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  1. Another question - do I have to hermetically disconnect the video card from the motherboard? I disconnected the power supply cable and the connection to the monitor, but it is still connected to a bracket on the board
  2. How much will a video card repair cost? (price range)
  3. Intel core 2 duo E7500 3GHz, 4GB memory, Radeon Sapphire R7260X OC 2GB it solved the problem! Thank you! There is an intermediate solution. At first I just disconnected the cable from the video card to the video card and my friends to insert the built-in video card, then the computer still did not turn on properly but then I recovered and also disconnected the cable from the video card to provide power. If so the problem is with the video card, this is a video card I bought back in 2014 to play GTA4, all the specs of my computer are old but I do not play new games anyway. How do I get the computer to work with the video card again?
  4. No beeping at all. 3 beeps, pause, 3 beeps and so on. I.e. the motherboard speaker is working.
  5. Is it referring to a small built-in speaker of the motherboard? If so I am not sure (if it helps I can list here the computer specifications, it is quite old), and if I mean the speakers that are connected to the computer then the computer is connected to the system speakers. Did not help Dad checked the voltage from the battery and is 2.9 volts out of 3, apparently a new battery. Do I still need to replace it? The step with the memories I will perform after exhausting the options with the motherboard battery.
  6. I turned on without connecting to hard drives and the CD drive (only USB was connected), even in such a situation the BIOS did not go up. I looked at the motherboard, the capacitors look fine, the whole motherboard looks fine and without inflated or burnt parts, and there is no smell of anything burnt.
  7. Hello, I came back from Canada and the hard drives were in a backpack and got on the plane with me, when I was in Canada for many months they stayed in insulated cardboard bags one by one. When I returned to Israel, I connected them to a computer and they worked well for two days. Last night I left the computer on and went to sleep. When I got up I saw that there was no display while the computer was on. I tried several times to turn it on and off to no avail. I noticed that when the computer starts up there is no particular sound that the computer makes, it is not clear to me what that sound is, probably an identification of the motherboard? Because nothing costs on the computer, not only Windows, the BIOS does not cost either! I tried to connect another screen to no avail. I disconnected the hard disk of my windows and plugged in a hard disk that is known to work (from the parents' computer), and the same in
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