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  1. I will probably have to switch provider, exhausting and unreliable this matter of VPN. I have it on China all the time, and all my devices are connected without a problem (I have about 6 of Xiaomi).
  2. It turns out that my power (hotnet) gives 9,600 modem speeds to China. VPN solves the problem, but I can not be connected to the VPN all the time so it becomes cumbersome ... considering switching provider, but again a problem because I'm in a bundle 🙄
  3. Hello everyone, I purchased a Xiaomi PTZ 2K Pro camera and the streaming is lagging in a way that is impossible to work with (even at 360p resolution). I tried resetting it, resetting it. It is about 2 meters away from the router with full reception ... From what I could understand, because it is a camera designed for the domestic market in China, it connects to Chinese and non-global servers of Xiaomi, and therefore lags in streaming. Anyone have an idea how to. Solve the problem without trying to return the camera to the seller?
  4. Thank you. The budget is as little as 400 shekels, I just wasn't closed on the prices today. On the new computer I will already purchase a new vendor, currently as little as possible to spend.
  5. Yes now that I'm looking I noticed. I plan to replace the computer when we leave the Corona mode. But must revive it at the moment.
  6. I forgot to mention that I will no longer need Crossfire support, so it is possible to have a weaker doubt.
  7. Hello everyone, I seem to have lost the power of the old computer, its fan does not work and the computer turns on but does not even reach the post (the screens do not turn on), and after a few seconds restart and repeat. Need a recommendation for a new, fully modular but inexpensive supplier. Thanks. My specifications are: CPU: Core 2 Quad Q9550@4.3GHz Cooling: Scythe YASYA PP Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P RAM: G.Skill F2-8500CL5D-2GBPI 4x2GB PSU: SeaSonic Platinum SS-860XP SSD: SanDisk Extreme SSD 240GB HDD: 2xSamsung HD103SJ Spinpoint F3 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST3500418AS 500GB GPU: GIGABYTE GV-R797OC-3GD HD7970 3GB Case: Fractal Design Define R4 Black Display: 2xCrossover Q27P 1440P Speakers: Microlab Solo 7c
  8. Updating ... could not be done without a minimum tax of 6.25%. Still, about 360 shekels came out, with no problems and with the definition of Israel and Hebrew (I eventually purchased through Amazon). $ 60 per user per year includes 1TB on the cloud and Office 365 Premium, a good deal.
  9. Yes I know, trying to check in which country there are no taxes for such service.
  10. Why need support for this? In English anyway this is not a problem ...
  11. Yes. That's what I mean. Comes about $ 350 a year if I do with a US address.
  12. The less I care about the office, the more I care about the backup. 6 users, 1TB per user. I can use VPN and American PayPal account (they get PayPal).
  13. Hello everyone, I was not sure in which forum to post this ... I want to purchase a Microsoft cloud backup subscription, the subscription comes with Office 365. The price is $ 99.99 a year, but if I choose Israel instead of the US the price jumps to NIS 449.99. Will I have a problem if I choose the US (do I have to enter a fictitious or possible shipping address to the country)? Could I not be allowed to use the Hebrew version of Office or would there be any problem backing up files from Israel? Thanks
  14. Invited UPS ADVICE, thank you so much friends.
  15. Don't worry about fan noise (the computer is not in a bedroom), but I have experience with the beeps of the Advice devices, could not be configured not to blast. I do not know if the new devices also exist. Beyond that, I don't need phone line protection, and tends toward Advice (except for the beeps that the previous models couldn't undo, I had to unplug the speaker's solder).
  16. I have a computer with a maximum power of about 400W, interested in purchasing a UPS for it. After searching, I found these two options reasonably priced, which is better? or Are there any sons Any difference?
  17. LazyCat

    Which NVME drive?

    How about Silicon Power? For example - Will it be better than Addlink s68?
  18. What is too small for me to run on a regular basis (on the OS), needs at least 250GB, because of that, it replaces. The truth is that with the existing one there are no complaints about video editing except the slowness of processing. But afraid to invest in him now and he's too old-fashioned. If it is at the level of what I have, shouldn't I stay on the old one and just replace the parts I need? Thank you so much for the comments
  19. Hello everyone, I have the computer in the picture attached, I would like to replace the SSD for Samsung 860 250GB and purchase a standard 1-2TB HDD (current went from power outage), in addition I will probably have to replace the power supply soon (starting to fake). The cost of replacing the parts is about NIS 600 (including a power supply), the question is whether the existing specifications are already too old and you should already buy a new computer * with a budget of about NIS 1500 (exceeded up to 1700)? If a new one is better then I would love to make recommendations for the specification and place to purchase it. * No screen and related accessories. My uses are office (office and internet) and occasional video editing (amateur mago videos, etc.).
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