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  1. Quote of eliezer

    You can check the full specifications of the phone (any phone) on the gsmarena website. If it's still a poco X3, it's based Qualcomm.

    After buying a device, I will make you some links which will guide you in burning EU ROM (the process contains several steps). Will you buy in Israel or China?

    I prefer to buy as soon as possible, in Israel, assuming that the process is at a reasonable level of difficulty and there is no long school day here and the danger of bricks and such ... : )

  2. Quote of eliezer

    Call recording can be made using built-in settings on established daily devices Qualcomm (Not Media Tech). For this purpose, the device must be replaced with the global ROM of the EU MIUI group, in which the definition of call recording is built-in. There are a whole host of other benefits in EU MIUI but here I have only addressed the aspect of the above issue.

    (Disclosure: I'm already waiting for the POCO X3 NFC On the way from China purchased for 900 NIS including shipping, and an EU MIUI file for it is already loaded and waiting on my computer 😋)


    Hi friend Thank you very much for the help,

    How to make sure the device is based on Qualcomm? And can you attach a link to the rum replacement guide in question with a link to the rum itself?

    It will really help me.

    Thanks again : )

  3. Hi, thank you.


    Why are there 2 SSDs?

    Does the specification in TMS include system assembly? I did not see that excellent.

    I see slight differences between the specifications, do you have a preference for one of them and if so ask why?


    Editing - I would love to recommend a screen:

    "screen, Budgeted separately. I would be happy for something economical if it is possible, say up to 1000-1200 NIS? "

  4. 1. What is the maximum budget? Is there an exception if necessary?
    Up to 7000, it is possible to exceed 7500 if it is really critical


    2. What is useful for the computer?
    Graphic editing, processing (All kinds of Adobe software)
    3. Is there a need for peripheral equipment?
    screen, Budgeted separately. I would love something economical if it is possible, say up to 1000-1200 NIS?


    4. Is there a basic component that does not need to be included in the specification?


    5. How important is silent computer operation?
    Not really important but not to be too noisy
    6. Is there a limit or preference for the physical size and weight of the computer, lights, etc.?
    Preferably without lights


    7. Is it necessary to include an operating system or computer train in the store?
    Windows + assembly
    8. Is there a preference to purchase the computer from a specific store?
    That there will be a reliable store with good service, location no matter, and that the hardware will be available for immediate purchase.


    9. When is the computer purchased?


    10. Are there any special requests regarding ports and connections?


    11. Is it important to keep the computer upgrade horizon?


    12. Additional Comments:
    It is important to me to have a computer that knows how to handle everything that is thrown at it effortlessly (especially video rendering) assuming it is not an excessive requirement in relation to budget.

  5. It's so small:

    First of all, the Golani falafel is good, but certainly not selected. Anyone who thinks he is one of the best should try other places.

    The best falafel for my taste in Beit Shean. There may be major 4, each one different and amazing. Shawarma too, one of the best - everywhere.

    In 2 places prepare the pita / bake instead (not everywhere there is baked), salads endlessly, delicious and frenzied.

    One familiar place on a roll, he has a hallucinatory falafel.

    If you go through Beit She'an (on the way to the north / Jerusalem / Jordan / some distant place) make a stop, worth it.

    Yehud - world horror. Not falafel, not shawarma.

    Safed - the horror of the world

    Osul Rosh Pina - Ahla Falafel, in the reserves I always visit there. recommended. The rest of Rosh Pina is quite a village.

  6. Well, with all due respect to the beautiful answers and links of the comparisons with the inconclusive results, you do not really help because I'm actually looking for an answer here and not a split personality!

    Please try to relate to the option of connecting to television because it seems to me that you have forgotten about the topic ...

    In addition to all not listed in the latest comparison of which company Reddown, and if we become more specific then I will ask you the following question:

    Will there be any game I will run on the - 9600xt of sapphire and then tell myself shit what a screen crap, or will i feel he is not carrying as i would like from a new card that cost me a lot of money to carry ???

    And thank you very much in advance ...

  7. Hello everyone

    These days I buy a computer and I need a screen that will meet the following requirements:

    1. Heavy games, and lots of ...

    2. Watching movies

    3. TV connection (I have a Toshiba 21), including working with two screens simultaneously (TV and computer screen)

    At the moment I'm going in the direction of Radeon9600 XTUM XUMX MB of Sapphire, which is about well according to my budget ...

    Is there a screen better than that ???

    post Scriptum

    I realized that Radeon's tickets were better than a parable When it comes to connecting to TV ...

    Thanks in advance...

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