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  1. I ordered / received the card yesterday

    Through the e-net store at Down Town Center (stinking place)  :o

    Things are moving amazing With respect to the MX I had, In the highest parameters

    And it was really amazing, like a different game without constipation and crawling ...

    Anyone know how if at all you can do oc ???

    A little unlikely what you say.

    Even with 9800 Pro and 512 MB There are small blasts on the highest graphics in all parameters.

    What resolution did you run this?

    Have photos?

  2. Why not go for Radeon?!?!

    From what I see on the video card, that's your only problem here, the Fx5900 Ultra costs between NIS 2000 and 3000

    and the- 9800 PRO that bypasses it always costs NIS 1500 !!! Why not take the 9800 PRo ???

    Instead of the money you're just wasting and even missing out on the FX5900 Ultra Regulation processor a little better or don't know what.

    I would take Redown instead

  3. It's about how much you play and if you've adapted artificial intelligence, you may have played hard and it's easy, so maybe that's why.

    Just to know what level you're playing and it's relatively hard or not?

    Because basically I will have the game I prefer to play as much as possible and not like other games in the week finish them ... So what level you chose and how difficult it?

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