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  1. Also ready for paid sites, I would love for high-level SQL questions (not necessarily for BI / DATA-ANALYST roles)
  2. It's really not that hard to search Google - it's a matter of what to look for !! When you don't really know how to set up the problem, you can find yourself facing Google for hours!
  3. Hello, I have a problem that has been going on for several months, I didn't have the power to deal with it. Now it's getting annoying. So here's how: I have an R9-280X GIGABYTE video card. Doesn't use it too much for games, but yes for watching videos. The problem is that a few months ago AMD released an update to their driver and it started to appear to me like this: From the day I play videos, I find such weird bugs - annoying spots, especially when I move my mouse, and at the same time pop up a message telling me to open the driver software as shown in the image . I updated the driver several times but to no avail. I emphasize, before I installed this software (the Windows requested to update this software), I had no problems at all. I emphasize - the problem is with watching videos, not games. Codec updates also did not help (K-LITE). The problem doesn't appear in movies with H264 coding. An example of a problem appears here: I would love for help with this topic, Haim
  4. I haven't seen MG425 in OFFICE DEPT, just another model with a lot of keys I don't want. In any case, your past is sold at 2 stores in the NIS 85 area. No other familiar and common stores other than OFFICE DEPOT for this mouse?
  5. Thank you! I really saw the G403 and its design looks amazing. I just hope he is trustworthy and has a good few years.
  6. Hello, Looking for a recommendation for a gaming mouse for up to NIS 350. After buying RADAZR DEATH -ADDER 3500DPI twice and twice this mouse was destroyed with the same malfunction - I prefer not to get recommendations for RAZAR models. But I would love to recommend a mouse in its design, which means not many keys, DPI over 3000. Haim
  7. Who's Better: Western Digital WD BLUE 1D NAND SATA 3GB. Or 500) Crucial MX2 500GB SATA III. In addition: 500) I've noticed that SANDISK drives are much cheaper. Doesn't that look suspicious to you ??? I noticed that Samsung 1 Pro drives are always more expensive. What makes them unique that their price tag is higher? Are they really more lucrative?
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