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  1. By the way, the software that removes installation residue and other vegetables is called REVO UNINSTALLER PRO
  2. Quick memories hardly affect gaming performance because bandwidth is high enough that way, however, successfully with virtual machines and waiting to reload games every time you have 16GB
  3. Instead of investing in frequency, you should invest more in volume
  4. Cancel intel vt-d virtualization in BIOS and try again, one of the known issues
  5. Another suggestion is to install the update from the day that improves performance, as well as create another partition and install Windows 7 to see if the problem is inherently software
  6. Sounds like hardware scheduling bugs, what is the video card and what are its power settings? Open a command line as a manager and run the following commands and restart bcdedit / set useplatformclock yes bcdedit / set tscsyncpolicy Enhanced bcdedit / set disabledynamictick yes in hopes that it will stabilize the system and improve the different component timings to work together. Also, the latest AMD driver CHIPSET device, check to see if all of its built-in drivers, such as Intel's --OVERALL, can be run
  7. ae bd

    GHOST - Backup

    The paid version of REFLECT is much better, although windows in the built-in have an external image system backup
  8. ae bd

    GHOST - Backup

    high causes the backup file to take up less space, but also slows down the backup, depending on the processor, none is uncompressed, the fastest backup, the heavier backup file. whatever you prefer
  9. I reiterate NVIDIA's excellent support of previous generations with improved feature updates and drivers, for example my Pascal runs a very nice RTX on QUAKE II even though the processors may help the pair of cards as well, a pity that HARDWARE GPU SCHEDULING in the new windows does not support SLI, more Reason to wait for the update.
  10. I'm tidying up after spending four years on the GTX 1080 SLI, I have another long queue of games I haven't tried yet and very nice running on 4K
  11. ae bd

    How much is 1070 worth

    Between NIS 600 and NIS 700, no less, good luck
  12. Permission problem, residual from previous installation, etc., try's windows repair all in one and fix permissions or anything else as well, at command prompt as admin, follow sfc / scannow
  13. A pretty awkward discussion considering the MIA thread being developed….
  14. @ napoleon45: MSI is ticking NIS 5000 including import taxes which is already a very significant exception
  15. @yoavke: Reached LG FULL HD 1080P IPS, 17 inches, can't remember the SKU at the moment
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