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  1. On the other computer, the operating system may be less updated.
  2. Don't know about these, but NMC Music allows you to get WAV files from discs you buy from them. Here is an example of disks that you can contact NMC and with proof of purchase they will send you a link to download the WAV files: Items = 1314 Beyond that , Any site that sells FLAC basically gives you uncompressed sound. FLAC is a format that does not lose information. You actually take the master file and compress it in a relatively calm compression (3-4 times) according to the quality of the format you want (usually CD quality, but sometimes 24 bit) - and get smaller files than the original volume, but still just the same quality. You can also convert them back to WAV without any loss of quality.
  3. No. First call Canon support. They are responsible for their software compatibility with the operating system, and not the other way around.
  4. Are these windows 10? There are large windows 10 updates that may break certain software and connections. This may be what happened to you. Contact the software manufacturer and test with them according to your operating system version and image.
  5. Pretty much every pair of headphones with ANC (Active Noise Canceling) and built-in microphone. There are lots of manufacturers, including Chinese
  6. Here is the page of the Israeli manufacturer I mentioned: and here is another one: Products / grp_614 / Systems- Line-Interactive
  7. As a matter of principle, any god with a name is good. You might want to focus on an Israeli manufacturer's ruling (there is at least one I remember. If I'm not wrong with engineering) - then you can travel to them to replace batteries quite simply after they are depleted (a matter of three to three years), and thus renew the ruling. Simple and inexpensive.
  8. Regarding "with a brief reference to DDR4 memory - we end 2019 in a fantastic situation, maybe even too fantastic (?) Where an Israeli consumer can purchase 16GB fast memory kits for the personal computer at a cost of less than NIS 250. Falling RAM prices this year It's quite amazing and progressing at a higher rate than expected. At the time I bought two sets of 16GB (2 * 8GB) for about $ 55 each, which is $ 110 for 32GB of memory. We are not there yet. But there is room for hope - although soon the first buds of DDR5 will arrive, so who knows..
  9. You can check if the computer or area in question is heating up while working. Is the computer working properly besides? Are the speakers functioning properly? Beyond that, you might want to put your computer in the lab for testing. If this is indeed the battery it is best to replace it before damage is done.
  10. In my personal experience, what works is this software: Good luck! (I've tried with Acronis and other software. Duplication doesn't work properly because the OS crashes with blue screens - this is of course from HDD to SSD / NVME)
  11. Apart from Icer computers, it is important to check if these products shipped from America can handle 220 Volt. Otherwise, they will burn at the first electrical connection - without a suitable transformer connection
  12. It can also be COOLEDIT. Excellent software that can work from mono to multitrack without problems
  13. GoodSync - for example. Can do this, and many other things (including auto-backup over the Internet for a network drive and the like).
  14. I really like the competition that AMD brings. However, there is a certain limitation that disturbs me in their recent chipset - the limit on the amount of memory. Intel's X99 and X299 already allow up to 512GB of memory on some tablets. By contrast, X570, does not allow more than 128 GB (and sometimes less) maximum because of the amount of slots limited to 4 and is a chipset limit. . why?
  15. "12 to 15 game hours" - are they serious? 60 dollars for 12-15 hours of play? With all due respect to VALVE and HALF LIFE, there is no way to pay such a sum for such a short game. I'd rather wait for the CYBERPUNK 2077 to arrive a month later - and I've already booked it in advance - for less than 60 dollars.
  16. Not interested in another subscription to what I owe (internet and phone). Tired of paying more and more and more. Prefer to own my games, not their renter.
  17. EBay has a nice selection of new boards or in new condition (open box) at prices much lower than NIS 2000: % 20Type = LGA% 202011% 2D3 & _dcat = 1244 & LH_ItemCondition = 1000 | 1500 & rt = nc & LH_FS = 1
  18. As a matter of principle, as far as I know, in any router that can go into its settings, the transmission can be turned off on two devices (2.4 or 5 HC) or each separately. It is a little less simple to push a button, but it is possible.
  19. I would check to see if they forgot to peel some plastic wrap inside. It can cause the smell you describe. Even if it's not on the processor. In addition, it can cause warming if it interferes with the fan or just chassis airflow
  20. It is recommended to proofread this article, because like many other articles - it has syntax errors and / and spelling or / and wording
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