer confines the customer to him in such forms.
  2. The best, in my opinion, is Sony. Obviously it's not at the same price level of Chinese. I currently have Panasonic TV and am quite pleased.
  3. Looks good. Why did you go for this expensive model? They have some ranks such as the 418/420 which are much cheaper. What's the benefit of this model on their faces? Apart from NVME?
  4. This might help:
  5. New English Review About Ugoos AM6 Plus Amlogic S922XJ TV Box: Review | Ugoos AM6 Plus Amlogic S922XJ TV Box If you liked, I'd love to help share!
  6. "On the back of the computer you can find if the air outlet openings for the processor cooling and video card"
  7. "Given that this is a computer that is primarily aimed at gaming"
  8. "And upgrading over traditional 1G controllers on laptop finds
  9. I thought to Tommy that Intel had contingency plans for years to come. And then it turns out they don't have the ability / knowledge needed to move forward in chip manufacturing .. so they stay in the old technology. Or maybe because they don't want / can make the investment needed to move to a more delicate lithography. Either way, they are abandoning the market to AMD
  10. New Review Dandesh in English About Minix Neo U22-XJ AMLogic S922-XJ TV Box: Review | Minix Neo U22-XJ AMLogic S922-XJ TV Box If you liked, please distribute!
  11. The simplest and most affordable, would be to buy a pair of mechanical hard drives and create and create raid0
  12. The same size and model is highly desirable. But there are times when they don't have to. At least I've read about such cases that allow different disks to be used at different volumes. Only RAID0 of course.
  13. Try uninstalling Office, run software like CCLEANER to clear the REGISTRY, reboot, then reinstall Office
  14. Yes. You can create a RAID-0 array for example, but it requires at least two disks / SSD and formatting. If these are NVME drives, you may need an expansion card like this: / p / N82E16815293043? Description = nvme RAID & cm_re = nvme_RAID -_- 15-293-043 -_- Product & quicklink = true
  15. If it's a business, definitely don't get in trouble and buy a neat license.
  16. The question is, for example, is it better in System 5.1 that the subwoofer be from the same manufacturer / series as the other five speakers? Does that mean anything? Because of the tuning of the speakers, or their frequency ranges? Thanks
  17. These are all free alternatives to Microsoft Office (and they all support Microsoft Office DOC format): download / index.html
  18. Hey! I play live TV channels (LIVE IPTV) on the computer, but VLC finishes the buffer after 20-40 seconds at a time. I have tried to find better settings and also play with the settings myself, but I can't make things better. Anyone know optimal settings to allow continuous play without stuttering? The problem is not in my essay. It is a symmetrical 500 megabits in Fiber. Thanks.
  19. huber & Co. - Exactly what I thought when I saw the title. If a laptop was really capable of reaching such frequencies in a stable way - it would have to be made of exotic materials and / or have a cooling system that weighs much more than an average laptop. Reaching such a frequency under laboratory conditions is very little wisdom. Even so, powerful laptops heat up very normally (without 5+ GHz processors). Intel needs to find smarter solutions to deal with AMD and not heat old technologies in the micro.
  20. I like the xpg sx8200 pro but in terms of reliability it's hard to say. Also keep in mind that ADATA does not have monitoring software like Samsung has - so it is difficult to track the amount of hours and the WEAR AND TEAR.
  21. First of all, if you're already jumping, it's best to invest in the latest generation motherboard and processor. You can settle for the i3 processor but the board will already allow you to mount a more powerful processor later. In terms of need, yes, in order to rise to new generations (especially when it's not a leap of a generation or two) a motherboard has to be replaced. Probably memories too.
  22. Looking for a MTV list for IPTV that includes live channels (mostly news) in HD / FHD only. Sites that offer daily updated lists are generally unreliable, and most channels are not English or atrocious (the channel does not rise, stutter, does not work over time, etc.). I'd love to know if anyone knows a good, high-quality list of HD English channels - preferably including as many high-quality news channels as possible. Mostly BBC WORLD NEWS HD, CNN EUROPE HD, FRANCE3 ENGLISH, DW ENGLISH and the like. Many thanks in advance!
  23. Is your device connection wireless or wired? Do you live in a building or a private home? If it is a wireless connection, check the speed of the wired connection. If the speed is correct on a direct router connection, you probably have a new interference in the frequencies. That is - it is likely that someone has activated their own connection in a high-transmission area that interferes with your connection. You can play with the broadcast frequencies on the router itself, but that will only partially help. The real solution is to shield against the external transmission, or find the source and ask to change frequencies that will not overlap with yours.
  24. I can buy any of them for a similar price of about $ 2550. Which one is better to choose, and why? And not just which one is the newer model. Need more precise parameters. I'm probably going to team them with WHARFEDALE speakers - CRYSTAL I would love to receive your opinions and comments.
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