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  1. Hi everyone, I need a USB splitter that will connect to the TV and the other side to some drive. The distance between the two is not so great, but it is also not close to the level most splitters can bridge the gap. I am looking for (preferably Ivory / KSP / Bug etc - networks that exist in all cities) a splitter whose cable it comes with is a meter long or at least a little less than a meter long. Much better - if you know a network / store (physically) that sells a USB cable on one side and the other one is female (so I can just plug in the external drive / flash drive to the TV) - I'd love to! Thank you so much everyone
  2. Hi, thanks anyway for the reference and explanation - but then I'd better use MACRO on the keyboard to bring up the menu. At least now I know there is an option but probably just in case I'm at a desktop (which I don't need then.). If anyone happens to know an application that opens windows (like the MACRO keyboard on the keyboard is programmed to do for example) I would be happy for suggestions.
  3. Hi, thank you very much, but even though I entered the code written there and created the file and indeed the menu comes up, as soon as I open a window of some software the file is no longer working. Only when I'm on a desktop file is running. Is there a solution or alternative?
  4. Hi I am looking for software whose entire function is to click on the start menu (the goal: embed a function in one of the mouse buttons to open the software so that eventually I can open Windows through clicking on the mouse). Start menu - refers to the menu that appears when you press the Windows key on your keyboard. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I checked in depth. Looks really comfortable! The thing is, I don't know whether to mark "who wrote everything" (because then he still comes in claims when there is a substantial discrepancy / failure) or "skip all" - so I'm afraid he will make me copies of all files or not replace an old file with a recent file? .. .
  6. Hi, thank you. It sounds just like what I need, but unfortunately the software is very intuitive how do I do the actual copying? By comparison?
  7. indeed. And on these invitations - thank you so much to everyone and this wonderful forum. If Tara Kofi is not enough, I will also try the additional software. many thanks!
  8. Hi everyone, Whenever I transfer files, especially when backing up, I need to "watch" the process to mark "Follow for everyone" and "Skip" when prompted. Is there a function in the settings or file transfer software that you can take care of these things in advance (and then I can back up the files quietly during the night)? Thanks ps If anyone is familiar with a Chrome extension / application that allows site monitoring and notification when there is a change - I'd love to suggest
  9. I'm switching, smartphone soon from HTC10 to Galaxy A10. My HTC10 is currently backed up on Google Drive and there is also a backup of Watsap. Most important to me is ensuring the continuity of the backup - is there anything I need to consider? In addition, it is unclear to me about the separation of backups. Suppose there are two active phones and both are backed up on the same account - how is backup done in such a situation? Will the watsap communications from both devices continue? What happens in one of the devices to install an app and the other to install another? Will Google Drive open two backups - one for each device? This is the current situation on Google Drive: Thank you very much, an important issue for me 🙏
  10. I'm throwing the issue in the air - can't believe it's solvable ... (Incidentally the post will have software recommendations) I have a (free) app conflict that drives me crazy. So here's how: I have the Xmouse button control software - lets you control the mouse amazingly. I have my gaming mouse software, Logitech G603. It's called Logitech gaming software - it also lets you program the mouse, but since XMOUSE's functions are much more relevant to me - I only use it to open with one button on the mouse (which XMOUSE doesn't even know exists) - to open the Windows window. More in my possession - Task bar hide. Windows only allow you to speed up the taskbar, but if you hover your mouse close to it - the taskbar opens. I asked to cancel it completely. That's why I set the taskbar hidden in Windows and through the TAX Beer Hyde software I destroyed the taskbar (it can be reopened by pressing a certain shortcut). The problem: 1. Clash between the software (I guess): What happens is a certain button Configured in XMOUSE to minimize a window does one-button operation. In short, the controls go wrong, I do log off and back - it all works out. 2. Tas bar hide - I click the button and it actually raises the taskbar, but then - opens windows / software. Certain or on certain occasions - the taskbar repeats (not entirely, but in the way it "lurks" in case you hover over it with your mouse. Oh I can do that, I'm sure the problem is the mixing between the software because in the example work I only use XMOUSE and no problem. Thanks :)
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