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  1. Peace! I'm working on a presentation in the dimensions of an A4 page. I will try to explain what the problem is in the hope that I will succeed - because after I ZOOM IN I do not see the whole page, so I scroll with the mouse up / down to the bottom / top. Once I scroll too much it takes me to the next / previous slide. If I could explain myself and someone has a solution - I would really appreciate it! Thanks
  2. Hi I have Windows 10 64BIT and I have two issues at the moment: 1. I am unable to update. I have an error message in code 0x80070424. 2. I'm unable to open the Windows Security Center. I have posted a picture of what I see when I try to enter. I have tried so many things and nothing works. Mostly all kinds of youtube videos of people trying to fix it through the registry. I would really love help, thanks.
  3. Cannot use camera in all apps. On Instagram, for example, this shows a black screen, in Wetsap it writes that the camera cannot be used. Of course I tried to restart the device and also "empty cache" and "delete data" through the camera app settings. did not help. * Edit: Fixed alone. very weird.
  4. Hello, I have Lg g6 with the latest version. Two days ago, the cellphone and flashlight camera stopped working. I can't use them at all. When I try to enter the camera, I get a message "Camera is unavailable due to server policy". When I try to turn on the flashlight I get a message "Flashlight is not available for this user". there is a solution? Thank you.
  5. Hi, I have a LG G6 with the latest version that came out. My device has been receiving calls and not making calls for several days. When I try to put out a call, the call app throws me to the external screen. I have disabled the CLOUD app and True color to check if there is a connection and it still does not work. In addition, I reset the device's network settings and it didn't work either. When you get in a call, I get nothing, but suddenly a pop-up of TRUE COLOR shows me that someone was trying to catch me. I'd love to help, thank you very much.
  6. Hello! I am looking to purchase a microphone for a computer that can be used adequately to record sample voices into videos I edit. I'm looking for something in a comfortable budget of say up to 80 dollars, but I'm pretty flexible. Better with a USB connection. Of course, if possible, then take advantage of the Black Friday promotions. Thank you.
  7. I exercised responsibility. Come and bring a new Nylon TV. Thanks so much everyone!
  8. I coordinated with them for the next week. I'll update if I need more assistance. Thank you!
  9. I tried the Windows tool - an impression that no problem was detected.
  10. Hi there, I have a Windows 10 64BIT and it has been unable to download updates for a while - they just get stuck every other time until the download fails. Is there a solution? Thanks.
  11. Give me an answer about the warranty - it is valid for 3 years. How does it work now, should the company of responsibility come to me to take the TV / I take them? What are the conditions usually? Thank you.
  12. If so, is there a reason why the technician didn't even suggest me to replace the card? I understood from him that it was not worth it, but he did not speak in sums.
  13. Hi there, a year and two months ago I bought a LG 55inch TV from 55UK6100YVA. Unfortunately, during this week's viewing, the bottom half of the screen turned gray. I called a technician who looked straight away said that the solution was to replace the card back and that the big TV was broken. Really frustrating that after a year and two months such a TV, which was very well reserved - spoiled. I wanted to know whether it is worthwhile to buy a new TV or is it a (significantly) cheaper replacement of its ticket from buying? In addition, are there any recommendations for a TV / company that can last us (of course there is no certainty) longer? Thank you.
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