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  1. So suitable for Borg.

    As for what I wrote in the previous post: admit it's scary to think that if you throw a nuclear bomb in here, half of the country is wiped out.

    Although I know for certain that they will not throw a nuclear bomb, it's still scary.

    Half a country? A relatively small bomb kills the whole country.

    Be sure that once they have them They will attack.

    I think maybe they already have a bomb they bought from Russia or something, and they just wait for us to attack so that they have a reason to erase us ..

  2. The combat doctrine of the Egyptian army is based entirely on Western combat doctrine, similar to Israel, and they have a larger and stronger army than Israel.

    Are you serious ? You say that if there is now a war with Egypt, will they win? (Let's assume we do not have nuclear weapons.)

    According to what I have seen, we have many advantages: 5 Python, Lightning, FxNUMX and much more advanced electronic systems as well as excellent pilot pilots, which I understand are doing much more training than anyone else.

    You also forget the advanced submarines we have (dolphins) which are perhaps our most expensive procurement.

    An anti-aircraft missile ("Gil") that, according to what I understood, was considered one league above all.

    Currently, the ultimate weapon in the possession of the Iranians is the fact that Olmert is headed by a government , Which would ensure the torpedoing of any Israeli attack against the Iranians.

    Sad how true that is. : - \

    Popeye 2 is a new Israeli cruise missile that is even better than the American Tomahawk.

    Popeye is air-to-ground and tomahawk land-to-land for short term?

    In your opinion, if the country was very rich, would we see an answer to b2 and f22?

  3. While the whole world is busy with the Bushehr nuclear reactor and the underground uranium enrichment facility using 54,000 centrifuges in Natanz, the Iranians are in the advanced stages of building a huge underground site

    I will be happy to receive a source (not that I doubt you, but if it is true, a very broad military operation will be required, including commando units that will plan a good invasion of the underground facilities)

  4. What is the purpose of the discussion ?, No, really! . Why every two days opens a discussion where people argue who is more left, who is right-wing and who is not, it's not interesting.

    Maybe instead, talk about realistic options to attack Iran (missiles, tanks, , A sniper who shot Ahmadinejad in the head?), Is much more interesting in my opinion.

    The first option is to give him a shot in the head, as a warning.

    They continue to expand their nuclear sites and protect them with antiaircraft missiles.

    In my opinion, we need to integrate: from the air, from the sea, and from surface-to-surface missiles.

  5. Why do you think Netvision is the worst ping in ADSL?

    Maariv's test proves otherwise, as do the Pingers who brought here.

    Maariv and Netvision not in the same ownership?

    In any case, it's a little hard to rely on tests that you can not know how objective they are. The best thing is to try alone. The problem is that not all companies can try the Internet without commitment.

  6. Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 71ms TTL = 113

    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 70ms TTL = 113

    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 79ms TTL = 113

    Reply from bytes = 32 time = 70ms TTL = 113

    Here I got an average of 124 !!!

    Test the best phonings to do for sand servers

    Each one will bring a server and then we'll do some checking


    It's a server where I play a lot

    Ping between 100-200 is considered an excellent name

    Europeans receive a bio name 40-100

    Here I got an 123 average, that's good by what you say.

    The conclusions - probably Netvision and 012 - are best recommended, I hope there is no commitment in Netvision.

  7. Are you serious ? I'm with The international and the pinges are terrible! (120 on ut2004 !!)

    Netvision seems to be interested, I wandered around their site and it looked quite serious, much more detailed than the rest of the sites.

    I think that first I will try Barak (and after a few weeks I will hang up, there is no obligation)

    And then I'll try Netvision (if I'm not mistaken there's a commitment to them).

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